Shadow by Southern Star Reptiles
Shadow by Southern Star Reptiles


    First Produced By: Southern Star Reptiles

    First Produced In: 2014

    Availability: Average

    Last Updated: 2023-06-21

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    We purchased a male Chocolate (possible Super Chocolate) in 2013. In 2014, we bred that animal to a Lesser female and produced Lesser Chocolates and Lesser something else (now called Shadow). The original male turned out to be a super form Chocolate Shadow.

    Southern Star Reptiles has been working with the gene since 2014 and has proven it to be a separate gene. The original Shadow Lesser came from an animal purchased as a Chocolate (possible Super Chocolate). The original animal turned out to be a Shadow Chocolate, a super form, and produced either Chocolate or Shadow animals. Since then, we have produced the single gene by itself and a super version that is distinctly different than the original Chocolate Shadow or any Super Chocolate.

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    Dark with a highlight at the back of the head


    Dark with black outlines around the pattern and granite in the pattern.





    Proven Lines

    No known proven lines


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    Chocolate Lesser Shadow by Southern Star Reptiles

    Chocolate Lesser Shadow by Southern Star Reptiles

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