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I just received, 1.1 geckolepis maculata Both were correctly sexed, and arrived in decent condition considering these are wc. Will do business again in the future.
Rating by s***8 for Golden Fish Scale Gecko (Geckolepis Maculata) More Gecko ($39.99)
First time customer, and will be one again. Good communication and the snake shipped on time in excellent condition.
Rating by v***t for Red Biak Green Tree Python Male (RBGTP12) ($649.99)
Very nice young female yellow tree monitor at a great price. Very pleasant transaction.
Rating by b***2 for Yellow Tree Monitor Female (Varanus Reisingeri) ($1,749.99)
The entire transaction was flawless. Thank you.
Rating by d***o for Sorong Barneck Scrub Python (SBBN01) ($799.99)
I DO NOT recommend buying from this seller! Beautiful snake! I am so happy to have her. However, they claim she is a "captive hatched" snake and there's pretty obvious signs that she could be wild caught. Also seller communication was awful!
Rating by s***7 for Mangrove Snake Female (MGSF20) More Colubrid ($259.99)
Good people to work with helpful I'm going back to them
Rating by g***2 for Schneider's Dwarf Caiman Smooth-Fronted Caiman ($174.99)
Health beautiful baby ornate uromaystyx. Thanks!
Rating by s***5 for Ornate Uromastyx ($249.99)
Very happy with my cayman lizard beautiful a strong, great health and temperament😊
Rating by j***9 for CH Peruvian Caiman Lizards ($399.99)
Saw the post on my tortoise and noticed it was local. Went directly to the store and bought her. She seems super healthy and well taken care of. The person working the counter was very helpful and filled me in on what he knew about my tortoise.
Rating by h***_ for Libyan Greek Tortoise Females ($149.99)
I received my new ETB today and he's is doing great! Reptile Pets Direct flexed with me to get the ideal shipping date and the packaging was perfect. Very happy with my purchase!
Rating by j***9 for Red Emerald Tree Boa Baby Male (Betb023) Northern Emerald Tree Boa ($800.00)
I asked for the “biggest” and “most unique” frog. Reptile Pets Direct delivered in every way possible! I was sent a large, gold flaked, absolutely gorgeous girl. She’s fat, healthy and all around one of the best purchases I’ve ever done!
Rating by c***t for Whites Tree Frogs White's Tree Frog ($39.99)
Arrived in good health beautiful snake and seller was great
Rating by w***4 for Yellow Biak Green Tree Python Male (YBGTP2) ($374.99)
I ENDED UP PURCHASING TWO ATBS, a yellow and a patternless,and when I say gorgeous I mean it the animals look well taken care of no mites no marks no abrasions just stunning . This was my first purchase from rpd, and I definitely will purchase again
Rating by t***y for Yellow Amazon Tree Boa Female (FATB33) ($74.99)
Despite it being the holiday season, seller was very communicative. I was probably overly annoying due to how excited I am for this purchase, but seller was kind and got her out to me quickly. She arrive timely and healthy, great experience
Rating by d***e for Yellow Biak Green Tree Python Female (YBGTP5) ($374.99)
Awesome snake
Rating by j***5 for Yellow Amazon Tree Boa Female (FATB34 ($59.99)
All good on delivery. Great seller!
Rating by l***a for Emerald Tree Boa Female (ETB024) Northern Emerald Tree Boa ($399.99)
All good on delivery. Great seller!
Rating by l***a for Emerald Tree Boa Male (ETBM027) Northern Emerald Tree Boa ($399.99)
Great communication fast shipping.
Rating by j***1 for Ornate Uromastyx Baby Male (OBM27) ($259.99)
Quality snake, fast shipping. Great packaging job.
Rating by m***7 for CB Emerald Tree Boa Male Baby Green (GBE01) Northern Emerald Tree Boa ($899.99)
I ordered a cute little rain frog from this seller and they were quick to respond and send out my little frog! She arrived safely and quickly and she's been in high spirits since arriving! Thanks so much, I definitely would buy from them again!
Rating by d***d for Bushveld's Rain Frog Other Frog ($199.99)
Very happy with my purchase from RPD. What a beautiful Merauke!!!!
Rating by m***l for Merauke Blue Tongue Skink (MBTS02) Merauke Blue-Tongued Skink ($199.99)
Caiman lizard arrived on time still warm and healthy despite it being winter. Very responsive seller and a gorgeous animal!
Rating by s***l for CH Peruvian Caiman Lizards ($399.99)
Animal is wonderful! My only gripes were it was listed as green eyed tokay, gecko smithi. Did not research and assumed it to be a standard tokay. Communication could have been better since inquired through mm but only got a response on the website.
Rating by j***s for CBB Green Eyed Tokay (Gekko Smithi) Tokay Gecko ($149.99)
Seller was very quick answering my questions both before and after purchase. The toads showed up extrememly fast and in great condition.
Rating by a***s for Purple Harlequin Toad (Atelopus Barbotini) Other Dart Frog ($599.99)
Animal arrived perfect!
