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Fast to ship out, Geckos are beautiful and very healthy. Great communication. Cant wait to come back for more beauties!
Rating by r***a for CH42 - Nice White Collar PI Chahoua NPV - ***FREE SHIPPING! Chahoua Gecko ($950.00)
We did a Double Purchase and could not be happier everyone got here quick and safe! Living Art Communicated Quickly and handled all questions easily! We cant wait to add to the collection and we will be back again!
Rating by m***r for G14 - Nice Red Striped Female Gargoyle Gecko - Great Deal! ($250.00)
Amazing experience and quick turn around on receiving my gecko. I highly recommend LAC and will be purchasing from them again in the future.
Rating by d***e for L2- 66% Het Melanistic Nuu Ana Cross - Prob Female ***$595 Weekly Special! FREE SHIPPING!*** Leachianus Gecko ($900.00)
From first message to receiving my Geckos way very amazing. Customer service and the Geckos themselves are all top notch. Could no be happier. And if they ever offer a “mystery” one I highly recommend doing it. Thank again!!
Rating by r***d for CR65 - Great Creamy Male Pinstripe *** Weekly Special - Only $125! Crested Gecko ($200.00)
As expected, shipment is flawless and the gecko is in perfect condition and beautiful out of the box.
Rating by k***k for CH20- Awesome Orange Female PI Chahoua - *** $500 Weekly Special! *** FREE SHIPPING! Chahoua Gecko ($600.00)
LAC went above and beyond to help me with this purchase. They answered all questions I had and were a pleasure to do business with. The gecko I received looks absolutely stunning and I can’t wait to purchase more geckos from them in the future.
Rating by c***n for CR57 - Funky Light Hypo Phantom Pinstripe- Female - ***$75 This Week Only! Crested Gecko ($125.00)
I reached out to the seller about this gecko and a few others. Worked out how to purchase them (some here, some only listed on website) - entire process was painless and professional. Answered several questions. Packaging and delivery was perfect.
Rating by g***e for CR69 - Awesome Red Based Super Dalmatian - Male *** FREE SHIPPING! Crested Gecko ($500.00)
Best overall experience I’ve had purchasing and receiving an animal, and I highly recommend anyone in the hobby looking to buy, to check out LAC Herps! I’ll definitely be buying from them again!!
Rating by d***4 for CH19 - White Collar PI Chahoua - Great Color - Young Male *** FREE SHIPPING Chahoua Gecko ($500.00)
LAC is the best! I am a repeat customer and could not be happier with every aspect of their service. Their animals, communication, shipping, and entire process is flawless. Thank you Andrew & Sarah!
Rating by g***c for CR7- Awesome Extreme Harlequin Male - *** 60% OFF!*** Crested Gecko ($800.00)
Love love love love LOVE my new baby!! He is so vivid and just freaking beautiful he blows me away! Packaging was great, even included some SICK 3D printed stuff which I love. Communication was 10/10 super chill seller 😎 I’ll be back!
Rating by r***e for CH75 - Stellar ORANGE PI Chahoua Male - White Collar - ***20% OFF + FREE SHIPPING!*** Chahoua Gecko ($720.00)
Easy transaction and great communication. Highly recommend, love my new baby.
Rating by m***s for CR106 - Cool Hypo Phantom Female Crested Gecko ***ALL CRESTED GECKOS ARE 50% OFF!*** ($150.00)
If you are looking for a high quality animal, I highly recommend purchasing an animal from LAC.Their animals are absolutely beautiful and healthy. I purchased a Lilly white crestie and he is absolutely gorgeous and healthy as can be. Very responsive!
Rating by a***s for LW6 - High Coverage Super Clean Lilly White - MALE - 50% OFF ALL CRESTEDS! Crested Gecko ($1,300.00)
Beautiful gecko. Shipped out fast. Came in looking very healthy!
Thank you!
Rating by r***a for S8 - Nice Young White Collar + White Spot Sarasinorum + FREE SHIPPING! More Gecko ($800.00)
My thanks to them. Great looking geckos.
Rating by m***s for 5 Pack 3/4 Grown Mourning Geckos TODAY ONLY! $200 Shipped! More Gecko ($250.00)
Best seller on here, excellent prices, great communication. Has gone above and beyond teaching me as I enter this hobby. Please support this man and his family!!! Great Breeder, Great Caretaker
Thanks Chris! Your excitement and genuine interest in animals is great and we are honored to help you along in your journey with your new found hobby!
Rating by c***1 for 5 Pack 3/4 Grown Mourning Geckos TODAY ONLY! $200 Shipped! More Gecko ($250.00)
Great to deal with, answered questions quickly
Rating by b***9 for GG1- RTB Male Red Stripe Gargoyle Gecko ($350.00)
Geckos all came in looking great! Smooth transaction overall.
All geckos came in safe and sound. Beautiful geckos!
Rating by g***o for Wholesale 10 LOT! 50% OFF White Lined Gecko / Skunk Geckos - Juveniles 10 Pack $350 Shipped! More Gecko ($350.00)
Thank you Andrew for the awesome rough throated leaf tailed gecko! Fantastic experience end to end, all of my questions and concerns were answered. The gecko that I received is stunning and thriving as well. A+ service, I highly recommended LACherps!
Thanks Kyle, we're glad it's doing well for you and appreciate your business :)
Rating by k***s for Rough-Throated Leaf-Tailed Gecko (Saltuarius Salebrosus) More Gecko ($750.00)
Love my experience with them! I recommend them all the way. The gecko I received is not only gorgeous but is chowing down on bugs only a couple hours after shipping, lovely healthy little guy! Fast shipping and great communication as well.
