First Produced By: EB Noah

Aliases: Champ

Issues: Light to Severe Wobble, Lethal Super

First Produced In: 2005 [1]

Availability: Common

Last Updated: 2022-06-02

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The Champagne Ball Python is a colour and pattern altering mutation that can be easily told apart from a Normal Ball Python by the extreme washed away pattern and dark browns and golds that cover the entire animal.

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The Champagne Ball Python (and other morphs) has a genetic disorder referred to in the hobby as a “wobble”. “Wobbles” can range from almost unnoticeable to worryingly severe on an individual basis and is one of the most highly debated and controversial topics in the reptile world, with many experienced breeders and keepers on both sides of the debate. While all Champagne Ball Pythons “wobble” to a degree, extreme cases are rare and most will live a normal life. “Wobbles” are often more noticeable during feeding and agitation and can be affected by stress and husbandry.

  • Champagne Sable are difficult to hatch and display a severe wobble.
  • Champagne Hidden Gene Woma display a severe wobble.
  • Champagne Spotnose display a severe wobble.
  • Champagne Spider is Lethal.

Super Champagne



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The head of a Champagne Ball Python is usually topped with a dark crown with a slight stamp near the neck. Around the crown, bright blushing can be displayed, most commonly around the nostrils and the rear of the head.


The body of the Champagne Ball Python is usually dominated by its misshapen dorsal stripe, with slight, heavily faded markings of ring-shaped “alien heads” between. Dorsal stripes are usually a brighter shade than that of the alien heads. The body’s colour can range from dark browns to light syrup-like golds.


The belly of a Champagne Ball Python is usually bright white and free of markings and pattern, giving it a high contrast compared to its body.


The tail of the Champagne Ball Python is usually dominated by a bright dorsal stripe.



Champagne Ball Pythons sometimes show visual ‘paradoxes’ such as unusually placed markings or blotches of discolored scales. Champagne Ball Pythons seem to have offspring that show this trait more frequently than most other morphs in what is referred to as a ‘ringer’, where a ring or patch of scales is different to what it should be, considering our current understanding of their biology.

Proven Lines

No known proven lines.

Related Traits

Black Head, Spider, Hidden Gene Woma, Cypress (suspected), Bongo (suspected), Woma (suspected), Spotnose Complex (suspected)


  • Black Pewterpagne (Black Pastel Champagne Pastel)
  • Buttery Nipple (Butter Champagne Ghost)
  • Gray Matter (Super Cinnamon Champagne)
  • Grey Matter (Super Cinnamon Champagne)
  • Mimosa (Champagne Ghost)
  • Mojito (Champagne Mojave Ghost)
  • Nuclear Champagne (Butter Champagne Fire)
  • Perignon (Champagne Spotnose)
  • Pewterpagne (Champagne Cinnamon Pastel)
  • Saffron (Champagne Sable)

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