The Bamboo Ball Python is a colour and pattern altering mutation that can be easily told apart from a Normal Ball Python by the extremely washed away colours and heavy blushing that covers the dorsal stripe.

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The head of a Bamboo Ball Python is usually topped with a light tan crown with a slight stamp. Around the crown, bright blushing can be displayed, most commonly around the rear of the head.


The body of the Bamboo Ball Python is usually dominated by its serrated dorsal stripe, with bubble-like “alien heads” between. Dorsal stripes are usually a brighter shade than that of the alien heads. The body’s colour can range from dark browns to light syrup-like golds, usually with high contrast.


The tail of the Bamboo Ball Python is usually dominated by a bright, jagged dorsal stripe.

Proven Lines

No known proven lines.


  • Blue-Eyed Lucy (Bam/But) (Bamboo Butter)
  • Blue-Eyed Lucy (Bam/Les) (Bamboo Lesser)
  • Blue-Eyed Lucy (Bam/Moj) (Bamboo Mojave)
  • Blue-Eyed Lucy (Bam/Rus) (Bamboo Russo)
  • Aquila (Bamboo Enchi)
  • Bambee (Bamboo Spider)

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