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John Zillmer

Oxford, WI 53952, USA

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I am a long-time reptile and amphibian hobbyist and breeder in the sand county region of central Wisconsin. Keeping a small but very diverse collection, I tend to prefer 'wild-type' animals rather than captive morphs or designer animals.

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Store Policy

All purchasing arrangements will be conducted by documented means (email, private messaging). I do not conduct online transactions by phone or text message.

Payment accepted via PayPal ‘Goods and Services’ only. I do not add PayPal fees to the quoted cost of animals.

I ship live animals only by FedEx Overnight service. In order to help avoid fraud through establishing the identity of a buyer, I ship only to the buyer's listed PayPal name and address. When shipping to a FedEx Ship Center for buyer pickup, buyers can confirm their identity with a drivers license or other government issued ID.

Shipping costs, whether actual or flat rate, will be quoted before purchase. Quoted shipping costs include all PayPal fees, packaging, heat/cold/Phase packs, handling, delivery to FedEx, etc. Shipping costs are not refundable for any reason.

If sold as sexed, all animals are guaranteed to be properly sexed according to the indicators listed below. Buyer is responsible for confirming the sex of all animals within 24 hours and notifying me by email ([email protected] ) of any discrepancies. The sex of animals described as ‘probable male/female’, ‘probable pair’, and like terms is not guaranteed.

I determine the sex of snakes by a variety of methods based on the most reliable indicator for each species:

Hognose: sub caudal scale count -- males >40; females <37
Rosy boas: males, cloacal spurs visible with 30x loupe; females, no visual spurs
Milk snakes, kingsnakes: hemipenal popping, confirmed by probing when size/age permits
Rainbow boas: probing -- males, >7 scales; females <6 scales

Geckos are sexed based on the presence of distinctly visible preanal pores and hemipenal bulge in males, and absence of those structures in females.

All animals are guaranteed to arrive alive and in outwardly good health. Buyer is responsible for notifying me by email ([email protected]) of any DOA or apparently unhealthy animals within one hour of receipt (as noted on FedEx delivery records). Multiple clear photos of dead or unhealthy animals are required, and in some circumstances the return of DOA animals will be required. I will work with the buyer on compensation for animals received in an unhealthy condition or DOA, up to and including a refund of the purchase price of the animal.

I make a boxing video of all animals and packaging before delivery to FedEx to identify animals and to document packaging. I recommend that the buyer does the same upon receipt.

If not notified of any issues within 24 hours of receipt, I will assume the transaction to be concluded.

MorphMarket's Default Store Policy specifies any terms which have not been overridden by this Seller's stated policy.

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