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Arriv3d healthy and also got 2 sand boas as well
Rating by g***s for 2022 Bawangling Cave Gecko Other Gecko ($350.00)
I did purchase this snake and upon initial inspection she seemed perfectly healthy. After a few days, the snake started to show signs of IBD or some other neurological disorder (corkscrewing, etc.). Careful buying boids from this seller.
Rating by j***r for 2022 Hypo (Poss Jungle) Het. Albino Boa - Female - ID: 22BO3F Boa Constrictor ($225.00)
Easy sale and transfer. Very good !
Rating by b***h for 50/50 Banded California Kingsnake ($165.00)
No issues whatsoever, great experience overall, would buy from them again in a heartbeat
Rating by j***7 for Anery - From Anery X HRP Anery Pairing Kenyan Sand Boa ($300.00)
I'm a first time gargoyle gecko owner and I'm overall happy with the experience! It was a relatively straight forward process. My little guy was packaged extremely well. He's a little freaked out but overall healthy and will be fine. Thank you!!
Rating by a***t for 2021 Striped Gargoyle Gecko ($250.00)
Quick to respond to questions, skink arrived on time and in good health. Settling in nicely!
Rating by v***5 for Baby Northern Blue-Tongued Skink ($375.00)
Arrived healthy and she looked great! Thanks guys, I'm really happy with my purchase!!!
Rating by b***u for Captive Bred Neoholothele Incei - Trinidad Dwarf Olive (Gold Phase) - 0.5" Tarantula ($36.00)
All aspects went well
Rating by r***9 for Aberrant California Kingsnake ($225.00)
Beautiful Northern blue tongue and Heathy.
Rating by d***r for 2022 Baby Northern Blue-Tongued Skink ($375.00)
Great communicator, especially because Fed Ex again had a delay. But made sure that my little pets were snug and safe and they arrived healthy and happy. Highly recommend this seller.
Rating by w***n for 2022 Baby Northern Blue-Tongued Skink ($450.00)
Excellent seller and beautiful snake. Joey took care of the snake for an additional month while I rearranged my enclosures to make room. Arrived happy and healthy, would buy from again in a heartbeat. Thanks!
Rating by d***n for Anerythristic Yellow-Red Other Rat Snake ($450.00)
so glad i purchased from this seller, made my first transaction on this website a breeze seller was very communicative and willing to solve any problems. the sling was packed extremely well and arrived safely, will definitely be buying from again :)
Rating by r***4 for Pink Zebra Beauty - Eupalaestrus Campestratus Tarantula ($65.00)
The communication was great, and the shipping was fast. Overall, a great buyer experience. The animal is still hiding in its bag, but from the limited view I got of its face, it looked responsive and healthy. I definitely recommend this company.
Rating by h***5 for Northern Blue-Tongued Skink ($400.00)
This being my first reptile, dealing with GBS was great. They answered any questions I had, before and after purchase. My Kingsnake arrived with no issues and in excellent condition. The packaging was great as well with no issues.
Rating by m***s for Aberrant California Kingsnake ($190.00)
Both spiders I ordered came in alive and healthy, and at the size they were listed as. They were packed securely. The company representative who I talked with via email was courteous and asked easy direct questions. Had no communication errors :)
Rating by d***b for Captive Bred Cyriocosmus Elegans - Trinadad Dwarf Tarantula ($30.00)
This seller was Great all around. Thanks again Great Basin S. Robert
Rating by b***h for Banded California Kingsnake ($120.00)
Good communicate, this seller is in constant contact to find a shipping date that is safe for the animal which should be your number one concern. Which I greatly appreciate. Thanks, for the gecko I greatly appreciate it!
Rating by t***h for Chinese Cave Gecko - G. Hainanensis Other Gecko ($175.00)
Wonderful transaction and animal! Communication was great, had to wait out the cold weather and once it warmed up she was shipped out. Got her yesterday, packed well and she's doing great!
Rating by a***6 for Snow Kenyan Sand Boa ($200.00)
Communication was prompt and professional, the tarantula arrived quickly and in great condition (packaging was excellent!). Will definitely recommend to other, and buy from them again. :)
Rating by c***k for Captive Bred Aphonopelma Burica - Costa Rican Blue Fang - 1-1.25" Tarantula ($65.00)
Seller was very professional and communicated frequently and clearly. Seller worked with me to monitor weather and identify ideal shipment time. Well packaged, animal arrived safe and sound. Will definitely do business with this seller again.
Rating by t***1 for Pink Zebra Beauty - Eupalaestrus Campestratus Tarantula ($65.00)
Seller was very quick to respond and quick to send out. Packing was great and my skink came un-stressed and very healthy! Exploring and eating and very sweet! Highly recommend buying from them
Rating by j***r for Northern Blue-Tongued Skink ($400.00)
Fast communication and shipping. Wonderful animal. Thank you!
Rating by a***y for Albino Het. Snow Kenyan Sand Boa ($175.00)
It bit me when I took him out of his bag but other than that great service 👍
Rating by b***9 for Northern Blue-Tongued Skink ($400.00)
She is absolutely amazing!! A++++
Rating by s***z for Aberrant California Kingsnake ($225.00)
Can't give any negative feedback. Great communication, very courteous and shipped it as soon as he could. I would 100% order from him again, unless the snake has any unforeseen disease or mites or something (which there is no sign of whatsoever.)
