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It was great! packaging was correct and nice and the baby is very healthy and beautiful!
Rating by l***k for Ornate Uromastyx Baby Male (OUBM23)
Beautiful sub-adult female peacock geckos. Arrived alive and quickly. Would recommend seller.
Rating by o***o for Peacock Day Gecko (Phelsuma Quadriocellata)
Overall great customer service with a lot of communication, the arrival of my Bearded Dragon was swift and came neatly packaged with warming pads and insulation to ensure live arrival.
Rating by s***0 for Paradox Bearded Dragon Central Bearded Dragon
Well packaged, healthy beautiful tortoise. Shipped quickly. Five-star seller! I'll be back! Excellent in every way! Best price I’ve been able to find! James was ultra professional and friendly. Very responsive. Highly recommended
Rating by o***2 for Golden Greek Greek Tortoise
I’m a new fan! Great communication, customer service and top quality animals. I have already made my second order for the Black Friday sale. Will continue to work with them in the future.
Rating by j***3 for Armadillo Lizards (Cordylus Tropidosternum) More Lizard
These little ones are wonderful. Growing nicely and easy to handle. They are spoiled rotten and great eaters. Thank you.
Rating by w***s for Ornate Uromastyx Baby Male (OUBM16)
These little guys are perfect. I had them checked out at the vet and they were kept in good conditions before shipped to me. They will be well cared for here. Thank you so much.
Rating by w***s for Ornate Uromastyx Baby Female (OUBF19)
Animal looked good.staff was helpful.
Rating by t***8 for Biak Green Tree Python SABGTP3
Seller was easy to work with and communicated well. Would work with again.
Rating by c***s for Red Eye Croc Skink Other Skink
Exactly what my 10 year old dreamed it would be!
Rating by h***g for Ocellated Uromastyx
Many apologies for this belated response!! But the GTP was better than I had expected, hydrated, bright green, Nido-virus free, and free of any illness/parasites! We had this girl vet-checked, and vet said she was GREAT!
Glad we could assist you with your GTP, Keep a eye on our website for anything you might be interested in feel free to call our online sales office number located on our website!
Rating by a***1 for Sub Adult Biak Green Tree Python Female (SAGTP2)
Purchased a uromastyx from them and it arrived alive and well. Satisfied with the purchase would recommend a friend to them. Seller quick to respond
Rating by a***4 for Ornate Uromastyx
I had a great experience buying a pair of Peter Banded Skinks. They were packaged beautifully. They both appear to be healthy and in good shape. I'll definitely reccomend them to anyone looking to buy a reptile and I'll definitely be using them again
Rating by l***5 for Peter Banded Skinks Other Skink
RPD was incredibly helpful in making my first purchase on morph market. They were very responsive and provided me with everything I had asked for. Questions about diet, getting additional pictures, and requesting a specific ship date, all of it! A++
Rating by s***y for CBB SUPER High Red Crimson Grandis 1 For 150 Or 3 For 300 Shipped! Day Gecko
I would just like to say that their a 10/10! They were fast on responding/helped when needed And shipping was very quick and easy. Would definitely recommend reptile pets direct again :)
Rating by w***n for Vibrant Young Biak Starting To Transition! Green Tree Python
Absolutely great experience, offered kind advice and I would definitely purchase from them again!
Rating by d***n for Dragon Snakes More Colubrid
To notch in all aspects. Outstanding communication. He's a real beauty. He's in shed now. Can't wait to see him afterwards. Ate like a champ today as well. Thank you. 5⭐
Rating by g***0 for Vibrant Baby Guyana Red Tail Boa! True Red-Tailed Boa Constrictor
Great place! Terrific service! Craig and Lauren are the best! They get some hard to get lizards un great shape!
Rating by d***d for Bell's Angle Head Dragon (Gonocephalus Bellii) More Lizard
Great communication, awesome animal and great packaging! Awesome store! Will recommend!
Rating by a***a for Axanthic Baby Mangrove! Mangrove Monitor
Easy transaction and fast shipping. Our animal arrived safe and sound with no issues.
Rating by c***1 for Stunning Captive Hatched Mangrove Snake Boiga Dendrophila / Melanota More Colubrid
Gecko looks to be in great health and is settling in nicely, and she's absolutely stunning as well.
Rating by p***s for Fantastic Female Sikorae Leaf-Tailed Gecko
Looks to be in great health and settling in nicely as well.
Rating by p***s for Vibrant Female Leaf Tailed Gecko Leaf-Tailed Gecko
Great as always! This is the second time I’ve dealt with this store and their chameleons are always on point and healthy!
Rating by b***0 for Stunning Juvenile Male Ambilobe 450$ Shipped! Other Chameleon
Thanks so much! Extremely happy with the monitor Great people great service
Rating by p***s for Young Crocodile Monitor
The snake is breathtaking thank so much for helping me get my dream snake.
Rating by l***s for Vibrant Young Madagascar Giant Hognoses More Colubrid
Great experience, I’m very happy and the snakes are amazing!
