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Great transaction. The snake arrived safely and very healthy, and the communication from the seller was appreciated to make sure shipping was scheduled at a convenient time and I had all the information I needed. I highly recommend NERD!
Rating by v***a for Palmetto Corn Snake
Everyone was kind, patient, and helpful. The snake arrived safely and without issue.
Rating by d***r for Mosaic California Kingsnake
Prompt, responsive, and put the animals first. :) My baby rhino iguana arrived safely and in beautiful, healthy condition. Would 100% recommend and/or purchase from N.E.R.D. again!
Rating by a***a for Rhino Iguanas Other Iguana
Beautiful , healthy animal. Shipped promptly and professionally. Good experience all around.
Rating by a***r for Falcon Vanishing Pattern Hypo Honduran Milk Snake
Just make sure your phone number is updated... 😅 otherwise, everything with them went swimmingly 😁
Rating by u***n for Golden Child Cow Reticulated Python
The albino banded kingsnake I received was even more beautiful than in the pictures. I am extremely happy with my purchase. Communication, shipping time, and packaging were all great. I have already purchased more snakes from NERD. You guys rock!
Rating by k***3 for Albino Banded California Kingsnake
Perfect had a bit of a mis understanding and they compensated me for it nerd is awesome and how they work with customers is how it should be everywhere
Rating by j***9 for Mojave Ball Python
Blood python looked whiter in picture as displayed I received it and it is more of a peach color but I am still very impressed by the colors on the snake
Rating by h***7 for Magpie Possible Het T+ Albino Blood Python
I received healthy. Great transaction and customer service and packaging was on point. I highly recommend N.E.R.D.
Rating by j***n for High White Albino California Kingsnake
Fantastic fast and smooth transaction! Love the snake and she’s doing well
Rating by j***7 for Possible Toffee Albino Ball Python
Best customer service I have experienced on Morph Market. These guys treat you right and plus the snake was perfect.
Rating by p***t for Lace Scaleless Head 50% Het Axanthic Ball Python
I don’t think I’ve ever experienced customer service as well as I did with this company. If I could rate more stars I would!! My snake is perfect and in perfect health, and customer service is incredible. Thank you!!!
Rating by s***1 for Albino Banded California Kingsnake
I had a great experience with NERD. They have been around a long time and I would trust them every time. My snake arrived happy and healthy! Thanks! PS, Kianna in shipping is awesome!
Rating by s***0 for Gray Banded King Snake Gray-Banded Kingsnake
Received snake as advertised. The animal was not shipped out on the date I had requested with shipping coordinator and arrived at fedex hub without my knowledge while I was out of town,and sat overnight until I was informed. Luckily alive and healthy
Rating by z***e for Long Term Captive Southern White Lipped Python White-Lipped Python
Could not be happier with this transaction! Gecko is healthy and looks exactly like the pictures. Extremely pleased. Thank you!
Rating by c***m for Red Stripe Tokay Gecko
Great service
Rating by c***q for 2022 Tri-Color Hognose
Awsome experience buying from N.E.R.D ... super friendly and great communication 👏. Package was tits and reptile is amazing and healthy. Will definitely purchase more in the near future and also will recommend to Friends and family.
Rating by i***g for Argus Monitor Lizard Other Monitor
First payment wasn't authorized, Messaged about shipping a certain day and was ignored, had to call them and talk to someone and was told to resubmit payment and they'd ship same day, and didn't, took over a month to finally get the snake shipped
Rating by r***l for Hidden Gene Woma Granite Ball Python
They didn’t ship right before Christmas to minimize the risk of shipping delays. They put the welfare of their animals first.
Rating by s***b for Hypo Tangerine Honduran Milk Snake
Thank you very much picked up in store
Rating by x***3 for Mojave Enchi Odium Ball Python
Great experience and a healthy snake. Had a little communication hiccup but staff illnesses were the culprit so Im not going to knock em on that too much. They delivered on time and answered my questions after the delivery so I appreciate that.
We love to hear it. I do apologize for the slight delay in correspondence, like you said, we had many call outs due to illness. =)
Rating by n***s for Anerythristic Corn Snake
Everyone over at New England reptiles is fantastic to deal with, the 3 African giant millipedes arrived in exceptional shape, fast shipping. couldn’t be happier also they through in stickers and a lanyard and some other neat items.
Rating by r***5 for Giant African Millipede
I had a really good experience with buying a snake from NERD.
Rating by a***s for Coral Glow Enchi Fader Het Pied Ball Python
NERD is awesome! The animal is healthy and doing great! Can't recommend NERD enough.
Rating by w***1 for Pinstripe Desert Ghost Ball Python
He is beautiful, chill temperament, and arrived safely and in good health. Shipped at 6pm from Connecticut and arrived at my local FedEx in the Midwest by 10am.
