First Produced By: TSK Inc.

First Produced In: 2000 [1]

Availability: Common

Last Updated: 2021-10-13

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The Mojave Ball Python is both a colour and pattern altering morph that is easily recognisable by intense flaming and the “keyhole” structure of the “alien heads” usually found in a Normal Ball Pythons. The name Mojave comes from the location it was first discovered and bred, on the West coast is the Mojave.


The Mojave ball python was first reproduced in captivity in 2000 by The Snake Keeper (TSK). They had aquired the orginal Mojave from a local wholesaler in '99. [2]



The head of a Mojave Ball Python is usually dark brown/ black, occasionally with very slight fading on its crown and the usual, but brighter yellow, stripes through the eyes.


The body of Mojave Ball Python is covered in a “keyhole” pattern, where the “alien heads” of a Normal Ball Python usually show two “eyes”, the Mojaves consist of one. The colouration normally exhibits various shades of browns and intense yellows over a greyish body, with deep blacks the whole way through.


The Belly of a Mojave Ball Python is usually completely white and lacking any showing if patterns, though dark “tracks” can sometimes be exhibited.


The tail of the Mojave Ball Python usually comes to an end following the thick dorsal stripe and bright flames up the sides.

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