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Chase Carmody

Chandler, TX 75758, USA

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Gecko and reptilian alchemy. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

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Store Policy

-Terms you are agreeing to when placing an order.

-Shipping is free in the United States for any size order! We ship with Redline Shipping using Fedex Priority Overnight. Geckos are guaranteed 100% alive and healthy in the US. Shipments must be picked up at a FedEx Ship Center, unless you've discussed home delivery with us. We must be notified your geckos arrived alive and well within 30 minutes of delivery without exception, or guarantee is waived.

-We will hold all geckos until a safe weather window opens. We have supplies to safely ship from 30⁰-100⁰. We only ship out Monday-Wednesday.

-We are always available to help with gecko care, and are not responsible for geckos once in your possession. Geckos from us arrive healthy and feeding well. You are responsible for understanding husbandry and care for your geckos. We do not sell slow growers or geckos that do not eat consistently, so husbandry needs to be addressed if you're having issues.

-We use Square to send invoices for everyone in the US. The "buy now" button is linked to our same Square account. Auction wins and multiple gecko purchases require us to send invoices. Invoices require us to enter associated address and name exactly on the card used. You do not need a Square account to pay, and we never see your card number, expiration date, or cvv at any point!

-All payments are non-refundable or transferable. We will happily take surrendered geckos back if you cannot care for them or do not want them. We do not offer refunds for returns.

We fire up geckos for sale photos using uvb lighting. Your gecko may arrive fired up, down, or possibly stressed from shipping. This can impact color for a bit, however they will get back to normal after settling in.

We make this process very easy, and appreciate customers doing the same. 🙂

MorphMarket's Default Store Policy specifies any terms which have not been overridden by this Seller's stated policy.

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“I've never been this satisfied by purchasing geckos. Chase is an awesome seller!!! Communication was smooth and the gecko arrived safe and healthy. The packaging was professional and honestly speechless. He's super generous!”


“This is my second purchase from ZenGex and it did not disappoint! I received a gorgeous gecko with lineage and clear, prompt communication from Chase every step of the way. Awesome sticker & magnet bundle incl. Such a positive experience!”



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