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Would purchase from again.
Rating by k***d for Blue Eyed Leucistic (BEL) Ball Python (Male ID:23DT1M) ($300.00)
I got my very cute KBS very healthy. Communication was great. Will buy more in future.
Rating by r***e for Albino Adult Kenyan Sand Boa (Male- ID:20DY4M) ($300.00)
Sellers was quick with communication, shipped the boa out the same day we chatted. Boa arrived the next day healthy and beautiful! Very happy with purchase!
Rating by a***n for Sunglow Boa (Poss Jungle) (Male - ID: 23DI9M) Boa Constrictor ($400.00)
Healthy beautiful animal.... seller quick to respond... great price... couldn't ask for better sellers!
Rating by r***1 for Poss. Het. Albino Boa (Male - ID: 23DI2M) Boa Constrictor ($100.00)
Cute AFT gecko was perfectly packed and arrived as expected. Seller was super responsive and helpful in providing extra information about the animal. The gecko seems healthy and already accepting food on the first day of arrival.
Rating by d***4 for Fat-Tailed Gecko (ID: 23AP1) African Fat-Tailed Gecko ($85.00)
Beautifull snake received with excellent packaging.Sale could not have been better. I will be a repeat customer. Thank you, Lance Wilson
Rating by l***n for Aberrant Cal King - Female - ID 22DC3F California Kingsnake ($200.00)
Seller was very quick to respond to inquiry and gave detailed information about the snake. Shipping was quick and packaging was good. The snake (Beetle) seems happy and healthy and is settling in well and accepting f/t pinkies. I am very satisfied!
Rating by a***o for Aberrant Striped California Kingsnake (Male ID: 23BM4M) ($165.00)
Excellent tarantulas arrived as expected and healthy as can be will for sure be doing business with again
Rating by d***s for 10-lot Salmon Pink Birdeater (Lasiodora Parahybana) 0.75-1" Spiderlings Tarantula ($60.00)
Great little(for now!!) Indian sand boa brilliant colors and patterns…very healthy already feeding.
Rating by p***n for Indian Sand Boa (Eryx Johnii - Male - ID: 23EK4M) ($300.00)
Excellent condition…very docile.
Rating by p***n for Indian Sand Boa (Eryx Johnii - Female - ID: 23EK1F) ($300.00)
All animals arrived exactly as advertised and already feeding. Awesome snakes very calm…yet have GREAT appetites. I will be purchasing from Great Basin Serpentarium again, hopefully sooner than later.
Rating by p***n for Indian Sand Boa (Eryx Johnii - Female - ID: 23EK3F) ($300.00)
Excellent condition, packaged perfectly with cooling pack and arrived early. Great breeder.
Rating by p***n for Indian Sand Boa (Eryx Johnii - Female - ID: 23EK2F) ($300.00)
Exactly as described. Great communication; fast response time. Got my healthy (and feisty!) little guy. Couldn’t be happier! Thank you!
Rating by c***1 for Northern Blue Tongue Skink (ID: 23M1) Northern Blue-Tongued Skink ($250.00)
I had a very positive experience.I had some back and forth questions that required some extra effort on the seller's part, he was very patient and helpful.He went above and beyond what I would expect as standard interaction, 5 Stars all around.
Rating by c***s for Chinese Cave Gecko (ID: 23Z1) More Gecko ($200.00)
Easy to work with. Answered questions. Received our pet in a timely manner.
Rating by a***3 for 2023 Baby Northern Bluey - ID: 23R3 Northern Blue-Tongued Skink ($300.00)
I'm very happy with everything. From the order and answered all my questions.
Rating by s***s for 10-lot Brazilian Red And White Tarantulas (Nhandu Chromatus) Spiderlings ($80.00)
Joseph was very helpful and patiently worked with me and my busy schedule over the last couple months to get my beautiful healthy Dumeril's boa home. Couldn't be happier and I highly recommend this seller.