Rating by r***s for Vibrant Young Madagascar Giant Hognoses More Colubrid
First time purchasing anything from I was hesitant..but my experience was very positive and I am very satisfied..and my Uro is settling in nicely..happy
Rating by k***4 for High Yellow Saharan Uromastyx
Quick and easy NY the time I ordered it was shipped same day and dropped off next day and 12pm exactly!!
Rating by m***s for Hermann’s Tortoises Hermann's Tortoise
I got a 10 CT baby savannah monitors. They're absolutely adorable. I received a nice assortment of colors. I would definitely order from them again :)
Rating by k***r for Baby Savannah Monitors 10 Ct $200 Shipped!
Tortoise looked way better in person then in photos, very friendly and understanding staff :)
Rating by j***p for Female Syrian Golden Greek Tortoise
Great guy, done business for many years with them.
Rating by m***s for Baby Savannah Monitors 10 Ct $200 Shipped!
Lauren has been amazing!!! She made me feel super safe with our communication and understanding the stress of not seeing the animal in person and ordering online. She does her best to answer all your questions and concerns! I recommend!!! :)
Rating by t***n for Bright Red Tail Green Red-Tailed Green Rat Snake
Not sure they are male & female,they look identical too me.No worries tho,they seem happy & healthy in their new enclosure & are eating good.My whole family loves them.Thanks.
Rating by r***8 for Awesome 4-6” Herman’s Tortoises Any Sex Hermann's Tortoise
Shipped when said. Received exactly what I asked for. Healthy male with good weight and clear eyes. After soaking he ate and was extremely active. Won't hesitate to purchase anything from them again. A++
Rating by s***k for Awesome 4-6” Herman’s Tortoises Any Sex Hermann's Tortoise
This was one of the best transactions I’ve made in along time Lizards came beautiful boxed we’re nice and warm They are healthy and beautiful I would do business with this seller again thanks very much!! Kris
Rating by l***2 for Super Red Saharan Uro Uromastyx
Lauren was really great to work with and made it really easy to purchase the geckos. They got here within just 2 days after I ordered. The animals are exactly, if not better, than advertised!!
Rating by c***s for Uroplatus Sikorae Male And Females Leaf-Tailed Gecko
Seller was very informative and accommodating. Thanks!
Rating by j***t for Perfect Neonate Biak Green Tree Python
I did local pickup for this girl. They’re doing curbside pickup and they quickly brought her out to me. Very professional and they answered all my questions. She is not only beautiful, but clearly very healthy and well taken care of.
Rating by d***e for Beautiful CBB White-Lipped Python
Great communication! Fast and easy! And couldn't be more satisfied with my purchase! Definitely recommend!
Rating by c***e for CB Amazon Tree Boa Halloween Phase Baby
Reptile Pets Direct has wonderful service, I highly recommend them! Lauren and Craig were so helpful and very attentive. The turn around time from inquiry to receiving the animal was very fast! I've never seen a snake packed for shipping so well!
Rating by c***h for Beautiful CBB White-Lipped Python
Everything went smoothly. I plan on buying another animal from them in the future.
Rating by p***s for Uroplatus Sikorae Male And Females Leaf-Tailed Gecko
Great to deal with, thanks for the snake!
Rating by r***2 for 12/20/2020 Rainbow Boa Brazilian Rainbow Boa
5 stars all around , seller was very responsive and replied in a timely fashion, also my Boa arrived in perfect health and happy :) I will be purchasing from them again .They even put a lot of care into packaging to make sure my girl was nice andwarm
Rating by k***c for Female Guyana Red Tail Boa True Red-Tailed Boa Constrictor
No complaints whatsoever! Very positive experience and I highly recommend!
Rating by d***f for Female Guyana Red Tail Boa High Red True Red-Tailed Boa Constrictor
They did a great job with communicating with me and I got exactly what I got in a very timely manner. Would recommend for anyone.
Rating by r***m for 10 Lots Brand New S.Isabel Solomon Island Ground Boa Babies 10 Lots 300 Shipped Dumeril's Boa
I bought 3 Emeralds from Reptile Pets Direct - and it was a great transaction. Great communication - and all 3 Emeralds arrived perfectly. I wouldn't hesitate to acquire more boas from them. Thank you!
Rating by t***n for Baby Red Phase Emerald Tree Boa Northern Emerald Tree Boa
This black throat monitor is going to be my best friend, I can tell that right now. Very happy to have found a captive bred one like this and I will definitely buy again from them. All around great experience.
Rating by i***s for Black Throat Monitors Black-Throated Monitor
Communication was great Lauren answered every question I had, and I had many 😆 provided a couple photos upon request, the gtp is beautiful, and was shipped very well!! I can tell that they went above and beyond to make sure my Snake stayed warm. AC
Rating by m***5 for Baby Misol Green Tree Green Tree Python
i couldn’t have asked for a smoother transaction, the breeder was knowledgeable and honest as can be about the animal, it’s health and what it’s feeding on. answered very quickly all my questions, and even shipped it same day. all around fantastic
Rating by v***x for White Lip Python White-Lipped Python