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Snake came in looking good.
Rating by b***3 for Emerald Juvenile Female High White (JETBF01) Tree Boa ($424.99)
Great communication and response. Animals are in great condition. Looking forward to future buys.
Rating by p***r for Ornate BABIES!! ( Ornata) Spiny-tailed Lizard ($199.99)
Craig always has great animals never an issue
Rating by t***7 for Blue Eyed Tree Frog (Boophis Viridis) Other Tree Frog ($44.99)
Great ornate monitors! I was able to pick exactly what I wanted and get shipped same day! I would definitely order from them again. Check out there website they have a lot of options!
Rating by j***4 for Ornate Nile Monitor ($59.99)
Product is as described! Responded quickly and package was shipped on time!
Rating by t***r for Gravid Adult Ambilobe Panthers Chameleon ($249.99)
Well packaged and quick delivery. Very happy with purchase!
Rating by s***s for Gravid Adult Ambilobe Panthers Chameleon ($249.99)
Rating by c***n for Crimson Albino Iguana Green Iguana ($749.99)
All in all a good experience. It did turn out to be a male and not a female, but a stunning animal nonetheless so I’m not to worried about it.
Rating by c***s for Irian Jaya Carpet Python ($199.99)
I ordered 2 red tail green rat snakes I called prior was assured that they looked well one of the animals was absolutely covered in large ticks and was drooling think secretions on arrival emailed and messaged through morphmarket…crickets
Seller has still yet to even reply to me very disappointed as I have been a repeat customer of reptile pets direct
Rating by j***1 for Red-tailed Green Rat Snake ($199.99)
Seller was very responsive and Jimmy at this store was extremely helpful. Animal arrived today and is incredible. I am very happy with this purchase. Thank you
Rating by d***s for Papuan Olive Python (Apodora Papuana) POPF02 Other Python ($799.99)
Good communication and a healthy snake. Not much more I could ask for! Thank you
Rating by f***s for Northern White Lip Python 24 White-lipped Python ($394.99)
They shipped them quickly.
Rating by r***v for Red Eye Crocodile Other Skink ($149.99)
I am vary happy with my purchase the animals arrived happy in very good packaging and are way more beautiful in person then in the photo will definitely consider ordering from them again
Rating by c***0 for Nicaraguan Boa Constrictor ($49.99)
These guys are great! They were packed correctly, comfortably and safely and I was very pleased with the whole purchasing experience. I will not hesitate to purchase from Reptile Pets Direct again!!
Rating by 1***s for European Legless Lizard (Sheltopusik) Other Lizard ($99.99)
10/10. Picked up locally so can’t comment on shipping, but snakes were exactly as described and perfectly healthy. Definitely recommend!
Glad you are enjoying you new babies. Feel free to call if you have any questions on anything else we have.
Rating by p***b for CB Red Tail Green Rat Snake Red-tailed Green Rat Snake ($349.99)
My experience with them was very fast and very easy my new baby got to my house faster than I thought it would and I love my new snake
Rating by c***7 for Albino Burmese Python ($349.99)
Would do business with them again
Rating by j***3 for Emerald Male (ETBM3) Tree Boa ($294.99)
Difficult communication and I was skeptical about the packaging, but the uromastyx seems to be in good health. Quick shipping, but only on regular business days.
Rating by o***d for CBB Ornate JUVENILE MALE ( ORNATA) (OUJM02) Spiny-tailed Lizard ($749.99)
Very good about keeping communication moving forward. Very helpful and professional. Beautiful animal.
Rating by b***g for 8-12" Black Roughneck Monitor ($349.99)
Transaction went smoothly and I received a healthy animal as advertised.
Rating by g***7 for Thomasi (UTM02) Spiny-tailed Lizard ($1,999.99)
My new baby frilly arrived extremely well packed and lively. He's already hunting feeders and is exploring his new enclosure. Reptile Pets Direct did an excellent job with communication as well. I'd buy from them again!
Rating by t***x for CBB Frilled Dragon Other Lizard ($299.99)
Very responsive and quick and timely response,pleased with them
Rating by r***2 for Trio 1.2 Plated Leaf (Brookesia Stumpfii) Chameleon ($599.99)
I received a group of 10 Dragon Snakes and they all look absolutely perfect. They all had excellent body condition and are very health, hydrated and alert. Highly recommend these folks, will definitely be doing business with them again!
Rating by c***e for Dragon Snake Other Colubrid ($299.99)
My experience with this seller was horrible. I purchased two ornate Uromastyx from this seller. Both came in sick. One died in less than 48h of arriving and was also gravid. Their animals are not well cared for. This business is not ethical.
Rating by t***p for Ornate Pair (AOUP03) Spiny-tailed Lizard ($1,399.99)
Smooth transaction, very happy with the new Northern White Lipped Python I received that was active and well upon unpacking!
Rating by m***1 for Baby White-lipped Python ($499.99)
Nice lizards, thank you!!
Rating by g***s for Graceful Gecko (Paroedura Gracilis) Other Gecko ($74.99)
They were great on helping me get the mossy geckos I asked about. Answered my questions an sent me pictures when asked for them. Great experience mossy geckos look amazing an they are happy in ther new home. An shipping was great
Rating by d***3 for Mossy Male (U. Sikorea) (MLTGM44) Leaf-Tailed Gecko ($125.00)
Received my snake healthy and on time. Will definitely do business with them again.