Rating by m***r for Yellow Green Tree Python (YTP27) ($349.99)
Brookesia arrived ,eyes open; very lively , fast very secure delivery
Rating by g***b for Plated Leaf Chameleon (Brookesia Stumpfii) Other Chameleon ($179.99)
Received my 2 purple harlequin dart frogs, all in great condition. The seller was great in communication and fast shipper.
Rating by n***8 for Purple Harlequin Toad (Atelopus Barbotini) Other Dart Frog ($599.99)
Great communication, shipped quickly, and was very well packaged. I even received a call from the owner prior to shipment to discuss the purchase.
Great communication, quick shipment, and well packaged. Craig did a great job answering all my questions.
Rating by g***s for Spear Point Leaf Tail Gecko Female (SPLTGF01) Leaf-Tailed Gecko ($349.99)
Fast response to questions baby emerald tree boa arrived today in perfect condition even shed perfectly great seller!!
Rating by e***5 for CB Emerald Tree Boa Male Baby Black Spot (BBS03) Northern Emerald Tree Boa ($1,249.99)
Received a healthy chameleon. Fast shipping, responsive customer service
Rating by d***d for Oustalets Chameleon (Furcifer Oustaleti) Other Chameleon ($74.99)
Very smooth purchase
Rating by n***s for Purple Harlequin Toad (Atelopus Barbotini) Other Dart Frog ($39.99)
Seller could be better with communication instead of hitting me with one word replies and should be more descriptive and include more pictures
Rating by a***s for Emerald Tree Boa Male (ETBM25) Northern Emerald Tree Boa ($249.99)
Amazing transaction. Great communication. Great packing and shipping. Enjoyed the buying experience so much I immediately placed another order for another uromastyx.
Rating by m***a for Ornate Uromastyx Baby Female (OBF03) ($259.99)
Will buy from again the snake arrived healthy
Rating by j***8 for Yellow Green Tree Python (YTP22) ($349.99)
this is my 1st order of a pet online and being shipped. The seller was good informing me what was needed to make this purchase. The snake is in Great health and very active getting acquainted to his new home. Thank You
Rating by j***3 for Guyana Red Tail Boa Baby Female (GBBF01) True Red-Tailed Boa Constrictor ($275.00)
Very healthy and bigger than I expected.
Rating by p***n for Emperor Scorpions ($75.00)
Arrived in great shape and packaged perfectly. I will 100% be buying from them again very soon
Rating by h***1 for Emperor Scorpions ($75.00)
Another great transaction with Reptile Pets Direct! They shipped the same day I placed my order and I received it the next day at my FedEx Hub. I am a repeat customer and will continue to be.
Rating by s***e for Emerald Tree Boa Baby (BETB01) Northern Emerald Tree Boa ($799.99)
Awesome experience buying my first biak green tree python. Buyer was fast with response time snake was packed beautiful still warm ready to go beautiful colors exactly what I seen in pictures overall 5 stars all the way around for me.
Rating by r***s for Biak Green Tree Python Yellow Female (YGTP17) ($349.99)
Very good communication and very healthy when arrived. Will definitely order from them again
Rating by b***n for Ornate Uromastyx Baby Male (OBM01) ($259.99)
Everything went well, recieved her she was package well with some heat. Good buying expirence.
Rating by i***2 for Biak Green Tree Python Yellow Female (YGTP17) ($349.99)
My Emperor Scorpion arrived Halloween day for my birthday 11/1! My Scorpion arrived very alert and healthy. I hope to soon breed this scorpion and help secure this amazing animal in the pet trade🦂🙌
Rating by z***6 for Emperor Scorpions ($59.99)
What a great experience with Reptile Pets Direct! I purchased three animals from them and they all safely arrived quickly in great condition shipped to my FedEx Hub. I will be back to buy from them again!
Rating by s***e for Biak Green Tree Python Red Female (RGTP12) ($499.99)
All three skinks arrived healthy,one female had even laid eggs during shipping so we shall see how those turn out! This is my 3rd purchase from this seller and it definitely won’t be the last!!
Rating by i***e for Emerald Tree Skink (Lamprolepis Smaragdina) Other Skink ($99.99)
Seller was quick, and communicated well. My tree python seems to be healthy and is well fed. Shipping was fast, and packaging was okay. Snake was very cold and the package was as well when I got her. She became very lively after warming.
Rating by d***m for Biak Green Tree Python Female (RGT01) ($349.99)
Our baby girl ornate is beautiful and sweet. Having over 30 years of having lizards, wild caught lizards can be harder to acclimate but this girl is eating well and is very active. We are blessed to have her anWill buy from this store again!
Rating by e***m for Ornate Uromastyx Female (OF01) ($299.99)
Got exactly what I paid for. Thank you!
Rating by b***s for Dalmatian Anoles (Anolis Sabanus) ($74.99)
Haven’t any complaints yet
Rating by j***3 for Asian Water Monitor ($109.99)