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Rating by c***1 for 1.2 Group Of CB Fire Skinks *FREE SHIPPING!* ($175.00)
Overall great experience!!
Rating by j***2 for CB Guyana *FREE SHIPPING!* True Red-Tailed Boa Constrictor ($400.00)
Great experience with Dave, quick response, quick shipping, beautiful and healthy snake. I will be doing business again with him!
Rating by t***n for Enchi Citron FREE SHIPPING! Ball Python ($165.00)
The most painless process from initial contact until delivery. Great communication, and my boa arrived safe and sound. The boa was exactly as described and you can tell she was treated with respect and care. Highly recommend.
I appreciate your review! It was a pleasure doing business with you. Feel free to give me a shout if you need anything!
Rating by s***g for Dumeril’s Boa FREE SHIPPING Dumeril's Boa ($465.00)
Wonderful experience. Dave filled me in on everything I needed to know and responded to my questions very quickly! So excited to have my noodle!
Rating by j***s for Super Blast YB Ball Python ($300.00)
Very fast replies! Professional exchange. Beautiful healthy looking snake! Will do business again!
Glad you like her! I appreciate the review. Enjoy!
Rating by j***0 for Oreo Pueblan Milk Snake ($135.00)
Great customer service. Amazing animals. Will definitely do business with again in the future
Rating by w***s for Halloween Pueblan Milk Snake ($165.00)
Was very helpful with answering my questions and quick to respond. My Mojave Citron arrived on time with no issues and was well packaged. I couldn’t be anymore happier and highly recommend. I look forward to doing business agin in the near future
Rating by j***7 for Mojave Citron Ball Python ($150.00)
Beautiful animal and shipped fast. Very happy with the purchase
Rating by p***9 for Gulf Coast Caramel Pos Het Green Burmese Python ($850.00)
Dave answered all of our questions and is a great guy to deal with. Look forward to buying more snakes in the future.
Rating by r***3 for Pied Ball Python ($325.00)
beautiful snakes and super nice guy!
Rating by l***1 for Heterochromic Leucistic CRB Colombian Rainbow Boa ($550.00)
She arrived happy healthy and perfect,and has a very good disposition for a baby!
Rating by b***e for Suntiger Het Albino (White Or Purple) Reticulated Python ($300.00)
Amazing interaction! super fast and friendly breeder. Beautiful noodle! We couldn’t have asked for a experience. Would absolutely do buissness again. Thank you so much!
Rating by p***n for Khal Albino Boa Constrictor ($300.00)
Dave is super helpful, friendly, sweet, and quick to respond. This girl arrived safely, in good health, and she is as amazing as described. I won't hesitate to buy from him again!
Was wonderful doing business with you! Enjoy your new girl!
Rating by v***8 for Orange Suriname Mock Viper More Colubrid ($300.00)
Seller very helpful and patient. I couldn't be any happier. My daughter received the beautiful snake on her birthday and loves it. Its very calm and looks very healthy. I would recommend and also buy again.
Rating by b***1 for Mexican Black King Mexican Black Kingsnake ($175.00)
Great communication! Boas came healthy and the female was a sweetheart! I fell in love! So docile and so calm. I recommend this breeder, I’ll definitely be making another future purchase with them again! Thanks
Thank you so much for your business! I’m glad I could get them to you!
Rating by i***f for High Orange Brazilians Brazilian Rainbow Boa ($400.00)
A healthy looking baby well packaged and alert There was some miscommunication about where the animal was being shipped A lack of communication after I received my animal as well But in the end, she's healthy and as the seller described, all good
My apologies for the lack of communication post sale! I have been battling the flu for a little bit now. If there is anything I can do for you please don’t hesitate to contact me! I appreciate the business.
Rating by n***r for Blue Tongue Skink Merauke Blue-Tongued Skink ($250.00)
Messaged Dave on morphs market he waz going to local reptile expo that waz in my area so I meet up with him and we made a deal and now I have a beautiful female blood pythons thanks again ! Definitely buy from Dave again in the future!
Thanks for coming out! It was nice meeting you.
Rating by r***y for Blood Python ($200.00)
Great Experience! Especially as a first-time pet owner, the seller was quick and responsive. Highly Recommend.
Rating by j***6 for Anery Granite Stripe Kenyan Sand Boa ($200.00)
Received very timely communication and answered all of my questions and provided follow up pictures. Packed and shipped promptly and carefully. Less than a week from inquiry to having the little guy in hand! Wonderful animal from a great shop.
Rating by k***b for Banana Pied Ball Python ($350.00)
The Dave was a pleasure to talk and work with! Very communicative and always replied quickly to my questions. Nebula (The MBK) is happy and active and I couldn’t be more in love!
Rating by l***s for Mexican Black King Mexican Black Kingsnake ($175.00)
No complaints. Overall great experience and great contact. We are still in touch. Both animals are larger than estimated by the seller but that was something I was not surprised with and certainly not a reason to complain 😁
I appreciate the kind review!
