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Christopher (Chris) Cirrincione

Grand Prairie, TX, USA

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CKC Squamates is a husband and wife venture with 25 years breeding experience through 30 years of keeping various herps. We take pride in knowing our collection’s genetics and lineage as well as possible while specializing from locale-specific to various mutations. Our passion lies in corn snakes and tokay geckos, though we keep and breed a number of other species as well.

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Store Policy

We accept cash, Venmo, Zelle, Paypal (Friends & Family preferred), money order (Postal only), or bank cashier’s check.

All animals listed will be so as their price PLUS shipping.

Payment Plans are an option, but come with these firm terms:
- 25% deposit (NON-REFUNDABLE);
- duration: animals $50-$250 (30 days), $250 or more (60 days);
- must be paid IN FULL for shipping to be initiated;
- We’ve been there, we will work with you!

Shipping is STRICTLY to FedEx Ship Centers; not to FedEx Ship & Print, FedEx Office, etc. FedEx Ship Centers are staffed by employees trained to handle various types of shipments, such as hazardous items (what live animals fall under) and are climate-controlled facilities. The health and safety of our stock comes first.
- Method: all live animals will be shipped via FedEx priority overnight (delivery between 8:30-10:30am);
- FedEx views some cities/towns as rural. Shipping priority overnight to such destinations may result in delays and almost always has an soonest delivery by noon. We reserve the right to ship to the nearest major hub that guarantees a delivery window of 8:30-10:30am to avoid animals being transferred within a non-climate-controlled delivery vehicle.
- Provider: we ship via ShipYourReptiles, ReptilesExpress, or Reptiles2You. We realize shipping can be costly and research each entity for the best pricing.
- animals will only be shipped if weather permits. This includes but is not limited to: potential forecast severe weather at CKC Squamates, at buyer destination, or at FedEx’s National Main Hubs; temperature extremes (hot or cold), national disaster areas that may delay shipment(s).

- all hatchling snakes will be established (= minimum 10 unassisted meals) on frozen/thawed prey unless otherwise stated;
- all hatchling lizards will be a minimum of 3 months old to be considered established before offered for sale;
- animals may occasionally be offered before “established” is reached and will be noted as such;
- animals offered will be properly sexed (when possible) and thriving. We cannot guarantee unknown health issues such as congenital defects, disease, or infection which can't be reasonably observed.
- We cannot assume health responsibility once the animal(s) is/are in possession of the buyer. It is the buyer's responsibility to research, understand, and provide proper care. We are available for questions and help when needed.
- live arrival via shipping is only guaranteed via the terms of such through the selected shipping party (ShipYourReptiles, ReptilesExpress, Reptiles2You, etc).
- in the unfortunate event of a DOA, shipments must be opened at the FedEx Ship Center (not inside the facility, not everyone likes reptiles…) and inspected before transporting home. In the event of a DOA, photos must be taken right then and there, with the images forwarded to us by email or phone. We will reach out as soon as possible to discuss potential corrective options at that point.
- all sales are final! The transaction will be viewed as complete once the purchased animal(s) is/are in possession of the buyer.
- by exchanging payment, the buyer accepts the provided terms.

In our ever-changing ordinance climate, it is the buyer’s responsibility to know their local and/or state laws. We WILL NOT knowingly sell, barter, trade, gift, transport, or ship our animals to locations which are illegal. There are enough negative stigmata associated with our hobby/industry, no need to add to it!

MorphMarket's Default Store Policy specifies any terms which have not been overridden by this Seller's stated policy.

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