First Produced By: Sweball [1]

First Produced In: 2002

Availability: Common

Last Updated: 2022-03-21

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The Enchi Ball Python is a colour and pattern altering morph, which subtly increases the orange colouration and bright side patterns. The Enchi Ball Python will exhibit large changes in colour with age, with oranges and yellows becoming more vibrant. The name comes from the region in Africa where they were first discovered.

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In 1998, a friend of the guys at Sweballs had established a very valuable contact in Ghana, Africa. They ordered and received a shipment of juvenile Ball Pythons. Among the shipment, in a special bag set aside, was a few that looked very out of the ordinary. Within the group were two that looked identical, a male and a female. In 2002, they paired the two together, as well as a high gold female and a normal female with this special male. They were not disappointed as it turned out that these animals were incomplete dominant genes, and the first captive bred Enchis were produced. The result was as follows: [2]

  • the Enchi female: 6 eggs – 4 Enchis 2.2
  • the high gold female: 4 eggs – 3 Enchis 0.
  • the normal female: 5 eggs – 3 Enchis 1.2

In 2003, the female laid seven eggs from the Enchi male. It turned out to be two Super Enchi males, one Enchi female and four Normals.[3]

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The Enchi Ball Python’s head closely resembles the head of a Normal Ball Python, but with a heavily blushed crown and brighter yellows through the eye stripes.


The Enchis have golden-yellow sides, the dark pigmentation is chocolate-like and their faded “alien heads” pattern exhibit a copper/bronze colouration. The Enchi also has a greatly reduced pattern, with “alien heads” becoming flat and featureless.


The tail of the Enchi Ball Python usually ends with a thick stripe or beading pattern like a Normal Ball Python, but with the golden colouration of the Enchi.

Proven Lines

No known proven lines.


  • Aquila (Bamboo Enchi)
  • Baja (Enchi Lesser Genetic Stripe)
  • Beast (Enchi Hidden Gene Woma Mojave Odium)
  • Blanchi (Black Pastel Enchi)
  • Corcra (Enchi Mojave Mystic)
  • Enchiferno (Enchi Granite Hidden Gene Woma Pastel Yellow Belly)
  • Frostbite (Cinnamon Enchi Pastel)
  • Mochi Bumble Bee (Enchi Mojave Pastel Spider)
  • Stinger Bee (Enchi Spider)
  • Stinger Blast (Enchi Pinstripe)
  • Stinging Bumble Bee (Enchi Lesser Spider)
  • Stingless Bee (Enchi Lesser Spider)
  • Swarm (Enchi Spider Ghost)
  • Triton (Enchi Fire Orange Dream Pastel)
  • Uranium Blast (Super Enchi Pastel Pinstripe Piebald)
  • Yellow Brick Road (Asphalt Enchi Pastel)

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