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Dan Sutherland

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Colette and Dan have been keeping and breeding various species of reptiles and amphibians for over 30 years together. During this time we have endeavored to produce quality animals for our customers. We strive for only the best in customer satisfaction. Were breeders so offspring sold here are produced by us. We run a clean operation and only family members work with our snakes. NO MITES here! We look forward to meeting you soon.

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Store Policy

Now that the holidays and winter are upon us we will be unable to ship until after the first of the year and only when weather permits. WE ONLY SHIP WITH UPS. We are an approved Reptile Shipper with UPS. Nothing sneaky going on they know we are shipping snakes. Yes, I know it says on their site that they do not accept snakes, with that being said there are a few well-known reptile shippers that have obtained APPROVAL to ship with UPS.
When you want a HOLD FOR PICK UP with UPS it must be at held at a UPS CUSTOMER CENTER. You can go to https://www.ups.com/dropoff/ then put in your Zip Code where it says NEAR. Select SEE ALL OPTIONS, then Open Location Type and check the box for UPS CUSTOMER CENTER. Then push the FIND button and you will have a list of places that will hold for pick up. Select the one that will work the best for you. Click on the location and view their pick up hours. Then copy the whole address and send it to us for your shipping location and be sure to tell us it is a HOLD FOR PICK UP. Address should look like this below.
573 N 1500 W, OREM, UT, 84057-2817
It is your responsibility to send us the correct delivery address. We will also need your Phone Number and personal EMAIL for tracking information to be sent to you. Your Morph Market account will not work for email tracking information.
We only ship Monday, Tuesday or Wednesdays. During the heavy shipping season we try to avoid Monday shipping.
We only ship when weather permits safe shipping.
Lastly please do not ask us to ship FedEx.

Deposits are only taken on purchases of $ 500.00 or more. ALL deposits are NON REFUNDABLE. All Payments towards your purchase are NON REFUNDABLE. When we reserve an animal for you we are saying to others it is not available. When you back out of a commitment we must re market that animal and others that were previously interested have by that time moved on to something else. Therefore all payments are NON REFUNDABLE.

Full payment is required before shipping. We accept Visa, MC, Amex & PayPal. Tax is due on all Utah state sales. Please note on all PayPal transactions the shipping address must match the address that we are shipping to unless the package is being held for pick up. This means if you have moved, you need to make sure you have changed your information in PayPal.
Please DO NOT request an invoice if you are not planning on completing your purchase. I know that sounds crazy, but you would not believe how many people do not follow through with their purchase. Payment on invoice is due within 24 hours of the invoice being sent to you. On many of our animals we receive multiple inquires when you are sent an invoice it must be paid within those 24hrs otherwise the animal will be offered to the next person in line.

Payment plans are available on purchases of $ 500.00 or more and require a NON REFUNDABLE deposit of 25% and payments of at least 25% every 15 days. We have found if people do not make a payment every two weeks they do not follow through with their commitment.
Example: $500 purchase total with shipping
Jan 1st $125.00
Jan 15th $125.00
Jan 30th 125.00
Feb 14th 125.00

We Guarantee Live Arrival when we approve the shipping time and you are there to receive the animal in person. If you are not there to receive the animal, then you have no guarantee.
While UPS does all it can to deliver on time sometimes there are shipping delays. They DO NOT offer late arrival refunds. Please do not ask for a refund of shipping costs when the animal is late.

We take great pride in our animals and our reputation. We have been in the reptile business for over 30 years. We try to send out only the best animals. We do NOT have MITES. You will not get MITES from us. Nor will our boxes be sprayed with any mite spray when shipping as we do not have mites. We guarantee that upon arrival your snake will be OUTWARDLY healthy. This means it will move and look normal. We are not responsible for internal issues that may arise. We cannot see inside the snake to know if it will have heart, stomach, liver or other problems. Unfortunately after it is in your care we cannot be responsible for issues that may arise. People drop, crush, overheat and let food items hurt their animals all too often. So please be sure when you receive your snake you check it out and if you notice something wrong let us know in the first FOUR hours of receiving the animal. We do not sell animals that do not eat. All animals will have feed several times before you receive them. They should eat fine for you but sometimes they do not because of different surroundings or care. We are not responsible for them not eating in your care, but we will do our best to help you be successful.

PLEASE NOTE, if you MUST have the snake eating frozen thawed, please notify us at the time of purchase and we will gladly work on switching the snake over for you.

MorphMarket's Default Store Policy specifies any terms which have not been overridden by this Seller's stated policy.

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