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Extremely satisfied with this purchase! Not many animals with these genetics and size are available and I was weary of who to buy from. Florida Reptile Ranch was able to make feel comfortable moving forward with this beauty!! Thank you.
Rating by r***1 for Pied Het Clown PH Ghost- Female Ball Python ($2,000.00)
Awesome snake, Great seller AAA+++
Thanks so much, Ryan!!!
Rating by s***s for Pinstripe Clown Pied Ball Python ($4,050.00)
Great to work with!
Thanks Jake! Pleasure doing business with you.
Rating by j***w for Mandarin Fire Ball Python ($1,500.00)
Received limited information regarding snake purchase. Felt like customer inconvenienced the seller by asking about important purchase that was going to be part of family. When asked about feeding, owner was defensive. Only positive is quick refund.
Other snake sellers beware of this buyer. He became rude and exasperated when we couldn't promise that the snake wouldn't bite him. It was clear that he was going to be an issue- so- we refunded his money immediately and canceled the transaction.
Rating by m***7 for White Wedding Ball Python ($350.00)
No issues or concerns. I look forward to getting this boy into rotation
Rating by t***l for Triple Het Ultramel Pied Albino Ball Python ($175.00)
Everything was so smoothe and the snake is beyond what I was expecting thank you so much I 100% recommend
Thanks for your kind words Rizel, good luck with everything!
Rating by t***s for Toffee Ball Python ($325.00)
Seller was very kind throughout the process and the snake arrived in good conditions. Very happy with my first reptile!!
Rating by r***r for Pied Yellow Belly Ball Python ($300.00)
Great people
Thanks for your business and for being a great customer!
Rating by g***2 for Banana Pinstripe Yellowbelly Ball Python ($150.00)
I received my snake as purchased and in great condition.
Rating by g***6 for Bumblebee Banana Ball Python ($150.00)
Seller was responsive and answered the questions I had. Smooth transaction and most of all, I am happy with the snake. Will definitely be coming back.
Rating by k***g for Killer Clown Ball Python ($350.00)
The seller is amazing and all the ball pythons I received were all very healthy. Sellers communication was excellent. Will definitely be returning thank you!!
Rating by s***s for Highway Ball Python ($300.00)
The seller is amazing and all the ball pythons I received were all very healthy. Sellers communication was excellent. Will definitely be returning thank you!!
Thanks Son! You've been a pleasure to work with :)
Rating by s***s for Poss Het Lavender Albino Ball Python ($25.00)
The seller is amazing and all the ball pythons I received were all very healthy. Sellers communication was excellent. Will definitely be returning thank you!!
Rating by s***s for Banana Ball Python ($100.00)
Awesome snake!! Great sale and I am happy to have this guy!!!
We are so glad you love your snake. Thanks for your Business!
Rating by r***e for Highway Ball Python ($300.00)
Gorgeous snake ... great people to deal with, smooth transaction...
Thanks for the kind words, Larry. It was a pleasure doing business with you.
Rating by l***y for Albino Pied Ball Python ($450.00)
Beautiful healthy snake and fast shipping thank you.
Thank you for doing business with us, Brandy. We're glad you like your snake!
Rating by b***1 for Banana Pied Pastel Ball Python ($488.29)
Great ball python and great seller! 👍
Rating by s***8 for DH Albino Clown Ball Python ($136.36)
Great snake. Great communication. Great experience in general. Thank you guys. I would definitely buy from these guys again.
Thanks Jim, it was a pleasure working with you.
Rating by j***a for Banana Pied Ball Python ($407.54)
My snake is everything and more than what was pictured. I’m beyond impressed.
Thanks so much Nellie! It was great working with you :) Enjoy your snake.
Rating by k***s for Pastel Albino Pied Ball Python ($990.00)
This snake is huge! He's bigger than expected, but just as beautiful as his pictures. I was able to pick this guy up last weekend and I can't wait until he's out of quarantine. Mike's an awesome guy, would recomend.
Hi Nora, thanks for being a great customer. We're glad you love your snake!
Rating by c***a for Superpastel Calico Ball Python ($190.44)
Amazing snake. He will be a great addition to my breeding projects. Transaction was smooth and great communication. Great sellers! Thank you again!
Awesome to work with you. Appreciate your business
Rating by c***a for Mojave GHI Ball Python ($356.00)
Already settled in, great temperament and in awesome condition!
Appreciate you! Thanks!
Rating by m***1 for Banana Enchi Ball Python ($179.00)
Beautiful snake, healthy and plump! Will be buying from them again!
Awesome to work with you!
Rating by j***z for Banana Pinto Pied Ball Python ($850.00)
My experience was top-notch! Michael answered all my questions and shipped the snake right away. I received a perfectly healthy and good-looking YB Piebald. The packaging was excellent as well. Thank you.
Thank you for your review and your business! It was a pleasure working with you.
