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Received my 2 purple harlequin dart frogs, all in great condition. The seller was great in communication and fast shipper.
Rating by n***8 for Purple Harlequin Toad (Atelopus Barbotini) Other Dart Frog
Great communication, shipped quickly, and was very well packaged. I even received a call from the owner prior to shipment to discuss the purchase.
Great communication, quick shipment, and well packaged. Craig did a great job answering all my questions.
Rating by g***s for Spear Point Leaf Tail Gecko Female (SPLTGF01) Leaf-Tailed Gecko
Fast response to questions baby emerald tree boa arrived today in perfect condition even shed perfectly great seller!!
Rating by e***5 for CB Emerald Tree Boa Male Baby Black Spot (BBS03) Northern Emerald Tree Boa
Received a healthy chameleon. Fast shipping, responsive customer service
Rating by d***d for Oustalets Chameleon (Furcifer Oustaleti) Other Chameleon
Amazing transaction. Great communication. Great packing and shipping. Enjoyed the buying experience so much I immediately placed another order for another uromastyx.
Rating by m***a for Ornate Uromastyx Baby Female (OBF03)
Will buy from again the snake arrived healthy
Rating by j***8 for Yellow Green Tree Python (YTP22)
this is my 1st order of a pet online and being shipped. The seller was good informing me what was needed to make this purchase. The snake is in Great health and very active getting acquainted to his new home. Thank You
Rating by j***3 for Guyana Red Tail Boa Baby Female (GBBF01) True Red-Tailed Boa Constrictor
Very healthy and bigger than I expected.
Rating by p***n for Emperor Scorpions
Arrived in great shape and packaged perfectly. I will 100% be buying from them again very soon
Rating by h***1 for Emperor Scorpions
Another great transaction with Reptile Pets Direct! They shipped the same day I placed my order and I received it the next day at my FedEx Hub. I am a repeat customer and will continue to be.
Rating by s***e for Emerald Tree Boa Baby (BETB01) Northern Emerald Tree Boa
Awesome experience buying my first biak green tree python. Buyer was fast with response time snake was packed beautiful still warm ready to go beautiful colors exactly what I seen in pictures overall 5 stars all the way around for me.
Rating by r***s for Biak Green Tree Python Yellow Female (YGTP17)
Very good communication and very healthy when arrived. Will definitely order from them again
Rating by b***n for Ornate Uromastyx Baby Male (OBM01)
Everything went well, recieved her she was package well with some heat. Good buying expirence.
Rating by i***2 for Biak Green Tree Python Yellow Female (YGTP17)
My Emperor Scorpion arrived Halloween day for my birthday 11/1! My Scorpion arrived very alert and healthy. I hope to soon breed this scorpion and help secure this amazing animal in the pet trade🦂🙌
Rating by z***6 for Emperor Scorpions
What a great experience with Reptile Pets Direct! I purchased three animals from them and they all safely arrived quickly in great condition shipped to my FedEx Hub. I will be back to buy from them again!
Rating by s***e for Biak Green Tree Python Red Female (RGTP12)
All three skinks arrived healthy,one female had even laid eggs during shipping so we shall see how those turn out! This is my 3rd purchase from this seller and it definitely won’t be the last!!
Rating by i***e for Emerald Tree Skink (Lamprolepis Smaragdina) Other Skink
Our baby girl ornate is beautiful and sweet. Having over 30 years of having lizards, wild caught lizards can be harder to acclimate but this girl is eating well and is very active. We are blessed to have her anWill buy from this store again!
Rating by e***m for Ornate Uromastyx Female (OF01)
Got exactly what I paid for. Thank you!
Rating by b***s for Dalmatian Anoles (Anolis Sabanus)
Haven’t any complaints yet
Rating by j***3 for Asian Water Monitor
Beyond five stars, as this was not only a perfect transaction, but a truly rewarding positive experience with 24 hour delivery of a species that has been off market for a year. Hatchlings were lively, healthy, frisky and curious. Highly recommended.
Rating by v***e for Ornate Nile Monitors (Varanus Ornatus)
This is my first purchase here or having an animal shipped. They were helpful and everything went well. I am so happy with my snake.
Rating by t***s for Northern White Lip Python White-Lipped Python
I had a great experience with reptile pet direct and I plan on doing more business with them.
Rating by f***2 for Emerald Tree Boa (ETB01) Northern Emerald Tree Boa
I was very pleased with the condition of the emerald I ordered and the fact that it actually looked exactly like the ad photo. The snake was packed perfectly and shipping was coordinated well to avoid dealing with potential delays due to a hurricane.
Rating by s***t for Emerald Tree Boa (ETB01) Northern Emerald Tree Boa
This was my third animal from Reptile Pets Direct. Although I didn't get a reply back from them, I purchased it anyways. High quality animals fast shipping. Smooth transaction.
