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Robert Arthur Haneisen

Fitchburg, MA 01420, USA

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I have been keeping and breeding reptiles for nearly 25 years, starting with leopard geckos and milk snakes. My current collection consists primarily of high-end leachianus geckos and gargoyle geckos. I am a professional writer and editor as well, having articles published in Reptiles Magazine. I am motivated by advancing science and husbandry techniques, as well as maintaining a professional and helpful presence in the herpetoculture community.

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Store Policy

Terms and Conditions

The following are Terms and Conditions for Haneisen Premium Reptiles. Any purchase is acknowledgement that you agree to these Terms and Conditions. Exceptions to these Terms and Conditions must be verified in writing before any purchase is completed and or shipped.

• All purchases must be paid in full before shipping.
• Acceptable payment methods include: Cash, Venmo, Paypal, bank wire transfer, or postal money orders. If the buyer prefers another payment method, please inquire.
Deposits and Payment Plans
• A 25% non-refundable deposit is acceptable on all purchases, using the above payment methods. All payment plans must be completed within 30 days of the receipt of the initial deposit, unless an exception has been agreed upon in writing.
• No purchase will be held without a deposit – no exceptions.
• Once a deposit is received for a payment plan, there is no requirement for installments. The buyer may choose to make installments or make a lump sum payment to satisfy the owed balance by 30 days.
• If the buyer fails to pay the balance of the payment plan by 30 days or a previously agreed upon date, the initial deposit is forfeited and will not be returned. Any payments made after the initial deposit will be returned. The amount of the initial deposit may be credited toward a future purchase but the buyer is no longer eligible to enter into a payment plan. Failure to complete a payment plan negates the option for entering into any subsequent payment plan with Haneisen Premium Reptiles.

• The cost of shipping is either included in the price of the animal or will be communicated at the time of sale and inquiry. Free shipping is often extended to any purchase over $1,000.
• All live animal shipments are sent priority overnight via FedEx and typically arrive by 10:30 a.m.
• Shipments can be made Monday-Wednesday, though a strong preference is given to Tuesday and Wednesday shipments.
• No shipments will be made during weeks that include a FedEx holiday.
• All live animal shipments must be picked up at the closest FedEx ship center approved for live animal shipments. The seller also hand delivers all shipments to a FedEx ship center, typically by 6 p.m. so no live animals are placed on delivery vans.
• The buyer and seller will agree to a shipment date no later than the day before a shipment is to be sent – no same day purchases and shipping and all payments must be completed no later than 9 p.m. EST on the day before a shipment is to be sent.
• All tracking information will be sent to the buyer and the buyer will also receive email notifications from FedEx.
• The seller will send a text or email to the buyer when the box is dropped off at the ship center. If requested, a photo of the shipping box and label may be sent as well.

Shipping Conditions
• All live animals are shipped in FedEx-approved insulated boxes. Most animals are shipped in clear or semi-clear deli cups. Larger animals are shipped in cloth shipping bags.
• If weather conditions require it, a 40-hr heat pack, cryo-pac, or cool pack will be used.
• Acceptable temperatures for shipping are generally 30-90 degrees F. Severe storms will be avoided to help prevent delays.
• The seller will determine when acceptable shipping weather exists, taking into consideration the weather at the ship center, any hub in transit, and the final destination. The seller will decide on the shipping date, depending on the availability of the buyer to receive the package. It is the seller’s responsibility to determine safe and acceptable weather conditions for shipping and the buyer’s responsibility to retrieve the package on the date and time agreed upon.
• The buyer must retrieve the package from the FedEx ship center within 3 hours of arrival. Any exceptions to this must be agreed upon in writing previous to shipment being sent.

Live Arrival, Health Guarantee, and DOA
• All shipments are guaranteed live arrival if the above conditions are met. Failure to retrieve the shipment in a timely manner (within 3 hours) will negate the live arrival guarantee.
• Live arrival is still guaranteed if the shipment is delayed due to a problem with FedEx (package gets delayed somewhere in transit, at a shipping hub, etc.). Animals are packaged in a manner to account for potential shipper delays.
• Live arrival guarantee is voided if the buyer fails to get the shipment within 3 hours of arrival at the ship center unless there is a previous agreement and exception in writing.
• If a shipment arrives DOA and the buyer retrieved the package within the agreed upon time, the buyer can choose to receive a full refund or a replacement animal will be sent.
• Notification of any DOA must be received from the buyer within 1 hour of receipt of shipment.
• Notification of DOA must be accompanied by photo evidence sent via text or email.
• All shipments should be opened and briefly inspected as soon as possible to verify live arrival. The deli cup does not need to be opened but the buyer should be able to verify the animal arrived alive. The buyer must send a text or email to the seller confirming live arrival within one hour of picking up the package.
• All animals will arrive healthy and as represented at time of sale. Any dispute of health of animal or quality of animal must be made within 12 hours of receipt of shipment. There is no health guarantee beyond the first 12 hours as the care of the animal is now the buyer’s responsibility. In most cases, a caresheet will be sent before shipment for the buyer to follow to ensure the animal receives appropriate housing, food, etc.

MorphMarket's Default Store Policy specifies any terms which have not been overridden by this Seller's stated policy.

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“Purchase 5 Leachies from Rob and they are some of the best I have placed in my collection. He responds promptly and was in constant contact. Geckos were packed safe and paperwork with all the lineage info was with it as well. Great experience!”


“Rob was absolutely incredible to work with. Answered all of my questions without hesitation and was extremely accommodating to make sure I safely received my animal due to weather. I will not hesitate to do business with him again. A++ experience.”



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