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Since starting in the breeding hobby in 2006, I have always been dedicated to the health and well-being of Leopard Geckos. I promise to provide the best health and genetics available to the public! Quality over quantity, always.
I specialize in the following morphs/traits: White and Yellow, Tremper Albino, Eclipse, Snow variations/combinations, Bloods, Bell Albino, Rainwater Albino, and recently Bold Stripe Bandits.
Thank you for checking us out! 😊

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Store Policy

TERMS OF SERVICE: Not reading these terms does not void them whatsoever & I reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone.

Payment: You MUST be 18 years or older to purchase an animal. I use PayPal Goods and Services only. I will not accept payment with Friends and Family. Will accept payment through Square as well.

Shipping: Buyer pays for shipping. Will only ship to the lower 48 states, temperatures permitting. We will occasionally ship to the Hamm Germany show and Canada upon request. Listed prices do not include shipping. Shipping is always done overnight through FedEx Reptiles2You so the packages can be individually tracked. The price of shipping varies pending upon your zip code and averages $50-90. I can provide a shipping quote if zip code is presented in an inquiry. Shipping price may increase depending on additional weight, box size, heating/cooling packs or purchasing multiple animals. I ship Monday-Wednesday only, temperatures permitting and I will not ship within 2 weeks of a holiday. I will not accept "holds" on animals durring the winter months due to very limited shipping weather/opportunities. Once you have recieved your animal, I require that the buyer send me a photo of the gecko within an hour of "delivered" status so I can ensure the animal is safe and not left on a porch/inside a delivery truck.

Hub Pickups: Geckos held at your local FedEx hub MUST be picked up day of arrival. The sooner the better! If your gecko is picked up the day after arrival, our health and live animal guarantee is voided. If I suggest that a gecko be held at a local FedEx hub due to possible delays/weather and the buyer insists on having the animal delivered to their home address regardless of suggestion, our health and live guarantee is voided.

Exports/International Shipments: Once the gecko makes it to the exporter, it's safety and health is out of my hands and my guarantees no longer stand once the gecko is in their possession. The exporter will handle any issues, if there are any, with the buyer personally as if it is a separate transaction through separate TOS.

Deposits/Holds: I can hold a gecko for up to 30 days with a minimum non-refundable deposit of 20% of the gecko(s) purchase price, not including shipping. The total balance of the geckos price is due within 30 days of the original deposit date or any prior payments are forefited. If payments are not made within that time frame the animal will become available to the public again. Since all deposits are non-refundable, you may transfer these funds towards another animal that is currently available. You will not receive reimbursement for the difference if a lower priced gecko is selected from your original choice.

Ghosting/Refusal to Respond: After payment is made and I do not hear back from you or you do not respond to me after 30 days and after multiple attempts to get ahold of you, your sale is void. You will forfeit your entire payment, you will not recieve a refund, and the gecko will be placed back up for sale to the public.

All Sales Are Final: There will be NO returns/refunds on any deposits, payments, or purchases for any reason! This includes; changes regarding your personal/financial situations, tail dropping during or post shipment, changes in coloration/pattern development, unfavorable temperament or gecko bites, juvenile temperature sex is not what the sex of the animal turns out to be as an adult (TSF ends up male), the gecko becomes sick or injured due to your improper husbandry or cohabitation. I do not condone cohabitation.

Care: A full care sheet will be provided upon request! This gives an explanation of husbandry (caging, diet, supplementation, heating/lighting...etc) and an explanation on how to properly set up the supplies.

Health Guaruntee: We provide a 10-day health guarantee on our geckos as long as the correct care/husbandry is being followed. A 4 week quarantine period MUST be used for this garuntee to be valid. All animals must be quarantined for a minimum of 4 weeks after arrival before being introduced into a common space with other animals. Since this is a live animal, once they leave our care we cannot control how they are cared for and kept. If you notice that your animal is showing signs of stress/illness within 10 days of recieving the gecko, PLEASE contact me so we can go over your husbandry and figure out what may be the issue. I guarantee the health of each of my animals. All of my geckos have been given thorough health checks before being shipping and I will not ship them if they are exhibiting signs of stress, illness, shedding, or are gravid. If your animal is acting off, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance before you take any personal action. If a death occurs within this timeframe, a refund will not be issued but the funds may go towards another animal of your choosing as a replacement. Do not seek the advice of another person, vet tech, veterinarian or search engine/internet before contacting us. Not adhering to contacting us first will void your health guarantee.

Dead on Arrival (We guaruntee live arrival except for in the following cases): In the event of a DOA I will issue a refund of that individual gecko’s purchase price, not including the shipping price. However, the animal must not be removed from the original container and video proof must be sent to me within 30 minutes of the gecko being received by the buyer or no credit will be issued! I also require 5 photos of the deceased animal for further proof. DOA refunds are void if your shipment was held at the hub but you failed to pick up until the following day! DOA refunds are also void if you missed your delivery and the animal stays on the FedEx truck for *any* extra time past the first delivery attempt. DOA refunds are also void if the animal was left on your doorstep for over 30 minutes past the "delivered" status on the tracking number and not receieved/brought inside once delivered. If a package arrives after scheduled arrival time due to an error/issue on FedEx's part causing the animal to arrive deceased, we will seek a refund for shipping cost and return funds to the buyer if the shipping refund is awarded and buyer will recieve a refund of the animal's price as sold. Acts of nature (i.e. weather, storms, temperature) do not count as error on FedEx's part. I require that the deceased animal be shipped back to me before a refund is issued in any of these listed situations. Buyer pays for shipping of deceased animal.

Recieving your animal: If for whatever reason someone isn’t guaranteed to receive your shipment at the scheduled delivery timeframe at your residence or the weather on your end is questionable, then the package will either be held for pick up at your local hub or not shipped at all until a delivery/pickup date is confirmed. We will not risk the safety of our geckos with uncertainty of being recieved in a timely manner. You MUST be available or take time off work/school to recieve your gecko.

Geckos/Temperature Sexing: All hatchling information including genetic & health history, parents photos & most current pics of your selected Gecko are available by request at anytime. All geckos are temperature sex incubated (82 for female, 89 for male) however I cannot guarantee they were accurately sexed during incubation as temperature sexing is only ~60-70% accurate. All geckos under 30g are listed as either TSF (temperature sexed female) or TSM (temperature sexed male) as sex cannot be guarunteed. Only once geckos are over this weight (30g) can I visually guaruntee the sex of the animal. If a gecko ships under 30g, sex is not guaranteed and no refunds will be issued if the gecko matures into a different sex than what it was incubated for. Fertility also cannot be guaranteed. Only animals listed as *proven breeders* are guaranteed to be fertile.

Please feel free to reach out to me for clarification on anything or if you have any questions. I am always happy to answer anything! Thank you!
-Q's Geckos

MorphMarket's Default Store Policy specifies any terms which have not been overridden by this Seller's stated policy.

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