Het Red Axanthic

First Produced By: Corey Woods Reptile

Aliases: HRA, Green Pastel, Lace Black Back, Lori

First Produced In: 2001 [1]

Availability: Higher

Last Updated: 2021-10-23

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The Het Red Axanthic Ball Python is a colour and pattern altering mutation who’s name causes much confusion within the hobby, with the term “het” normally being used in short for heterozygous, the non visual, single gene form of a recessive trait. Whereas HRA is an incomplete dominant trait, with the “Super form” being named the Red Axanthic.


In 2001 Corey Woods did a Black Back x Black Back pairing hoping to produce more Black Backs.
When the clutch pipped he noticed two of the hatchlings had purple heads and had a axanthic look to them in comparison with the rest of their siblings. [2]



HRA Ball Pythons have a dark head colouration ranging from chocolate-brown to almost black.


This gene is characterized by its black back marking, keyhole shaped alien heads, bold alien eyes, and white outlining of the alien heads near the belly. Flaming will also be present around the ring shaped alien heads.


The tail of the HRA Ball Python usually carries the same “ring” pattern as its body.

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