Rating by l***1 for 2021 Female Dumeril's Boa ($675.00)
Beautiful blue tongue skink and wonderful experience
Rating by j***7 for 2023 Baby Northern Bluey - ID: 23R1 Northern Blue-Tongued Skink ($325.00)
Beautiful gargoyle gecko! Arrived in very good health, no issues. Very quick communication. Can't wait to incorporate her into my yellow project. Thank you!
Rating by j***g for Striped Gargoyle Gecko - Female - ID: 18E1F ($300.00)
Joseph, was a pleasure to work with. Very helpful, awesome python. My wife and I also decided to get two Kenyan sand boa and three Tarantulas. We will definitely be doing business again.
Rating by f***5 for Striped Bredl's Python Centralian Carpet Python ($300.00)
The seller was very helpful. He answered all of my questions, and he was quick to get back to me. He package that item well, and my son was one happy kiddo to receive his items so fast!
Rating by b***4 for 2022 Northern Blue Tongue Skink - ID: 22AB8 Northern Blue-Tongued Skink ($300.00)
Seller communication was top notch. My jungle carpet is absolutely stunning. He was well packaged and shipped at the first available date and he worked with me on a payment plan. Would definitely recommend
Rating by b***9 for 2022 Jungle Carpet Python - From Exceptional Lines - ID:22BP3M ($500.00)
Picked up the last 5 of this batch, and they arrived happy and healthy this morning. Great packing, shipping, and communication. Thanks for the fantastic frogs!
Rating by s***s for 2022 Fire Bellied Toads Ball Python ($50.00)
Great transaction all around! I am very pleased with specimen and packaging was A+ 5 Stars!
Rating by u***r for 2022 Aberrant California Kingsnake - Male - ID:22DM5M ($140.00)
Communication was better than i ever could have imagined and I love my new northern so so much! Just all around great experience and will order again!!
Rating by b***m for 2022 Northern Blue Tongue Skink From Caramel Lines - ID: 22X2 Northern Blue-Tongued Skink ($350.00)
Wanted a gopher snake. This seller sent me a wonderful juvenile male. Prior to the sale I had some questions and requested additional pictures. Seller was very accommodating and helpful. Snake was in good health upon arrival. Awesome seller!
Rating by f***8 for Captive Bred Great Basin Gopher Snake -Male - ID: 22OL1M ($125.00)
This was my second animal from GBS and I am again super happy with my purchase! Gorgeous snake and just as described. Great communication from seller, just all around a perfect buying experience! Thank you.
Rating by b***4 for Adult Male Pied Ball Python ($300.00)
Great communication from seller and animal arrived safe, well packed, and beautiful. I would purchase from this seller again.
Rating by c***3 for Dumeril's Boa (Male - ID: 21GM2M) ($650.00)
What a Fantastic experience and what a wonderful snake. I’m so happy that I truly have no words Thank you again you are the Best!!!!!
Rating by f***o for Bredl's Python - Poss. Het. Striped - 2022 Male - ID: 22OR16M Centralian Carpet Python ($225.00)
My glass lizard arrived in awesome shape and began feeding right away. I had nothing but a positive experience with Great Basin Serpentarium, they were highly responsive to all of my questions.
Rating by d***8 for 2022 Captive Bred Eastern Glass Lizard More Lizard ($100.00)
I ended up getting a northern from them, but I am super happy with the whole experience! Great communication and the animal was shipped very professionally and quickly. 100% happy with my skink and would purchase from them again!
Rating by b***4 for Captive Bred Tanimbar Island Blue Tongue Skink - ID: 22DU8 Tanimbar Blue-Tongued Skink ($225.00)
Arriv3d healthy and also got 2 sand boas as well
Rating by g***s for 2022 Bawangling Cave Gecko More Gecko ($350.00)
I did purchase this snake and upon initial inspection she seemed perfectly healthy. After a few days, the snake started to show signs of IBD or some other neurological disorder (corkscrewing, etc.). Careful buying boids from this seller.
