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SKB Exotics specializes in Colubrid, Boa, Python, and Gecko species from all around the world. Offering quality healthy captive bred reptiles. Bringing a little piece of nature into your home. I have had a love for reptiles since i was a kid and it has only grown stronger throughout the years. Whether we are buying new additions for our collection or selling animals that we produced. Our goal is to make it a flawless experience and hopefully build some friendships along the way.

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Store Policy

SKB Exotics Store policy:

We assume if you have placed an order you have read and agree to our TOS.

These Terms of Sale govern the sale of all reptiles sold by SKB Exotics. By agreeing to purchase a reptile from SKB Exotics , you the customer agree to the following terms:


SKB Exotics accepts PayPal and will not ship reptiles before they are paid in full. Customers can hold a snake/gecko with a 25% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit with the remaining balance due within 30 calendar days on animals over $300. Should Customer's snake become ill or die during the 30-day period, SKB Exotics will provide the customer with a full refund. If, for any reason the customer fails to pay the balance prior to the 30-day period expiring, the customer will forfeit their 25% deposit and SKB Exotics will return any additional funds that have been paid towards the animal. Depending on the circumstances SKB Exotics may apply forfeited deposits as a one year store credit towards a future purchase for the customer.


Unless otherwise noted, all snakes will be in perfect health/condition and will not have any history of internal or external parasites, respiratory infections, prolapses, or kinks. If there is a health issue that has been overlooked the buyer will provide photos of the problem within 48 hrs of receiving the animal. The customer is responsible for quarantining all new specimens for a sufficient period of time. SKB Exotics will not be responsible for the alleged or actual death or illness of any other animals in your collection. The customer agrees that he or she has the knowledge, ability and experience necessary to properly care for the specific reptile being purchased. SKB Exotics will take reasonable steps to provide after-sale support and advice, but cannot guarantee that customer's new reptile will thrive due to differences in husbandry practices. All reptiles sold will be eating on a regular basis. Snakes sometimes can go off food as a result of the stress of shipping or being placed in a new environment. This is usually nothing to worry about and with the right environment provided they should transition very easily with a little time.


Shipping within the United States is not included in the price of the reptile, unless stated otherwise. SKB Exotics ships via FedEx priority overnight through Reptiles Express and requires that snakes be held for pickup at the nearest FedEx staffed ship center. SKB Exotics will delay shipping if weather conditions will jeopardize the health of the reptile(s).


SKB Exotics guarantees live arrival, provided that the customer complies with all of the following requirements:

1. The customer must pick up the package within (4) hours of FedEx making it available for pick up;

2. The customer must notify SKB Exotics of any problems within two (2) hours of receiving the package.

3. The customer must provide SKB Exotics with photos of the problem/deceased animal(s).

Should a reptile arrive deceased, and the customer satisfies the above requirements, SKB Exotics will provide the customer with a full refund. If the customer insists that SKB Exotics ships directly to his or her door, or if hold for pickup is not an option, live arrival is not guaranteed.


SKB Exotics guarantees that animals that are sold as “sexed” animals will be accurately sexed. In the event an animal is mis-sexed, the customer must provide written notification to SKB Exotics within two weeks of receiving the animal. After the expiration of the two week period, SKB Exotics will no longer be responsible for any mis-sexed animals.

MorphMarket's Default Store Policy specifies any terms which have not been overridden by this Seller's stated policy.

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