First Produced By: Ralph Davis Reptiles

Aliases: Butter

First Produced In: 2001 [1]

Availability: Common

Last Updated: 2021-12-03

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The Lesser ball python is an Inc-Dominant mutation that varies in appearance from one individual to another. Some express bright yellows and light browns, whereas others can show dark brown and cream colouration.


Ralph Davis bred what was named at the time, the “Platinum Daddy” in the fall of 2000 to several normal females.

When the clutches hatched, Ralph realised there were normal looking offspring and offspring that resembled the “Platinum” father.

As the patterning was not nearly as faded as their father, he named them “Lesser Platinums”

In 2003 Ralph paired a “Lesser” x Phantoms and produced Normals, Phantoms, Lessers and Blue Eyed Leucistics. By 2004, Ralph had produced Lessers from breeding the original Platinum male to normal females, as well as offspring to Normals, leading Ralph to understand that this was an Incomplete Dominant mutation. Around this time, Davis paired a Lesser x Normal looking sibling and produced Lessers, Normals and “Platinum Daddys”.

Ralph now had a suspicion that the original Platinum Daddy was carrying a “hidden gene”, which he believed was behind the hypo look to these animals.[2]



The head of a Lesser Ball Python is usually completely covered by a light brown colour, with a slight spot of blushing towards the neck.


The body of the Lesser Ball Python is normally covered in high amounts of blushing along its usually black, “puzzle” pattern, between bright yellow and orange “alien heads”. Blushing ranges from slightly dark brown to bright tan and mellow oranges.


The Lesser Ball Python tends to have a clean and crisp belly, with very little, if any, markings.


The tail of the Lesser Ball Python usually expresses heavy blushing and follows the colourations of the rest of the body.

Proven Lines


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  • Blue-Eyed Lucy (Les/Rus) (Lesser Russo)
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  • Baja (Enchi Lesser Genetic Stripe)
  • Emperor Pin (Lesser Pastel Pinstripe)
  • Emperor Pinstripe (Lesser Pastel Pinstripe)
  • Floma (Fire Lesser Woma)
  • Karma (Lesser Phantom)
  • King Pin (Lesser Pinstripe)
  • King Spin (Lesser Pinstripe Spider)
  • Kingpin (Lesser Pinstripe)
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  • Lesser Platinum (Het Daddy Lesser)
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  • Platiator (Het Daddy Lesser Pastel Pinstripe)
  • Platinum (Het Daddy Lesser)
  • Platty Daddy (Het Daddy Lesser)
  • Queen Bee (Lesser Pastel Spider)
  • Queen Pin (Lesser Pastel Pinstripe)
  • Queen Spin (Lesser Pastel Pinstripe Spider)
  • Quint (Black Pastel Lesser Pastel Pinstripe Spider)
  • Red Spectrum (Granite Hidden Gene Woma Lesser Pastel Yellow Belly)
  • Silver Surfer (Super Pastel Black Pastel Lesser Ghost)
  • Soul Sucker (Hidden Gene Woma Lesser)
  • Stinging Bumble Bee (Enchi Lesser Spider)
  • Stingless Bee (Enchi Lesser Spider)
  • Super Emperor (Super Pastel Lesser Pinstripe)

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