First Produced By: BHB Reptiles

First Produced In: 1999 [1]

Availability: Common

Last Updated: 2022-07-13

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The Chocolate Ball Python is both a colour and pattern altering morph that is easily recognisable by deep colouration and the “keyhole” structure of the “alien heads”.

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The head of a Chocolate Ball Python is usually dark brown/ black, occasionally with a very slight headstamp on the rear of its crown.


The Chocolate Ball Python is a darker colored snake. Like a normal, the background color is generally black. However, the patterning on the snake is much darker, with a chocolate-like brown appearance.


The tail of the Chocolate Ball Python is usually dominated by a thick dorsal stripe.

Proven Lines


  • First Produced By: Randy Remington (24967)
  • First Produced In: 2010

In 2001, Randy Remington found the original Garcia line chocolate female as a near adult at Reptilian Haven in Denver, Colorado. She may have been an import but ate well. After several years of failed breeding attempts, in 2007 she was sent to Daniel Garcia on a breeding loan and proved genetic. In 2010, Marshall Van Thorre produced what appeared to be super/homozygous Garcias and as they looked like the BHB line super chocolate they became the “Garcia line chocolates”. [2]

Bell Line

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  • Camouflage (Super Chocolate Pinstripe)
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