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Mount Pleasant Herps is a husband and wife (a retired veterinarian) team whose goal is to produce quality colubrids, boas and pythons for pets and breeding projects.

We have a combined 70 years of experience with animal husbandry and medicine, with 27 of those including a variety of reptiles. At Mount Pleasant Herps we have taken the time to search out and purchase healthy and ideal breeding specimens to fulfill our breeding projects for years to come. Our near future breeding plans include the production of a variety of colorful corn snakes, Bamboo Rat Snakes, Baird's Rat Snakes, Brazilian Rainbow Boas and Dominican Red Mountain Boas. Our pairings are carefully selected by each animal’s genetics in order to produce healthy and interesting off-spring. Our animals are handled regularly and feeding well on F/T rodents before being offered for sale so that what you get is a healthy, tame and easy to care for snake that will be enjoyed for many years.

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Store Policy

How to Purchase

Purchases can be made directly through our website In order to make a purchase please click on the "Add to Cart" button for the snake you want. Payments can be made via credit card or debit card.

Deposits and Payment Plans

"If you really want that snake, we want to make that happen!" To that end we will consider deposits and payment plans on a case by case basis. Generally we will hold a snake for two weeks with a non-refundable deposit of 25% of the purchase price of the snake, with the balance plus shipping paid by midnight on the fourteenth day after the first payment is made. If the full payment is not made by the date agreed upon the deposit is forfeit and the snake will be relisted for sale. Once paid in full the snake will be shipped at a prearranged date/time. Contact us for further details and other possible payment arrangements.

Shipping and Order Abandonment

It is important to us that we ship to you in a timely manner. This is only possible with good communication between both you and us. If during appropriate shipping weather of three consecutive weeks, you do not respond to our attempts to schedule shipping, your order will be considered abandoned, the snake(s) will be relisted for sale and your payment minus a 28% restocking fee will be refunded.

Order Cancellation

An order can be cancelled up until noontime of the day the snake is scheduled to be shipped. Any order cancelled within 6 hours of posting will be refunded the amount paid minus a 5% restocking fee. After 6 hours the amount paid will be refunded minus a restocking fee of 28%.

Shipping and Live Arrival Guarantee

Shipping is via Fed-Ex Priority Overnight - $40-$80 flat rate shipping (contact us for details). Shipping for multiple snakes and/or adult snakes will be on a case by case basis - contact us for a quote.

Safe and live arrival of your snake is of utmost importance to us here at Mount Pleasant Herps therefore we will only ship as Hold for Pick-up to a FedEx Ship Center local to you. We ship on Tuesday for Wednesday delivery and provide a Live Arrival Guarantee within the Continental US when the snake arrives at the FedEx Ship Center on time and is picked up from the Center the day it arrives. These Centers have convenient extended hours for pick-up.

We do use heat packs or cold packs as dictated by forecasted temperatures both in transit through the FedEx hub as well as according to destination. However, some temperatures are just too hot or too cold and pose a danger to life for your snake, in spite of a heat or cold pack. If we’ve concluded that temperatures are too dangerous for shipping at the time of your purchase, we will gladly hold your purchased snake for you at no additional charge, giving its regular care and feeding, until weather/temperatures permit safe shipping.

Winter weather makes safe shipping a little tricky. Over the years we have developed a system of when and how to ship during this time of year that we believe puts the health and well-being of the snakes first.

When we ship a snake even though it is sent overnight express it has a number of stops/layovers at one or another FedEx “Hub” depending on where it is going and how busy FedEx is that night. At these stops/layovers the package containing the snake will be in a large shipping container along with a number of other packages waiting to be loaded on a plane thus exposed to outside temperatures during that time. When I drop a snake off at my FedEx office in Central Massachusetts it will travel by truck to Boston, MA then fly to either Newark NJ or Indianapolis IN or Memphis TN then on average about 4 hours later fly to the airport nearest to their final destination. From there it will move by truck to the nearest FedEx Ship Center. So with all of this in mind we need the overnight temperature (since this is when the snake is passing through these areas) to be at or above 40F in order to keep the snake safe and alive. Since we don’t know which of the three hubs they will pass through, FedEx decides this on the fly due to how busy they are, we need it to be warm enough in all of the potential places it may go i.e. Boston, Ma; Newark, NJ; Indianapolis, IN; Memphis, TN and the final destination.

So, to make a long story short we hold purchased snakes for as long as is needed to be able to safely ship them following the criteria I mention above. We monitor the weather closely locally as well as the 3 hubs and the destination of each snake and make our decisions on Sundays for the following week as to whether they can safely ship. If it looks like we will be able to ship we contact customers and arrange for shipping. We will not ship without a confirmation that someone is available to receive the snake.

FedEx Priority Overnight shipments are not guaranteed by the carrier. Mount Pleasant Herps guarantees live arrival for these shipments, within the Continental US when the snake arrives at the FedEx Ship Center on time and is picked up from the Center the day it arrives. You MUST contact us within 4 hours of receipt of the shipment regarding losses. Please provide a description of the condition of the shipment. Digital photographic proof of loss will be required at a minimum, and we reserve the right to request return of the frozen carcass to us. Shipping costs are not refundable by us. In the case of significant FedEx delays we will file a claim on shipping costs and if reimbursed by the carrier, we will forward your refund to you immediately upon receipt by us.

If you have any questions about your particular situation please contact us.

**It is the responsibility of the Buyer to know the laws and regulations of keeping various reptile species where you live. Mt Pleasant Herps cannot possibly be aware of all laws in the various states, counties and cities throughout the United States. Mt Pleasant Herps ships reptiles at the Buyer's request and will not assume responsibility should this request violate local law.

Animal Attributes and Animal Health

We guarantee that the animal being delivered is exactly the one pictured in the ad. You MUST contact us within 4 hours of receipt of the shipment if the incorrect animal was received. If proven by the buyer that the incorrect animal was shipped we will arrange for the return of the incorrect animal and shipment of the correct animal. If the original animal is not able to be shipped we will provide for a full refund and return of the incorrect animal.

Animals listed for sale have had a minimum of four (4) consecutive unscented f/t meals before they will be available for shipping.

We guarantee the animal was shipped out in a outwardly healthy state and shipped according to all FedEx rules and regulations. See our "Live Arrival Guarantee" above for more detail.

Multiple efforts are in place to assure our animals are the gender stated. Our hatchlings are gender checked via “popping” at least twice. Our adults offered for sale are either proven breeders or gender checked via probing. However sex is NOT guaranteed.

We are not responsible for animal temperament as there are many factors that may influence the behavior of your snake not the least of which is the totally new environment the snake has been introduced to. We recommend at least a week of acclimation time in their new environment before interacting in any way with your new pet.

Making a purchase binds you to have fully read, understand, comply and agree to ALL terms and conditions listed. Failure on the customers part to fully read all terms and conditions before making a purchase does not make them exempt from these terms and conditions.

MorphMarket's Default Store Policy specifies any terms which have not been overridden by this Seller's stated policy.

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