First Produced By: Greg Graziani , NERD

Aliases: Lemon Pastel

First Produced In: 1994 [1] [2]

Availability: Common

Last Updated: 2022-07-13

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The Pastel Ball Python is a pattern changer and colour enhancer that can easily be told apart from a Normal Ball Python by the high contrast yellows throughout its body, as well as the “hook” and “ringed” shaped alien heads. Pastels also tend to have green eyes that can help tell them apart in a clutch.
There have been multiple lines of Pastel brought into the hobby from wild caught animals thought the past 25 years.

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Around 1994, Greg Graziani picked up a male ball python from a reptile importer. A year later at a reptile expo, Graziani discovered that Kevin McCurley from New England Reptile Distributors (NERD) had a female which looked just like his. Both were certain it was genetic, however neither was willing to sell up. Around '97 Graziani bred his “Type 2 Jungle” to a normal female.

Greg expected a clutch of hets, but on July 22, 1997, when the clutch hatched, he discovered that all seven hatchlings looked like his “Type 2 Jungle” male.

Meanwhile, Kevin had bred his female but only one of the three eggs hatched. However it looked identical to Graziani’s “Type 2 Jungle”. [3]

Kevin started calling his “Pastel Jungles”, which is the term that stuck. Along the years the “Jungle” was dropped from the name and today it is simply known as the Pastel Ball Python.

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Pastel Ball Pythons usually have faded/pale yellow heads at birth that darken with age, though some can keep the faded look. They are easily told apart from a Normal by the faded yellow crown, white lips and green eyes, though keep in mind that on rare occasions a Normal can also have green eyes.


Pastel Ball Pythons’ bodies can be told apart from Normals by the bright yellow scales within the “alien heads” and blushing within the black markers.


Pastel Ball Pythons have very clean undersides compared to the track-marks and spotting of a Normal Ball Python. Along either side of the belly, bright yellow ‘flames’ stretch up through the black markers into the body pattern.


The Pastel’s tail is much like a Normal Ball Python but follows the Pastel’s colouration.



Pastels show ‘blushing’ throughout their entire body, usually in between the “alien head” outlines. When combined with other morphs, these patches of blushing can cause huge contrast in body markings.

Green Eyes

Pastel Ball Pythons usually have green eyes.

Proven Lines

Pastel Jungle

  • First Produced By: NERD (1210)
  • First Produced In: 1997

Lemon Pastel - 2nd NERD Line

  • First Produced By: NERD (1210)
  • First Produced In: 2000

Citrus Pastel

  • First Produced By: Amir Soleymani (315)
  • First Produced In: 2002

Bell Line
Morton Wright Line

Related Traits

While not genetically related, there have been many “Pastel” named Ball Pythons throughout the years, but few have kept the coinage.

  • Cinnamon Pastel - Now referred to as simply Cinnamon to lessen the confusion with Black Pastel, which some debate are the same mutation. [4]
  • Black Pastel - Still rocking the Pastel name.