Rating by a***h for Stripe Possible Het T+ Albino Blood Python
Kianna was so helpful. The original snake was already taken, so she helped me pick out my sweet boy. They truly produce gorgeous animals. I cannot believe how calm and gentle he is aside from being beautiful. A++
Rating by h***n for Black Edge Pied - White Snout Reticulated Python
Great communication! Very helpful with care instructions and all my other questions. They were especially careful to work with me around the weather.
Rating by e***0 for Sonoran Desert Toad
Figured id get a great transaction because of the name. These guys have been around forever so i am disappointed. Ignored my messages regarding them not eating then reguring. Smh.
Rating by d***o for Well Established Gonyosoma Pair Of Gonyosoma Jansenii Black Tailed Rat Snake Other Rat Snake
Amazing animal and a really good price. He will deffinately add some quality to my collection. I will definitely do buisness with them again
Rating by k***s for Coral Glow Enchi Piebald Pinstripe Ball Python
Amazing experience... everyone was very responsive and helpful. Will definitely do business with them again. Received him in perfect condition and has a great personality. 10 out of 10 recommend doing business with them
We are happy that you love your animal! Thank you for the support!
Rating by t***2 for Hypo Fire Het Snow Boa Constrictor
Very pleased with this boy I got today. Will definitely buy from them again.
Rating by f***6 for Red Stripe Clown - Near Breeding Ball Python
Animal arrived the next day. Was boxed and shipped promptly and properly. The only complaint I have is that the snake is quite small. A little more weight on the snake and would’ve been 5 stars all the way around. I would purchase another snake again
Rating by b***s for Black Head Leopard Het Pied Ball Python
Nerd was the easiest company I have delt with on morph market easy and always get back to u asap that's nice
Rating by t***p for Platinum Phantom Sunfire Tiger Marble Reticulated Python
Great customer service and a quick delivery!
Rating by b***y for Lemon Blast Het Pied Ball Python
Overall a positive experience. She showed up as described and on time. Thank you NERDs
Rating by r***5 for Black Pastel Het Candy Ball Python
The snake babies were in perfect health, alert and very active! Best experience working with a breeder so far! Could not be more happy or impressed!
We are happy to hear that you are pleased with your animal! It has been a pleasure doing business with you -Barb
Rating by j***m for Ivory Reticulated Python Cupcake X Snarfles
Everything went very well with New England Reptile Distributors . They shipped as indicated and the packaging was very good. The snake arrived safely the very next day. There was great communication throughout entire process. I would use them again.
Rating by t***e for Queen Duran" Grey Banded, California King Snake X Honduran Milk Snake California Kingsnake
Very beautiful healthy animals and shipped on time
Thank you for doing business with us! We are happy that you love your new critters
Rating by s***e for Giant African Millipede
Great service! Animal was originally mis priced but Kevin gave me a great deal! Beautiful animal with great temperment!
Thank you very much!!! I appreciate you taking the time to write this even!!!!! Glad you are HAPPY!!! Kev
Rating by n***1 for Citrus Lavender Albino Golden Child Tiger Reticulated Python
I si appreciate Barbara (NERD) she was so thoughtful &made the time from ordering to picking my Waashi(Tegu) up all the more pleasurable. I will definitely recommend them to anyone and ask to Only speak with Kevin or Barbara. They both are amazing...
Ainissa, Thank you for the feedback on your purchase. We are so glad to hear that you are happy! Barb and Kevin both put a lot of effort into both the animals and the business aspects of NERD. Always feel free to reach out to us! Thanks again!!
Rating by h***5 for Black And White Argentine Tegu Argentine Tegus
I love this little guy, super colorful, however the animal came in with an injury, which is still healing. Seller didn’t lmk when it was shipped, only got message from fedex when it was here. Was offered to return but I don’t agree with euthanasia.
Last review is actually for different seller I put here on accident, but the review doesn’t change much. Communication was awful, delayed shipping dude to inability to respond. Came w mites and an injury. Very disappointed with NERD.
Rating by m***s for Candino Enchi Ball Python
Great service & prompt shipping
Thank you for the review, it was a pleasure working with you!
Rating by p***n for 2021 Male Axanthic Super Anaconda Het Toxic Western Hognose $1,250
Overall great to deal with. Had tracking mishap, wrong # given and was given morning of pick up. But all worked out had bit of worry but arrived on time and as described. thank you
Rating by d***s for 30” + Ultra Friendly Guru Water Monitor
Perfect buying experience. Snake was shipped when promised and arrived in great shape and looking exactly like the photos.
Rating by j***k for Visible T- Albino -PROVEN BREEDER- Brazilian Rainbow Boa
Great company to work with as expected. Snake was held at a hub for pickup, packed up nicely and will make a great addition to my collection.
Rating by l***s for 2019 Female Cinnamon Mahogany 66% Het Pied Ball Python
Female Sonoran leopard has now shed twice for me and is eating consistently. She settled down after a few weeks and now handles very nicely! Great snake. NERD was very patient with my questions. Helpful people.
Rating by d***h for Captive Bred 2021 Female Leopard Sonoran Boa $750 Boa Constrictor