Rating by h***6 for Bredl's Python (Poss. Het. Stripe) Centralian Carpet Python ($200.00)
I got a Gooty and a O.B.T not what's listed above both in perfect healthy and they grumpy little pricks so they are just what they supposed to be .... I will be using this vendor again
Rating by c***l for Captive Bred Tliltocatl Sabulosus - Guatemalan Redrump - 0.75-1" Spiderlings Tarantula ($26.00)
Very helpful and easy to deal with. I recived a bredli python from them in great shape and the color was better than the pictures! 10 out of 10 we will be ordering from them again! Thank you for all your help in this process and knowledge.
Rating by a***y for Poss. Het Striped Bredl's Python Centralian Carpet Python ($250.00)
Great purchase! Quick communication, answered all of my questions, shipping and packaging were both excellent. I messaged the seller upon delivery with a small concern and had a very quick reply. My daughter adores her new snake!
Rating by k***6 for Aberrant Stripe California Kingsnake ($185.00)
Smooth transaction Would gladly purchase from again
Rating by n***8 for Albino Aberrant California Kingsnake ($255.00)
Animal arrived alert and appears healthy. Seller was communicative throughout process and happy to hold onto animal until temps reached reasonable level. Packed well with cryopack. FedEx delayed an extra day but was no problem due to stellar packing.
Rating by s***s for Rough-Scaled Sand Boa ($300.00)
Everything went well, we got her home, she has acclimated and she is definitely showing a sassy yet chill personality.
Rating by o***x for Great Basin Gopher Snake ($125.00)
Everything went perfectly and as we all know pictures do no justice they are absolutely stunning in person
Rating by m***e for Poss. Het. Stripe Bredl's Python Centralian Carpet Python ($200.00)
Smooth transaction, received exact snake ordered.
Rating by c***9 for Rough-Scaled Sand Boa ($250.00)
I received my snake this morning and I am completely happy with the entire buying experience. They emailed me back very quickly and walked me through all the steps. Not to mention the picture of the snake doesn't do him justice. He is BEAUTIFUL!!!
Rating by s***e for Striped Poss. Het. Snow Sand Boa Kenyan Sand Boa ($110.00)
the seller was helpful from the purchase of the animal to the arrival. his main goal was to have the animal arrive safely and he fulfilled that. i would 100% recommend this shop to anybody looking for a Kenyan Sand Boa.
Rating by b***0 for Striped Poss. Het. Snow Sand Boa Kenyan Sand Boa ($110.00)
Replied promptly and offered to help with any care questions (first-time BTS keeper here). BTS arrived via FedEx overnight securely packaged in a tupperware and lots of extra packaging for cushioning. It seems very healthy so far.
Rating by g***o for Northern Blue-Tongued Skink ($400.00)
Great communication and received two healthy snakes.
Rating by f***y for Striped Bredl's Python Centralian Carpet Python ($300.00)
Would buy from again.
Rating by y***s for Bawangling Cave Gecko Other Gecko ($300.00)
excellent animals, quality service and fast shipping, will definitely recommend and make confident purchasing in the future.
Rating by j***e for Poss. Het. Stripe Bredl's Python Centralian Carpet Python ($200.00)
Great seller in all aspects. I love my snake and will definitely be ordering from the seller again :)
Rating by s***0 for Striped Sand Boa Pos. Het. Snow Kenyan Sand Boa ($90.00)
All interactions with the shop were absolutely wonderful, friendly and super helpful. They answered all my questions in a timely manner. I love my new baby, she’s absolutely gorgeous and healthy and active, I can’t wait to get to know her better
Rating by k***r for Aberrant California Kingsnake ($125.00)
Both sand boas arrived looking alert and well taken care of female ate second day in my care male might take a bit longer but overall i am very happy with my purchase.
Rating by b***a for Snow Kenyan Sand Boa ($200.00)
All arrived well packaged and warm which was awesome as it was pretty cold where I am. Great communication, and all t's arrived healthy and well.
Rating by b***r for Gooty Sapphire Ornamentals - Poecilotheria Metallica 1.5-2" Tarantula ($135.00)
Fast communication and my new baby boa arrived safely, quickly, and healthy. The packaging was fantastic and secure. I'd definitely order from G.B.S. again in a heartbeat!
Rating by s***s for Pos. Het. Snow Kenyan Sand Boa ($70.00)
Very prompt and professional! Quick to respond and answer any questions/concerns! Animals packaged very well, arrived safe and in a timely manner even with fedex delays! Will definitely buy again and recommend to others! Thank you!
Rating by k***s for Pied Ball Python ($400.00)
Very unprofessional and seemed to not care about the animals we were looking at purchasing. Gave us the wrong address for local pickup, then wouldn't let us come inside to see the animals, instead he brought them outside which was very cold.
I'm sorry you feel this way about our interaction. We care greatly for our animals. Our correct address is on our website and was in in our messages. We are not open to the general public. We allow local pickup but not tours.
Rating by o***s for Het. Anery Sand Boa Kenyan Sand Boa ($70.00)
There was a bit of a problem locating the address (Google map being weird like that sometimes), but the seller responds quickly to messages and told us where to find him so it all turned out ok. All in all, it was a good transaction.
Rating by m***n for Snow Kenyan Sand Boa ($200.00)
We ended up requesting a refund because of shipping delays from FedEx, but they were personable, easy to work with, and the customer service is top notch. I would definitely order from them again.
Rating by d***d for Striped Anery Kenyan Sand Boa ($150.00)
Beautiful Kenyan sand boas! Great care for the animals is evident and I appreciate that. Thanks!
Rating by h***s for Anery Kenyan Sand Boa ($115.00)