  • Angel Of Death (Fire Granite Hidden Gene Woma Pastel Yellow Belly)
  • Asystole (Het Red Axanthic Pastel Spider Clown)
  • Biohazard (Super Pastel Butter Cinnamon Fire)
  • Black Oreo Blizzard (Black Pastel Calico Pastel Yellow Belly)
  • Black Pewter (Black Pastel Pastel)
  • Black Pewter Blast (Black Pastel Pastel Pinstripe)
  • Black Pewterpagne (Black Pastel Champagne Pastel)
  • Black Widow (Black Pastel Pastel Spider)
  • Boom (Mojave Pastel Pinstripe Sulfur)
  • Bubble Gum (Calico Pastel)
  • Bubblegum (Calico Pastel)
  • Bumble Bee (Pastel Spider)
  • Bumble Belly (Pastel Spider Yellow Belly)
  • Butter Fly (Butter Fire Pastel)
  • Buttered Rum (Super Pastel Butter Calico)
  • Butterfly (Butter Fire Pastel)
  • Buzz (Pastel Spider Puzzle)
  • Cali Bee (Calico Pastel Spider)
  • Calico Power (Super Pastel Calico Mojave Spider)
  • Cheetah (Leopard Pastel Spider Yellow Belly)
  • Chocolate Blast (Chocolate Pastel Pinstripe)
  • Cinnamon Oreo Blizzard (Calico Cinnamon Pastel Yellow Belly)
  • Cinny Ferno (Cinnamon Granite Hidden Gene Woma Pastel Yellow Belly)
  • Coral Bee (Coral Glow Pastel Spider)
  • Darth Fader (Super Pastel Butter Fader)
  • Deep Purple Passion (Mojave Pastel Phantom)
  • Dragon Fly (Fire Pastel Pinstripe)
  • Emperor Pin (Lesser Pastel Pinstripe)
  • Emperor Pinstripe (Lesser Pastel Pinstripe)
  • Enchiferno (Enchi Granite Hidden Gene Woma Pastel Yellow Belly)
  • Fire Bee (Fire Pastel Spider)
  • Fire Fly (Fire Pastel)
  • Firefly (Fire Pastel)
  • Frostbite (Cinnamon Enchi Pastel)
  • Ghost Killa (Super Pastel Butter Spider Ghost)
  • Ghostbuster (Butter Pastel Spider Ghost)
  • Hornet (Pastel Spider Genetic Stripe)
  • Humble Bee (Pastel Spider Ghost)
  • Inferno (Granite Hidden Gene Woma Pastel Yellow Belly)
  • Killer Bee (Super Pastel Spider)
  • Killer Blast (Super Pastel Pinstripe)
  • Killer Clown (Super Pastel Clown)
  • Killer Hornet (Super Pastel Spider Genetic Stripe)
  • Killer Pied (Super Pastel Piebald)
  • Killer Queenbee (Super Pastel Butter Spider)
  • Killer Queenspin (Super Pastel Butter Pinstripe Spider)
  • Killer Spinner (Super Pastel Pinstripe Spider)
  • Leatherface (Cinnamon Mojave Pastel Pinstripe)
  • Lemon Blast (Pastel Pinstripe)
  • Leopard Extra (Leopard Mojave Pastel Spider)
  • Lightning Bug (Fire Het Red Axanthic Pastel)
  • Lithium Blaze (Butter Cinnamon Fire Pastel)
  • Mochi Bumble Bee (Enchi Mojave Pastel Spider)
  • Mudball (Pastel Sable)
  • Nuclear Bee (Butter Fire Pastel Spider)
  • Oreo Blizzard (Black Pastel Calico Pastel Yellow Belly)
  • Pastave (Mojave Pastel)
  • Pastave Bee (Mojave Pastel Spider)
  • Pastel Crystal (Mojave Pastel Special)
  • Pewter (Cinnamon Pastel)
  • Pewter Bee (Cinnamon Pastel Spider)
  • Pewter Belly (Cinnamon Pastel Yellow Belly)
  • Pewter Blast (Cinnamon Pastel Pinstripe)
  • Pewterpagne (Champagne Cinnamon Pastel)
  • Platiator (Het Daddy Lesser Pastel Pinstripe)
  • Queen Bee (Lesser Pastel Spider)
  • Queen Pin (Lesser Pastel Pinstripe)
  • Queen Spin (Lesser Pastel Pinstripe Spider)
  • Quint (Black Pastel Lesser Pastel Pinstripe Spider)
  • Rainbow Banana (Banana Pastel Pinstripe Spider)
  • Real (Black Pastel Lace Pastel)
  • Red Spectrum (Granite Hidden Gene Woma Lesser Pastel Yellow Belly)
  • Savannah Pewter (Cinnamon Mojave Pastel)
  • Scream (Fire Pastel Vanilla)
  • Sherbert Fly (Super Pastel Fire Pinstripe)
  • Silver Bullet (Super Cinnamon Pastel)
  • Silver Streak (Super Pastel Black Pastel)
  • Silver Surfer (Super Pastel Black Pastel Lesser Ghost)
  • Sonnet Ball (Super Pastel Cinnamon Pinstripe)
  • Special Blast (Pastel Pinstripe Special)
  • Spinner Blast (Pastel Pinstripe Spider)
  • Static Electricity (Pastel Static Yellow Belly)
  • Sterling (Super Pastel Cinnamon)
  • Sterling Bee (Super Pastel Cinnamon Spider)
  • Sterling Pastel (Super Pastel Cinnamon)
  • Sterling Yellow Belly (Super Pastel Cinnamon Yellow Belly)
  • Super Black Pewter (Super Black Pastel Super Pastel)
  • Super Blast (Super Pastel Pinstripe)
  • Super Dragon Fly (Super Pastel Fire Pinstripe)
  • Super Emperor (Super Pastel Lesser Pinstripe)
  • Super Fly (Super Pastel Fire)
  • Super Inferno (Super Pastel Granite Hidden Gene Woma Yellow Belly)
  • Super Pewter (Super Cinnamon Super Pastel)
  • Superferno (Super Pastel Granite Hidden Gene Woma Yellow Belly)
  • Superfly (Super Pastel Fire)
  • Titan (Cinnamon Pastel Special)
  • Titanium (Cinnamon Epic Pastel Special)
  • Triton (Enchi Fire Orange Dream Pastel)
  • Ultra Fly (Super Pastel Fire Yellow Belly)
  • Ultrafly (Super Pastel Fire Yellow Belly)
  • Uranium Blast (Super Enchi Pastel Pinstripe Piebald)
  • Vanilla Blast (Pastel Pinstripe Vanilla)
  • Vanilla Scream (Fire Pastel Vanilla)
  • Wanna Bee (Hidden Gene Woma Pastel Spider)
  • Xplosive Cream (Fire Mojave Pastel Spider Vanilla)
  • Yellow Brick Road (Asphalt Enchi Pastel)
  • Yellow Jacket (Black Belly Pastel)
  • Zebra Bee (Pastel Spider Axanthic (VPI))

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