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We work with morphs that excite us. Much of our investment has gone to acquiring top notch morphs from trusted breeders. Trusted by all or trusted by us, we still have our proving practices. We believe in disclosure. Our collections page on our website will host our breeder animals in full detail for reference and your animals parents will be able to be found there. Use your pets identifier to locate its parents. If you are having trouble, reference our identifiers page on our website. If you return next season and info has been added, that is because we learned something. This is Joe's personal touch on the hobby.


The animals that I breed and care for come first. I am extremely happy to do business with anyone who reaches out to me. We have a STOWAWAY PRACTICE that we sometimes will implement for customers. We will always ask and try to make these make sense w/ your current projects. FUN!!

The genetics that I list are the genetics that I know. I have put years of my life into studying genetics and the last year alone probably doubled that. If you notice in the future that I’ve made a mistake please bring it to my attention. I will have likely already figured it out for myself but I welcome the data. We strive to get things right. If we have something wrong, please reach out and educate us. We welcome this wholeheartedly because getting things right is the goal. Being perfect is not. Respectful exchanges only.

Projects we work with: Clowns, Jokers, Pacific Greens, G Project, Firebolds, Ciphers, Bandits, Bolds, Stripes, Bloods, Red Diamonds & Tangerine Tornados.

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I am perfectly willing to HOLD an animal for you w/ a 30% down payment for 30 days at which point you forfeit this down payment unless we negotiate beforehand. I can't stress this next part enough. The first person to put the down payment, will be the person who I hold the animal for. I only write this b/c I've had a few angry people on here who stalled putting the down payment and they were upset when the animal sold. These animals are NOT yours until they are. Please take this into consideration.

My prices are my offers. I will negotiate at times but I already have an offer on the table. Don’t ask me my lowest price on an animal. That price is listed. Make an offer.

I don’t have a no refund and return policy. If you are not happy with something I sold you within reason and can prove that you didn’t do any damage to the animal I will likely buy it back from you. Shipping is always at your expense. Buying from me is safe. I will be honest.

I choose to keep my opinion on this to myself however I will not sell to or buy from anyone who knowingly breeds animals with ailments. I also will not disrespect these people as it is their burden to bear. It simply isn't going to be my problem. You will only buy healthy animals from me.

I get a lot of inquiries per animal that I list. If we are negotiating, I will let you know if I have a higher bid. I will typically not decide on these right away if it isn't the price I listed. I AM IN NO HURRY. I ship Tuesday and Wednesday so I'll usually decide over the weekend.

MorphMarket's Default Store Policy specifies any terms which have not been overridden by this Seller's stated policy.

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“Having never bought a reptile online, Joe was very patient, quick to respond, and talked me through the entire process. He clearly cares about the animals, making sure it was warm enough to safely send my gecko who was exactly as described. Thanks!!”


“Joe waited to ship a few days until the storms in his area passed. Smart move. I had several geckos held up a day and worried about them. This one was a one day travel. I'm happy with it.”



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