Rating by k***s for Rainbow Boa Adult Female (BRBF01) Brazilian Rainbow Boa ($399.99)
Ordered a female red eyed croc skink. The sales team is very responsive/helpful but not their guarantee team. My skink did not do well during shipping. She prolapsed and even after following instructions and messaging, no response 1 week later.
Rating by c***2 for Red Eye Crocodile Other Skink ($199.99)
As described fast shipping arrived in good condition
Rating by t***h for Malaysian Cherry Bomb Centipede ($99.99)
Great folks. Good communication. Had my snake the very next day. Thanks!!
It was awesome working with you as our customer! i hope you enjoy your new GTP and look forward to being able to work with you again on future reptile needs
Rating by b***a for High Blue Sorong (HBSGTP01) Green Tree Python ($899.99)
Rating by b***h for Suriname Female (SRTBF01) True Red-tailed Boa Constrictor ($349.99)
Poor monkey tail was frozen and starved when I received him. Emailed seller still with no response. Wanted to buy the other she had for sale just to rescue it. No response...but responded right away to my gf. He's doing great now tho, so there's that
Rating by g***s for Monkey-tailed Skink ($349.99)
Great seller
Rating by d***2 for Frilled Dragon CBB Other Lizard ($299.99)
I got 3 perfect shield tailed agamas and wow, they are sooooo cute and active. I didn’t expect them to be so friendly for their size but they’re brave little guys. I might have to buy more! 10/10 very happy with my purchase!
Rating by d***d for Shield-Tailed Agama (Xenagama Taylori) Other Lizard ($499.99)
Everything went smooth. The scorpion was absolutely gorgeous, the animal was sent quickly and it’s a healthy specimen. Nothing but good to say, would recommend buying from them.
Rating by a***6 for Malaysian Blue Claw Scorpion ($49.99)
They sent my reptile following the instructions I left. They were quick to contact me when I made the inquiry.
Rating by l***s for Captive Bred Baby Ornate Spiny-tailed Lizard ($299.00)
Received lizard today. Just unpackaged.
Rating by e***t for Captive Bred Baby Ornate Spiny-tailed Lizard ($299.00)
Great communication. I ordered it at 11:30pm and it was ready to ship next morning. Turtle arrived in great shape because of the relationship with my FedEx delivery driver. Can see updates on my IG: Sheeks_ExoticFish
Rating by k***k for CB 2022 Baby Mata Mata Turtle Other Turtle ($299.99)
I am a first time buyer from MorphMarket . I highly recommend Reptile Pets Direct ! My Malaysian Blue Claw Scorpion just arrived in excellent health ! Bigger than expected and very beautiful ! We definitely purchase again in the future ! Thank you !
Rating by r***4 for Malaysian Blue Claw Scorpion ($49.99)
Reptile Pets Direct responded very quickly and my baby ornate uromastyx was in the mail the next day. The uromastyx was very alert and very healthy looking. Once he warmed up, he was active and even ate a little from my hand at the end of the day.
Rating by j***o for Captive Bred Baby Ornate Spiny-tailed Lizard ($299.00)
I purchased a 1.1. Both had several mites upon arrival. Messaged seller and got no response. The female also developed a serious mouth infection within a few days.
Rating by s***s for Red Tail Green Rat Snakes Adults Red-tailed Green Rat Snake ($199.99)
Love my new Suriname Boa. Purchased Tuesday and arrived Wednesday. SUPER FAST SHIPPING!! A++ Service
Rating by d***s for Surname (SRTB01) True Red-tailed Boa Constrictor ($499.99)
Seller was excellent! FedEx was a little slow as usual, but that’s not the sellers fault. He was very helpful and made sure to call me and check that the snake arrived alive and well. Highly recommend CBK. Thanks
Rating by m***b for High Blue Sorong (HBSGTP01) Green Tree Python ($899.99)
Quick Ship...Great price...Healthy snake. Would buy again and recommend them
Rating by f***v for Extreme Reverse Albino Okeetee Corn Snake ($199.99)
Great communication, reply fast. Frilled lizard in perfect shape, larger then I thought it would be. Honest people to deal with. I highly recommend them
Rating by p***k for Frilled Dragon CBB Other Lizard ($299.99)
Great service! I recommend buy from them. Thanks again.
Rating by a***0 for Satanic Female (SLTGF05) Leaf-Tailed Gecko ($899.99)
Beautiful Ornate at a great price !
Rating by c***y for Captive Bred Baby Ornate Spiny-tailed Lizard ($299.00)
Ordered 2 geckos, was given wrong species, which they handled, but when I received correct species, they were wrong sex and had health issues. All were thin, and so far 1 has died in quarantine. Emailed and was told to ship all 4 back for a refund.
Rating by c***e for Peacock ( Quadriocellata) Day Gecko ($74.99)
It was great! packaging was correct and nice and the baby is very healthy and beautiful!
Rating by l***k for Ornate Baby Male (OUBM23) Spiny-tailed Lizard ($349.99)