Rating by b***9 for Red Bearded Dragon (RBD001) Central Bearded Dragon
While I was hesitant about ordering a reptile online- I received her the following day perfectly intact. She was responsive, healthy, and curious. I got exactly what I ordered. My only complaint is that I don't know when she hatched.
Rating by m***o for Central American Red Tail Boa Boa Constrictor
My skink arrived packaged very well and in great health, will definitely buy again
Rating by d***6 for Emerald Tree Skink (Lamprolepis Smaragdina) More Skink
Extremely caring company. Answered all my questions. Also, fast delivery.
Rating by s***e for Indian Star Tortoise CBB (IST03)
Outstanding transaction! As a first time user of Morph Market, Reptile Pets Direct answered my questions professionally and directly to the point. We love our beautiful baby Indian Star Tortoise. Will definitely buy from again. Thank you sir
Rating by s***c for C.B. Baby Indian Star Tortoise
skinks arrived alive and healthy.
Rating by n***n for Emerald Tree Skink (Lamprolepis Smaragdina) More Skink
I inquired about the geckos, seller responded very quickly and shipped the same day. The geckos were packaged well, they arrived in good condition, and were just as advertised. I would buy from them again.
Rating by e***n for CBB Gold Dust Day Geckos
High quality reptiles 100% recommended
Rating by a***8 for Socialized Crocodile Monitor 3'
Another happy transaction. This was my second star tortoise I got from the seller. The transaction went pretty smoothly. Healthy animal. Overnight delivery. Thank you.
Rating by b***9 for Indian Star Tortoise CBB (IST05)
Animals we shipped quick and arrived in good health.
Rating by i***c for Panther Anoles (Anolis Bimaculatus)
Perfect transaction from start to finish. Thank you Reptile Pets Direct!!!
Rating by 4***s for 3” Vampire Musk Turtle (Claudius Angustatus) Likely Female Mud & Musk Turtles
Received for next day shipping, beautiful animal. Thanks!
Rating by e***s for Southern White Lip Python Male. (SWLPM01) White-Lipped Python
Originally I was disappointed do to the female arriving injured. But after reporting the injury RPD quickly made it right. RPD was courteous and easy to communicate with. I would be willing to do business in the future with RPD.
Rating by m***n for Banded Tree Anoles Pair (Anolis Transversalis)
Everything was laid out the way it’s explained. Whether your a first time buyer and/or used MorphMarket to find other vendors, it’s fairly self explanatory to use. Just do your research and make sure you look up the vendor your buying from. Thumbs up
Rating by e***8 for Strawberry Dart Frogs Other Dart Frog
I received the lizards the day after I ordered them. They were healthy and beautiful. Communication was very good. I am a happy customer!
Rating by Ă©***n for Neotropical Green Anole (Anolis Biporcatus)
Great shipping time and communication Would have been nice to had been given a hatch date as this hatchling was much to young to be shipped
Rating by b***4 for Indian Star Tortoise CBB (IST04)
Beautiful dragon and super fast to reply and ship. A+!
Rating by l***6 for Bell's Angle Head Dragon (Gonocephalus Bellii) More Lizard
Cool pet shop number 1 in Texas next level seller
Rating by d***5 for Rio Grand Gold Tarantula Adult 3-4" (Aphonopelma Moderatum)
Chameleons arrived healthy and packaged well. Recommend Reptile Pets Direct
Rating by s***l for Carpet Chameleons Other Chameleon
Very happy with the transaction. It went smoothly. I placed the order today and received the tortoise the next morning. The tortoise arrived in a great shape and healthy. Packing was well beyond expectation. Would definitely buy again from the seller
Rating by b***9 for C.B. Baby Indian Star Tortoise
Love my tree frogs!!
Rating by l***n for Snowflake Whites Tree Frog White's Tree Frog
The where great got back to me fast and answered all my questions. I received my black dragon and could not be happier with it . Even after I received it he reached out to me and said if u need any help or any questions please feel free and text .
Rating by j***6 for Black Dragon Water Monitor
Great seller, monitor arrived as described.
Rating by j***4 for Blue Tree Monitor Male
It is always a great experience buying from Reptile Pets Direct. They offer fast shipping, affordable pricing and healthy reptiles. I highly recommend.
Rating by d***3 for Mossy Leaf Tailed Gecko (Uroplatus Sameiti) (Mlgsm01) Leaf-Tailed Gecko
My first time purchasing a snake online…it was a great experience and I will be ordering again….green tree python was healthy and had nice weight on him/her
Rating by t***1 for Baby Sorong Green Tree Python (SBGTP02)