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I have been keeping and breeding reptiles for over 30 years. My current breeding interests involve locality pure and designer morph Rosy Boas, Ball Python morphs and various colubrid species. I am a high school science teacher and love sharing my hobby and love of snakes with my students. The snakes I produce make for excellent case studies that add to my genetics lessons. I love teaching and enjoy helping and guiding my customers in their efforts to successfully keep, raise, and breed their own collections of snakes.

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Store Policy

Shipping: I typically ship on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to allow ample time for delivery prior to the weekend in the event of a FedEx delay(s). I may choose to only ship to a FedEx hub location if I feel it is in the best interest of the animal. It will be your responsibility to be available to pick your animal up from the hub location. I may choose to delay shipping in situations where I feel the weather is too extreme or based on information from FedEx regarding potential delays. I will always do what I feel is in the best interest of the animal. I put in a lot of work to produce my animals and will not take unnecessary risks with them. Also, I do not ship to apartments or other addresses marked with a unit #. In situations that require that I ship to a FedEx hub location, please be prepared to pick your animal up from the hub.

Local pickup: for those that would prefer to pick up their animal locally rather than have it shipped, I am happy to meet up. Local pickup is in Upland, CA only.

Payment plans: I offer payment plans for animals priced at $1000 and above on a case by case basis. I require a 50% deposit with the balance due within 30 days. Payment in full (including shipping costs) must occur before I will ship an animal. Please understand that the season for selling snakes is fleeting and interested customers can be lost to other sellers when items are marked as "on hold" or "sold". For this reason, deposits are always non-refundable. Payment plans are not available for Auction purchases. Auctions are to be paid in full at the close of each auction.

Payment methods: We accept Cashapp, Venmo, Zelle, Cashier's Checks, and Money Orders. All payments must be fully cleared before I will prepare an animal for shipment.

Heath Guarantee: All animals are 100% guaranteed for healthy and live arrival. You must be prepared to remain at home the day of your snake's delivery. While delivery times are provided by FedEx, you must be prepared for delays that can occur. You must notify me of a "dead on arrival" shipment within 30 minutes of its recorded delivery time for me to honor the "live arrival" guarantee. Animals shipped to hubs must be picked up within 30 minutes of the hub's listed opening time. At my discretion, I will replace the animal with an individual with identical genetics and sex or refund your money. Please understand that it is your responsibility to receive your animal immediately upon delivery whether at home or hub. It can be nerve wracking to order an animal "by mail". Please rest assured that I take every precaution with your animal(s) and have never had an animal arrive deceased.

Genetics Guarantee: I guarantee sex and all visual recessive and 100% het recessive genes. Because of the complexity of my projects, I can not guarantee 100% accuracy on animals expressing combinations of incomplete dominant genes. I am happy to provide the known genetics of the sire and dam of each snake I sell. This information is provided to you to inform you of all genes that your snake may carry. The information is also provided so that you may assess the snake as well to determine on your own that the genes you desire are present. Oftentimes, I will "under advertise" various genes (especially possible hets) as I would rather under sell and over deliver to my customers. This is usually beneficial as you can end up with more genes than you paid for, however please pay close attention to the genetics of the sire and dam of your individual to ensure that no genes exist in its lineage that you do not want in your breeding program.

Auctions: Please ask any questions about animals in my auction listings before placing a bid. Also, please be prepared to pay for animal won via auction immediately upon auction close.

Additional Information:
1) I am not responsible for the temperament of the animal and make no guarantees of its temperament.
2) All snakes that I offer up for sale are well-started and feeding regularly on live rodents. In some cases your snake may also be accustomed to frozen/thawed rodents. In either case, you must be prepared to offer live rodents should your animal decide that it wants live. I can not guarantee that your animal will switch to frozen/thawed or continue to accept frozen/thawed once your receive it.
3) Animal weights can fluctuate with feeding and growth. I do not ship underweight snakes, if the actual weight of the snake is incredibly important to you, it is up to you to request this information prior to purchase. I am happy to provide a current weight at your request.
4) All sales are final and deposits are non-refundable.
5) The sex of your animal is guaranteed. Claims of improper sexing must be made within 5 days, please double check the sex of your animal upon arrival.
6) You will receive the exact animal from the ad you purchased from.
7) I do not wish to do direct business with anyone under the age of 18. If you are a minor, and would like to purchase one of my snakes, please have your parent/guardian contact me.

MorphMarket's Default Store Policy specifies any terms which have not been overridden by this Seller's stated policy.

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