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Jan 03, 2021
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Canadian snake keeper & hobbyist since 2006, mostly focused on smaller pythons and boas that are enjoyable to keep. Growing up I was fascinated not only by the unique body & appearance of snakes but also by their interesting movements, behaviours and the variety of temperaments. A couple of over-priced single gene Ball Pythons were some of my first snakes back in 2007, I still keep and enjoy the species although I don't closely follow the 'industry' as it exists today. I also keep Caye Caulker Island & Sonoran Desert boas, and a couple of Rosy boas. Occasionally I have other species as visitors to see how I like them and to consider them as permanent residents of Serpens, or simply to bring in new species and more variety to where I live without the specific intention of reproducing them myself.

I enjoy interacting with my snakes, and ones that live here long term typically have a laid-back demeanour, tolerate handling very well and some snakes seem to demand my attention when they see me going about my day. I also like providing my snakes with various useful and simple features in their habitats to encourage them to display more natural behaviours, as it not only leads to them becoming more active and showing interest in their environment but also results in them being more enjoyable to have in the home. Enrichment provides value to both the kept snake and the human keeper, for me it's important not only for raising our husbandry standards to a higher level but also for making the act of keeping a snake interesting and enjoyable for both. Spending time with my snakes and observing the way they interact with both their environment and with myself, getting to know each one and watching them grow, developing a new view of the world around them has always been a great joy to me. I hope it is for you as well, or will be soon!

Inquiries from people new to snakes are welcome - I do not mind working with first time owners and answering questions, offering advice or providing suggestions & links to resources. I love and prefer working with pet owners, hobbyists, small batch breeders... anyone with focus and dedication to the well-being of the snakes they keep is most welcome here at Serpens.

Store Policy
HEALTH & HUSBANDRY - All snakes listed are eating frozen/thawed prey, free from mites and in good health. Snakes are housed in PVC enclosures or lidded bins with access to hide boxes and clutter for security, substrate to burrow in, branches and other objects to interact with, most have humid hides as well. If housed in inadequate or very minimal setups that don't provide them with the features they regularly use, the stress of not having their needs met may lead snakes to struggle and fail to thrive. I can't offer any guarantees if the buyer's husbandry practices are too restrictive. I may refuse a sale if I feel that it would be detrimental to the well-being of the snake.

PAYMENT & PAYMENT PLANS - Price listed is for the snake only, paid through Interact E-transfer for Canadian buyers, bank payment (ACH) or payment for buyers outside Canada and must be paid in full before they can leave my possession. A 25% non-refundable deposit of the total cost (including shipping) is required to put a snake on hold with a payment plan for up to 90 days. In the event that payment plan terms are not met before the deadline or are cancelled, the snake will remain here and the buyer will receive a refund of what they paid minus the deposit. In the unfortunate event that the snake perishes or falls ill in my care before they can be delivered to the buyer, I will issue a full refund of the purchase price including the deposit. No compensation will be provided if the snake should perish or fall ill during delivery as a result of the buyers actions; for example giving me an incorrect address, or not accepting delivery when the courier arrives. I'll do my best to prevent those scenarios whenever possible, however I do need buyers to correctly do their part and work with me to ensure the snake arrives safely.

CANADA PICKUP & DELIVERY - Pickup available in the Comox Valley for no extra cost. Transportation costs when necessary or requested are to be paid for by the buyer. Delivery via courier may be possible to cities on Vancouver Island for a small fee, ask for more details if interested. Canada-wide shipping through Reptile Express is available to locations they service as long as the weather allows, I do not ship when temperatures over 30°C on either side. See for more information and where they deliver, prices generally range around $55-$135 depending on distance from British Columbia. You can send me your postal code for a free quote. Know that snakes over 1000 grams cost a little extra to ship as they require larger shipping boxes. If you are not able to be home to receive the snake, the box can be held at a Fedex hub for pickup.

USA / EUROPE / ASIA EXPORT & SHIPPING - Reptile Express International offers their services as a professional import/export broker to the United States, and select European & Asia countries. Run by some great people, I have used them before and both myself and my customers have been very happy with the service. Please see the following websites for detailed information about costs and shipping dates:

If you have further questions regarding these policies, or about husbandry and behaviour/temperament for a particular snake or species, feel free to message me as I'm happy to discuss. I enjoy snake talk and I'm here to offer support before, during and after you receive one from me.

Effective January 15, 2021, MorphMarket's Default Store Policy specifies any terms which have not been overridden by this Seller's stated policy.