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Jill A. Harper-Judd

New Port Richey, FL, USA

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I am a vertebrate zoologist by training and have spent most of my life working with and around animals of all types. I fell in love with ball pythons a few years back and have been growing my collection ever since (and learning a LOT along the way!). My goal is to produce beautiful, high-quality ball pythons for the pleasure and enjoyment of other collectors, whether that collection includes two or two hundred (or more!) animals. Customer satisfaction is very important to me - I will respond promptly and thoroughly and I will be more than happy to answer questions throughout your purchase process, whether it is basic ball python care, the different morphs (!) or basic genetics for breeding. Happy snakes and happy owners are my #1 goal. I look forward to hearing from you!

Contact: Tracy Judd and Jill Harper-Judd. E-mail [email protected]. Phone 229-327-4216.
Photos are of the actual animal.

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Store Policy

I strive to breed and sell high quality animals that will provide many years of enjoyment for you and your family. All animals are captive bred. Any animal I ship will leave my site healthy and eating well. Health is guaranteed for 7 days after receipt (excluding accidental death or death resulting from mistreatment and/or poor husbandry practices after it was placed in your care).

Guaranteed sex and genetics: I typically will sex each animal myself and will also have it verified by a second source. Older pythons in particular can be difficult to sex, so absolutely double check/verify upon receipt! As far as genetics go, I will not call a snake a particular morph or combo unless i am absolutely certain that is what it is. Otherwise I will say "possible" and give the probabilities (e.g. possible het albino) and as much information as I can on the sire/dam. Having said that, if you believe an error has been made, please contact me within 48 hours of the animal’s arrival.

Payment: At this time payment is only accepted through Paypal (preferred method; go to Paypal and add e-mail [email protected]), personal check or cashier’s check. If you pay by personal check, the payment must clear the bank before the animal will be shipped. Personal checks should be made out to Jill Harper-Judd. For most animals I will accept deposits to hold the animal (25% non-refundable, payment in full within 30 days). If circumstances dictate that you are unable to complete payment or purchase your intended animal, I will return any amount paid over the initial deposit.

Shipping or delivery of your purchase will take place after receipt of payment in full. Shipping is only through ShipYourReptiles Shipping costs are IN ADDITION to the price of the snake but must be paid by the purchaser. Shipping costs typically range from $35.00-75.00 depending on location. To calculate shipping, go to and enter the origination address of 34695 and then the delivery address. I will ship ONLY on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday and only if temperatures are within accepted norms. Live arrival is guaranteed but the animal must be picked up at the shipping center you select (no doorstep deliveries!). I will deliver (not ship) for FREE in the Central Florida area (north to Gainesville, east to Orlando, south to Sarasota/Bradenton); if you would like to pick up your snake or have it delivered please contact me about logistics.

When your snake arrives, please examine it carefully. If you observe any defects or have any concerns (including sex or morph), please notify me by e-mail or phone within 48 hours of receipt; otherwise the sale will be considered complete and the animal accepted as-is (subject to the above health guarantees). In the extremely unlikely event that an animal passes away within the 7-day period, please freeze it and contact me immediately. I will arrange for it to be returned at my cost.

Please be aware of your own local wildlife laws and regulations. No animals will be knowingly sold in violation of any state or federal laws.

MorphMarket's Default Store Policy specifies any terms which have not been overridden by this Seller's stated policy.

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