Rating by j***r for 2022 Hypo (Poss Jungle) Het. Albino Boa - Female - ID: 22BO3F Boa Constrictor ($225.00)
Easy sale and transfer. Very good !
Rating by b***h for 50/50 Banded California Kingsnake ($165.00)
No issues whatsoever, great experience overall, would buy from them again in a heartbeat
Rating by j***7 for Anery Kenyan Sand Boa - From Anery X HRP Anery Pairing ($300.00)
I'm a first time gargoyle gecko owner and I'm overall happy with the experience! It was a relatively straight forward process. My little guy was packaged extremely well. He's a little freaked out but overall healthy and will be fine. Thank you!!
Rating by a***t for 2021 Striped Gargoyle Gecko ($250.00)
Quick to respond to questions, skink arrived on time and in good health. Settling in nicely!
Rating by v***5 for Baby Northern Blue Tongue Northern Blue-Tongued Skink ($375.00)
Arrived healthy and she looked great! Thanks guys, I'm really happy with my purchase!!!
Rating by b***u for Captive Bred Neoholothele Incei - Trinidad Dwarf Olive (Gold Phase) - 0.5" Tarantula ($36.00)
All aspects went well
Rating by r***9 for Aberrant California Kingsnake ($225.00)
Beautiful Northern blue tongue and Heathy.
Rating by d***r for 2022 Baby Northern Blue Tongue Skink Northern Blue-Tongued Skink ($375.00)
Great communicator, especially because Fed Ex again had a delay. But made sure that my little pets were snug and safe and they arrived healthy and happy. Highly recommend this seller.
Rating by w***n for 2022 Baby Northern Blue Tongue Skink Northern Blue-Tongued Skink ($450.00)
Excellent seller and beautiful snake. Joey took care of the snake for an additional month while I rearranged my enclosures to make room. Arrived happy and healthy, would buy from again in a heartbeat. Thanks!
Rating by d***n for Anerythristic Yellow-Red Other Rat Snake ($450.00)
so glad i purchased from this seller, made my first transaction on this website a breeze seller was very communicative and willing to solve any problems. the sling was packed extremely well and arrived safely, will definitely be buying from again :)
Rating by r***4 for Pink Zebra Beauty Tarantula - Eupalaestrus Campestratus ($65.00)
The communication was great, and the shipping was fast. Overall, a great buyer experience. The animal is still hiding in its bag, but from the limited view I got of its face, it looked responsive and healthy. I definitely recommend this company.
Rating by h***5 for Northern Blue Tongue Skink Northern Blue-Tongued Skink ($400.00)
This being my first reptile, dealing with GBS was great. They answered any questions I had, before and after purchase. My Kingsnake arrived with no issues and in excellent condition. The packaging was great as well with no issues.
Rating by m***s for Aberrant Cal King California Kingsnake ($190.00)
Both spiders I ordered came in alive and healthy, and at the size they were listed as. They were packed securely. The company representative who I talked with via email was courteous and asked easy direct questions. Had no communication errors :)
Rating by d***b for Captive Bred Cyriocosmus Elegans - Trinadad Dwarf Tarantulas ($30.00)
This seller was Great all around. Thanks again Great Basin S. Robert
Rating by b***h for Banded Cal King California Kingsnake ($120.00)
Good communicate, this seller is in constant contact to find a shipping date that is safe for the animal which should be your number one concern. Which I greatly appreciate. Thanks, for the gecko I greatly appreciate it!
Rating by t***h for Chinese Cave Gecko - G. Hainanensis More Gecko ($175.00)
Wonderful transaction and animal! Communication was great, had to wait out the cold weather and once it warmed up she was shipped out. Got her yesterday, packed well and she's doing great!
Rating by a***6 for Snow Kenyan Sand Boa ($200.00)