Rating by k***i for CH38 - Crank X Smoothie - Possible Male - $100 OFF! Chahoua Gecko ($650.00)
Excellent experience, we love our new boy. His name is Vanilla Pudding and we call him Pudd Pudd. Thank you!
Rating by h***3 for TODAY ONLY! Lilly White On Super Sale Crested Gecko ($440.00)
Great buy super happy :)
Thanks for your purchase Ricardo, we hope your new gecko is doing well for you and appreciate your business :)
Rating by r***c for CR10- Great Male Harlequin From Amazing Extreme Harley Parents - BIG SALE!!! Crested Gecko ($115.00)
Absolutely beautiful gecko. Picture’s definitely did not do him justice and the pictures were great! Andrew was very communicative. Will definitely do business again.
Thanks again Tracey, we are glad he got in safe and that you’re happy with him!
Rating by t***i for CH36 - Marty X Rosa * SALE!!! $55 OFF - Great Coloration! Chahoua Gecko ($495.00)
Andrew and Sarah were great to buy from. Their experience and professionalism was apparent through the whole process. The packing job was awesome and my guy arrived with no issues. He's beautiful and just as pictured. Highly recommend.
Thanks for your purchase and it was great meeting you at the Flora Fauna Conference! Please let us know if there's anything else we can help with :)
Rating by p***t for LW3- Nearly RTB Male LW Crested Gecko ($675.00)
Geckos came in looking great and their packaging was outstanding! Seller kept in contact throughout the process and couldn't have made it easier. His response time to my online questions were fast as well. This was a good experience. Thank you.
Thanks Raul for the easy transaction! Please let us know if there's anything else you need or that we can help you with!
Rating by r***a for Rough-Throated Leaf-Tailed Gecko (Saltuarius Salebrosus) More Gecko ($750.00)
Great seller and very easy to work with. Will deal with again in the future.
Thanks for your purchase!
Rating by t***n for 5 Pack 3/4 Grown Mourning Geckos TODAY ONLY! $200 Shipped! More Gecko ($250.00)
Great communication and shipping, absolutely love the sarasinorum and she's active and eating well. Would definitely buy from them again :)
We're glad you're happy with your purchase, please let us know if there's anything else we can help with :)
Rating by s***z for S2 - Nice RTB MALE White Collar + White Spot Sarasinorum ***20% OFF + FREE SHIPPING! More Gecko ($700.00)
Really happy with them! Been wanting more and they are eating like champs right away
Rating by d***i for 5 Pack 3/4 Grown Mourning Geckos TODAY ONLY! $200 Shipped! More Gecko ($250.00)
10/10 From communication down to the packaging! I received my male happy and healthy with no delay or issues, I will definitely be buying from these two again!
Rating by k***s for CR3 - RTB Super Clean Blonde Pinstripe With Sweet Lats! ***Biggest Sale Of The Year!*** Crested Gecko ($390.00)
Highly responsive and I was sent healthy animals thanks
Rating by w***s for 5 Pack 3/4 Grown Mourning Geckos TODAY ONLY! $200 Shipped! More Gecko ($250.00)
Sellers were wonderful to work with, and my Sara is absolutely stunning! Would highly recommend buying from them!
Rating by c***y for S2 - Nice RTB MALE White Collar + White Spot Sarasinorum ***20% OFF + FREE SHIPPING! More Gecko ($700.00)
I purchased a large group of Amnicola geckos from LAC and they arrived in great condition. The buying process was simple and quick - communication was great as well. Thanks again!
Rating by t***n for Rough-Throated Leaf-Tailed Gecko (Saltuarius Salebrosus) More Gecko ($750.00)
I am new to buying reptiles online and they were great in all aspects. I would definitely buy from them again in the future.
Rating by t***c for CH51 - Kirby X Ivory - Probable Male PI Chahoua- Only $500! Chahoua Gecko ($500.00)
Very accommodating with questions and shipping. An overall enjoyable and straightforward buying experience. My beautiful Chahoua arrived safe and sound and in great health.
Rating by j***s for CH22 - Awesome PINK - White Collar - PI FEMALE Chahoua Chahoua Gecko ($2,250.00)
Great attention taken to care of animal, shipping, and service. 100% satisfied and would suggest LAC HERPS.
Rating by t***d for CBB Tokay Gecko ($175.00)
Couldn't have asked for a better transaction in every way! Thanks!
Rating by w***2 for 3,4,5+ Lots Of Mourning Geckos! On SALE NOW Starting At $54/3 Small More Gecko ($54.00)
A+ seller, he came super healthy and overall very satisfied thanks!!
Rating by d***9 for LW1-1 Proven Very Nice Lilly White MALE - $2,250 Crested Gecko ($2,250.00)
Received shipment with 3 mourning geckos. Unfortunately upon arrival one was deceased. The other two were large healthy females who were very rambunctious. The seller responded rapidly and provided a partial refund. Overall great exp
Hey Sam, sorry again for the DOA. Unfortunately rarely these things happen, but when they do we have to take care of them to the best of our ability. We hope the other two do well for you and produce lots of nice babies :)
Rating by s***t for 3,4,5+ Lots Of Mourning Geckos! On SALE NOW Starting At $54/3 Small More Gecko ($54.00)
Great transaction and communication. Would definitely buy from them again!
Rating by b***3 for 5 Pack Mourning Geckos More Gecko ($120.00)
Got our crested gecko healthy and happy as described! Shipping time was fast, very good communication.
Rating by k***r for Lilly White Crested Gecko ($1,600.00)
My gecko was delivered on time and looked perfect.
Rating by c***4 for S1 - Sarasinorum Group 3 More Gecko ($250.00)