Rating by r***y for Pied Yellow Belly Ball Python ($425.00)
Great customer service. My candy python was great. Arrived safely. Healthy. Feeds weekly and has already shed. Very healthy animal. Eats like a champ. I will definitely buy again from the florida reptile ranch they have high quality exotic visual.
Thank you so much for your kind review. It was a pleasure doing business with you :)
Rating by j***a for Candy Ball Python ($325.00)
animal was exported by a private company and arrived safe and ate within 2 days of arriving. super excited to see this powerhouse female grow!!
Awesome to work with you. Appreciate the patience while we were sick and packing up a house to move!
Rating by j***s for Clown Pied Het Ghost Ball Python ($7,000.00)
Awesome animal! Thanks!
You're welcome, it was a pleasure doing business with you.
Rating by r***s for Clown DH Ghost Pied- Male Ball Python ($3,000.00)
Solid transaction - friendly and timely communication, zero drama, amazing animals. Will definitely do business again with Mike!
Thanks so much for your feedback. It was a pleasure doing business with you.
Rating by b***r for 1.2 Candino Pied Ball Python ($4,500.00)
beautiful snake, fair price, held on to the snake for an extra week so the snake could be shipped in safer weather. Good service 👍🏼
Hey Matt, thanks for your feedback. It was nice doing business with you.
Rating by m***s for Clown Pied Ball Python ($3,900.00)
Perfect packing and beautiful ball python
Thanks. It was a pleasure doing business with you.
Rating by r***s for Pied Mojave Pastel Ball Python ($550.00)
Everything was great from negotiation down to packaging and 1 day shipping
Rating by k***s for Pied Banana Pastel Ball Python ($475.00)
Absolutely awesome seller amazing snakes definitely recommend and absolutely would do business with again
Rating by g***8 for Albino Pied Enchi Ball Python ($800.00)
Absolutely gorgeous animal. So much better than I was expecting
Rating by a***d for Pied DH Albino Clown- Male Ball Python ($1,000.00)
Amazing service! The python is just as pretty as pictured! Communication was amazing and I had him home with me the next morning! Highly recommend!
Rating by k***n for Pied Banana LW Ball Python ($450.00)
It was a pleasure doing business with Mr. Freedman and The Florida Reptile Ranch. I will definitely be doing business with them in the future. Thanks again Mike.
Rating by c***4 for Clown Pied- Male Ball Python ($3,500.00)
Unexpectedly stunning animal. So much prettier in person. There was a minor snag during shipping but he was on the phone with me and helping me every step through it. I couldn’t be happier.
Rating by a***d for Albino Pied Het Clown Ball Python ($3,000.00)
Received the animal he is healthy and beautiful!
Rating by s***6 for Pastel Albino Pied Ball Python ($900.00)
Trusted vendor! Highly recommend
Rating by 2***1 for Pastel Albino Pied Ball Python ($900.00)
The snake is absolutely beautiful and healthy. Communication was perfect. I’m extremely impressed with shipping. He was packaged so well and still warm even with winter shipping. Thank you so much!
Rating by a***d for Cypress YB Ball Python ($600.00)
Very nice snake
Rating by m***s for Super Black Pastel Ball Python ($700.00)
Absolutely love the snake I bought! Super excited about the future now. Thank you Mike. I needed this! I'd buy again
Rating by s***l for Mandy Fire Ball Python ($2,500.00)
Awesome friendly service and very quick response when making inquiries. Beautiful baby pied ball python arrived on time and is gorgeous and ofc healthy. Thanks so much
Rating by t***e for Pied Ball Python ($300.00)
Good communication. Snake is healthy and as described. Excellent packing. seriously, better than most. Great people to work with!
Rating by m***n for Highway Ball Python ($1,500.00)
Ended up picking a different snake from seller. Transaction was very smooth and delivery was as expected. Snake was healthy I would recommend!
Rating by s***6 for Pied Pastel Ball Python ($350.00)
Healthy snake delivered in a reasonable amount of time.
Rating by d***n for Pied Ball Python ($300.00)
During weekends it may be a bit difficult to get ahold of Mike, but he is a good guy and has incredible snake! I didn’t end up purchasing the Mojave inferno, but I did purchase his vanilla inferno. Great snake, fair price, and excellent breeder.
Rating by p***s for Inferno Mojave Ball Python ($1,200.00)
I've always had good to doing business with The Florida Reptile Ranch!
Rating by a***5 for Gravel Ball Python ($350.00)
Great snakes and a great seller. Will do business again.
Rating by r***k for Pied Ball Python ($300.00)
The snake I purchased was in excellent health and over all condition. Working with Florida Reptile Ranch was an absolute pleasure. All of my questions answered very quickly. With the quality of animals and customer service, I would highly recommend t
Rating by j***l for Mojave Albino Pied Ball Python ($1,000.00)
Best experience and quality python, answered all my questions I had.
Rating by v***0 for Pied Banana Ball Python ($350.00)