Rating by o***s for Jeweled Racer More Colubrid ($400.00)
This transaction was very smooth. Dave was very professional and patient. I received my snake very healthy and lively. Would do business again. Recommend 100
Rating by m***e for TH Albino Granite Green Burmese Python ($150.00)
Received a beautiful example of an Enchi pied. I would definitely repeat business!!!
Rating by r***s for Enchi Pied Ball Python ($450.00)
Great guy would definitely do business with him again !!!
Rating by g***6 for High Red/blue California Red Sided Garter Garter Snake ($400.00)
He's way more then I expected. Hes absolutely beautiful! His eyes are very unique, silver colored on top. Hes a very happy healthy active male. I couldent be more satisfied with him. He came very well pkagd with great heat retention inside the box.
Rating by s***m for VPI Axanthic Mojave Ball Python ($375.00)
Very communicative and shipped fast and safe! A++
Rating by t***e for LA Bay Rosy Boa ($225.00)
Excellent experience! Dave was super quick to respond, and very accommodating to questions. Shipping was quick and packaging was great. The snake is also such a sweetie! It's clear that Dave takes great care of his animals.
Rating by d***i for Anery Magdalena Rosy Boa ($275.00)
Transparent and easy to work with.
Rating by b***5 for Lavender Harlequin Crested Gecko ($200.00)
Rating by w***9 for Albino DH Granite Green Burmese Python ($450.00)
Communication was great. Little guy showed up very well packaged. Is alert and healthy and matched his pictures. Very good experience overall.
Rating by r***n for CBB Red Eye Croc Skink More Skink ($400.00)
My experience with Dave was great with top notch customer service. There was a delay due to FedEx, but Dave communicated with FedEx and was resolved quickly. Snake arrived healthy and beautiful. Will absolutely do business with Dave again.
Rating by e***c for Hypo-E/Melanistic Tri-Color Tri-Color Hognose ($450.00)
Very friendly guy and I would definitely recommend doing business with him. Received the snake in good health. Thanks!
Rating by e***a for Hypo 100% Het T- Albino Colombian Rainbow Boa ($850.00)
Great experience! Would absolutely purchase from this seller again!
Rating by s***t for Hypo 100% Het T- Albino Colombian Rainbow Boa ($700.00)
Seller was knowledgeable and prompt with responses prior to purchase and shipping after. The animal arrived timely and appears to have been very well taken care of. I would purchase from Dave's Danger Noodles again.
Rating by j***9 for Cypress Honey Spark Ball Python ($350.00)
Great Communication. Boy was healthy and alert right out the box.
Rating by b***7 for Red Eye Croc Skink More Skink ($300.00)
Came packed in a fully insulated box heat pack still nice and warm lil dude was ready to go straight out of the box! Dave’s got some awesome snakes would highly recommend 👍👍👍
Rating by d***1 for Albino Darwin Carpet Python ($350.00)
Awesome transaction. Was quick and simple. He even worked with me to get the exact shipping date I needed. Thanks!
Rating by d***7 for Albino Het Granite Pos Het Green Burmese Python ($350.00)
Great Guy, good experience, would definitely do business with him again.
Rating by s***d for Pied Ball Python ($400.00)
Communication was great. Definitely will shop with Dave again.
Rating by g***e for Pied Ball Python ($350.00)
Ordered an MBK from Dave. His communication was excellent and the snake was delivered quickly and safely.
Rating by r***r for Mexican Black Kingsnake ($250.00)
Great tarantulas thanks. Arrived alive and well.
Rating by j***t for 3 Inch Mexican Fire Leg (Brachypelma Boehmei) Tarantula ($165.00)
Second purchase from Dave and always top notch animals! Great seller and amazing snakes!
Rating by p***s for Kubsch Pastel Salmon Hypo Het T Pos Boa Constrictor ($450.00)
Nice animal, great communication. Not much more I can ask for!
Rating by g***m for Chinese Cave Gecko More Gecko ($250.00)
My banana pastel ball python is exactly what was pictured and described! He is so curious and great, such a good snake. Shipping was perfect with no hiccups, Dave was so responsive and helpful with the whole process.
Rating by m***o for Banana Pastel Ball Python ($200.00)
my new bp arrived quickly and safely even during the holiday rush, and is absolutely gorgeous! she's very curious and seems to be quite socialized! i would definitely order from dave again if i ever have some extra space for another enclosure :)
I appreciate the kind review! Thank you so much and enjoy!
Rating by r***r for GHI Lesser+ Ball Python ($400.00)
Snake was absolutely beautiful and exactly as advertised, great addition to my Kingsnake collection. Would definitely buy again!
Rating by c***3 for High White Striped Reduced California Kingsnake ($200.00)
Awesome and friendly seller and our beautiful blood python girl was received safely and fast! 🐍💚
Rating by e***e for Blood Python ($200.00)
Good communication, and fast shipping. Would order from again in a heartbeat.
Rating by a***h for Harlequin Olive Crested Gecko ($125.00)
The seller definitely went above and beyond. I asked if he could send me a video and in just few hours he sent a video. His response was rapid along with the shipping time. The snake arrived healthy and was absolutely major eye candy.
I appreciate the review! Thanks so much and enjoy!
Rating by b***9 for Super Hypo Jungle Hog Island Boa Constrictor ($600.00)