First Produced By: Greg Graziani

Aliases: Cinny, Cinnamon Pastel

Issues: Duckbill, Rare Kinking (Super Cinnamon)

First Produced In: 2002 [1]

Availability: Common

Last Updated: 2022-03-21

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The Cinnamon Ball Python is an incomplete dominant mutation that alters both color and pattern. The name Cinnamon comes from the deep reds that are on show on top of a deep brown (almost chocolate like) background.

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Super Cinnamons are slightly more prone to kinking.


Super Cinnamons commonly express a deformed face.


The Cinnamon Ball Python was first proven incomplete dominant by Greg Graziani around 2002. It was originally named the “Cinnamon Pastel”, but the ‘Pastel’ was dropped in an attempt to further itself from the Black Pastel.

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The head of a Cinnamon Ball Python is a dark shade of brown that fades towards the neck. Lips usually display bright pink/white scales.


The body of the Cinnamon Ball Python is usually dominated by large chains of “alien heads/keyholes” either connected or very closely beside one another. Where yellows and orange of a Normal Ball Python are, the Cinnamon expresses various shades of brown and cream.


The belly of a Cinnamon Ball Python can shows light patterning and mild spotting along its edges, over bright white scales, however, usually it is clear of markings.


The tail of the Cinnamon Ball Python tends to follow the heavy chained pattern of from the body on either side of a thick dorsal stripe.

Proven Lines

No known proven lines.


As one of the earliest genes, Cinnamon has an exceptionally rich vocabulary of combo names:

  • 8 Ball (Black Pastel Cinnamon)
  • Biohazard (Super Pastel Butter Cinnamon Fire)
  • Black Pastel Pewter (Black Pastel Cinnamon)
  • Bush Fire (Cinnamon Fire Spider Yellow Belly)
  • Caravanah (Cinnamon Mojave Caramel Albino)
  • Chainsaw (Cinnamon Mojave Pinstripe)
  • Chernobyl (GHI Cinnamon Paradox)
  • Cinna Bee (Cinnamon Spider)
  • Cinna Belly (Cinnamon Yellow Belly)
  • Cinna Cal (Calico Cinnamon)
  • Cinna Mel (Cinnamon Caramel Albino)
  • Cinna Pin (Cinnamon Pinstripe)
  • Cinna Spin (Cinnamon Pinstripe Spider)
  • Cinnamel (Cinnamon Caramel Albino)
  • Cinnamon Oreo Blizzard (Calico Cinnamon Pastel Yellow Belly)
  • Cinny Ferno (Cinnamon Granite Hidden Gene Woma Pastel Yellow Belly)
  • Dirt Road (Asphalt Cinnamon Spider Yellow Belly)
  • Firemon (Cinnamon Fire)
  • Frostbite (Cinnamon Enchi Pastel)
  • Gargoyle (Cinnamon Het Red Axanthic)
  • Gargoyle (Cin/HRA) (Cinnamon Het Red Axanthic)
  • Gray Matter (Super Cinnamon Champagne)
  • Grey Matter (Super Cinnamon Champagne)
  • Leatherface (Cinnamon Mojave Pastel Pinstripe)
  • Lithium (Butter Cinnamon)
  • Lithium Blaze (Butter Cinnamon Fire Pastel)
  • Lithium Fire (Butter Cinnamon Fire)
  • Mercury (Super Cinnamon Fire)
  • Mercury Ball (Super Cinnamon Fire)
  • Night Crawler (Cinnamon Lesser Spotnose)
  • Pewter (Cinnamon Pastel)
  • Pewter Bee (Cinnamon Pastel Spider)
  • Pewter Belly (Cinnamon Pastel Yellow Belly)
  • Pewter Blast (Cinnamon Pastel Pinstripe)
  • Pewterpagne (Champagne Cinnamon Pastel)
  • Savannah (Cinnamon Mojave)
  • Savannah Pewter (Cinnamon Mojave Pastel)
  • Silver Bullet (Super Cinnamon Pastel)
  • Siren (Cinnamon Huffman)
  • Sonnet Ball (Super Pastel Cinnamon Pinstripe)
  • Sterling (Super Pastel Cinnamon)
  • Sterling Bee (Super Pastel Cinnamon Spider)
  • Sterling Pastel (Super Pastel Cinnamon)
  • Sterling Yellow Belly (Super Pastel Cinnamon Yellow Belly)
  • Super Pewter (Super Cinnamon Super Pastel)
  • Titan (Cinnamon Pastel Special)
  • Titanium (Cinnamon Epic Pastel Special)
  • Twilight (Cinnamon Spotnose)
  • White Panda (Super Cinnamon Piebald)

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