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I DO NOT recommend buying from this seller! Beautiful snake! I am so happy to have her. However, they claim she is a "captive hatched" snake and there's pretty obvious signs that she could be wild caught. Also seller communication was awful!
Rating by s***7 for Mangrove Snake Female (MGSF20) More Colubrid
Received a gold dust day gecko from these guys. It was extremely sick and had to be put down. Respiratory infection, mouth rot, blind and bruised
Rating by b***3 for CBB Gold Dust Day Geckos
I ordered my hatchlings on the 3/2/23 they did not ship until 3/5/23 it had no heat pad and was barely moving I wrote them on MorphMarket and called several time no reply hatchling started have spurs like it was having seizure flipping upside n died
Rating by f***8 for Schneider's Dwarf Caiman Smooth-Fronted Caiman
I ordered 2 red tail green rat snakes I called prior was assured that they looked well one of the animals was absolutely covered in large ticks and was drooling think secretions on arrival emailed and messaged through morphmarket…crickets
Seller has still yet to even reply to me very disappointed as I have been a repeat customer of reptile pets direct
Rating by j***1 for Red-tailed Green Rat Snake Red-Tailed Green Rat Snake
My experience with this seller was horrible. I purchased two ornate Uromastyx from this seller. Both came in sick. One died in less than 48h of arriving and was also gravid. Their animals are not well cared for. This business is not ethical.
Rating by t***p for Ornate Uromastyx Pair (AOUP03)
Ordered a female red eyed croc skink. The sales team is very responsive/helpful but not their guarantee team. My skink did not do well during shipping. She prolapsed and even after following instructions and messaging, no response 1 week later.
Rating by c***2 for Red Eye Crocodile Skink Other Skink
Poor monkey tail was frozen and starved when I received him. Emailed seller still with no response. Wanted to buy the other she had for sale just to rescue it. No response...but responded right away to my gf. He's doing great now tho, so there's that
Rating by g***s for Monkey Tailed Skink Monkey-Tailed Skink
I purchased a 1.1. Both had several mites upon arrival. Messaged seller and got no response. The female also developed a serious mouth infection within a few days.
Rating by s***s for Red Tail Green Rat Snakes Adults Red-Tailed Green Rat Snake
Ordered 2 geckos, was given wrong species, which they handled, but when I received correct species, they were wrong sex and had health issues. All were thin, and so far 1 has died in quarantine. Emailed and was told to ship all 4 back for a refund.
Rating by c***e for Peacock Day Gecko (Phelsuma Quadriocellata)
I was sold a sick animal and it died a few days later. Seller was rude and unprofessional with communication. Instead of helped i was blocked from buying later on. Working with paypal to resolve the issue. 10/10 WOULD NOT RECOMMEND BUYING FROM.
Did not reach out to seller already did a charge back, *that’s how I found out* sent photos of a mummified gecko when I reached out about the charge back.
I reached out twice and was denied or not answered twice. I have the call logs showing i reached out twice prior to chargeback.
you called the store not within store hours because we are curbside only so someone always answers.buyer did not reach out via email which was the original form of contact.
Rating by v***s for Madagascar Graceful Gecko More Gecko
Ordered and paid for 2 female carpet chameleons and multiple days later received a refund with no email as to why. When I inquired I was told they had died. Not good customer service or communication and the website still lists females in stock.....
Rating by b***e for Awesome Carpet Chameleons Other Chameleon
Animal was posted as large female ,it arrived full of stuck dried shed on it and only 780grams of weight clearly not a large female.Emeraldtree boa.
Rating by c***t for Large Healthy Emerald Tree Boa Female Northern Emerald Tree Boa