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Excellent Geckos
Thank you, enjoy them!
Rating by t***s for Striped Whiteout Oreo Patternless AFT African Fat-Tailed Gecko ($450.00)
My Green Tree came packed well and is very healthy, seller communication was excellent.
thank you so much for your order!!
Rating by r***7 for Red Neonate Biak Green Tree Python ($550.00)
Thank you for our beautiful geckos!
Anytime! Enjoy
Rating by c***y for Tangerine Amel Stripe African Fat-Tailed Gecko ($125.00)
Amazing seller to work with. Great communication. Highly recommend.
Thank you for your feedback!
Rating by w***n for Double Het Caramel Oreo African Fat-Tailed Gecko ($100.00)
I have no complaints. The communication was good, the staff were friendly, and my african fat tail gecko was so well packaged he did not drop his/her tail and they were not any colder than 80 degrees despite it being winter.
Thank you Joni for the positive feedback. We look forward to hearing from you soon with updates on your aft!
Rating by j***7 for African Striped African Fat-Tailed Gecko ($100.00)
The frogs are beautiful and healthy and I appreciate that the seller took time and watched the weather before shipping out the frogs to make sure they were safe from cold weather
Rating by c***e for Amazon Milk Frogs Other Tree Frog ($55.00)
Snake was healthy and arrived on time. There are still 3 recent messages on MM that haven't been responded to. If you're trying to get a hold of them just call. Still not sure when the animal ate last... Wasn't awful but I won't buy from them again.
Rating by m***s for Super Enchi Butter Ball Python ($350.00)
The baby Cumingi water monitor arrived super healthy, and is a beautiful pet.
Rating by v***5 for Cumingi Water Monitor ($2,000.00)
Asked questions..never bothered to answer me..animal was nice 👍
Rating by h***s for Toad Head Agama Other Lizard ($200.00)
Could not ask for a better experience from this seller and the dragon is a heart stopper she is so beautiful!
Rating by d***0 for Red Leatherback Het Hypo Trans Central Bearded Dragon ($550.00)
Seller did not ship on agreed day. Shipped almost a week early and caused some major issues on my side. Seller apologized, but that didn’t fix the issue. Better communication on their end should have stopped this issue from happening.
Rating by s***5 for Albino Nelson's Milk Snake ($150.00)
They were great to deal with! Very responsive. I picked up the animal & it looked exactly as pictured. Great facility, super clean, Alex & Josh were also super helpful in getting started with a new type of python for me.
Rating by j***5 for Biak (Yellow/Green) Green Tree Python ($550.00)
Awesome experience imperial reptiles and exotics are one of the best animal looks good, package was on top top even put cooling packs for the little pac man frog I ordered love it and will order again from imperial reptiles and exotics
Rating by d***r for Patternless Green Booger Pacman Horned Frog ($80.00)
Great buy I'm happy with my overall experience with Imperial Reptiles and Exotics I would make another purchase from them they were also very responsive and informative the snake is perfect as well
Rating by a***3 for Snow Motley Corn Snake ($150.00)
I received my gecko in great health a day after it was shipped. Would buy from them again.
Rating by s***t for Normal Leopard Gecko ($39.95)
Imperial were very communicative and were great to work with. My snake arrived alert and healthy, and well packaged. A very good experience.
Rating by c***a for Anery Stripe Corn Snake ($180.00)
Fast ship,
Thank you for your feedback!
Rating by m***6 for Blazing Blizzard Leopard Gecko ($60.00)
I will be ordering again once I figure out what I would like to add to my collection shipping was fast and the time was sooner then it said it was going to come and he’s the perfect little tortoise ever. THANK YOU
Rating by s***a for Russian Tortoise ($120.00)
Sick tortoise did not want to correct problem. Tortoise died within a day upon arrival. They should not be selling because they are third party.
Customer bought a tortoise, claimed it died within a few days, we replaced it. They claim replacement died. After second tortoise death it’s clear something is not right with its set up or handling of the animal and not covered under our guarantee.
Rating by m***0 for Grenada Island Cherry Head Red Foots Red-footed Tortoise ($250.00)
My experience with imperial reptiles was excellent and the crested gecko is gorgeous
Rating by j***7 for Soft Scale Whiteout Pinstripe Crested Gecko ($750.00)
I received my little lady today and she is gorgeous and looks to be in good health. All around, it was a pretty good experience. When I ordered on Thursday I expected next day delivery but didn’t get her until Tuesday.
Rating by l***3 for Normal Ball Python ($80.00)
Friendly good communication and great quality snake
Rating by l***r for Normal Kenyan Sand Boa ($59.95)
They were absolutely amazing, Answered all my questions in a timely manner, communication was professional and fast. baby Mack snow leopard Gecko was here the day after my order went through. & is such a perfect baby! I would 100% highly recommend
Rating by c***2 for Mack Snow Leopard Gecko ($39.95)
The seller responded quickly to my initial e-mal, answered all my questions and kept an open discussion with me as I wasn't too familiar with the process. All in all a great experience and I'm extremely happy with my purchase!!
Rating by t***r for Guyana Boa Constrictor ($450.00)
Item was delivered today 12/3/21, thank God I have cameras and my girlfriend is home today. Unfortunately the shipper never provided a tracking number or even made me aware the animal was on its way. Very disappointing. Will not order with them again
Rating by m***7 for Solomon Island Mangrove Monitor ($150.00)
Great healthy animals. A pleasure buying from Imperial.
Rating by b***2 for 007 Blood Python ($999.95)
While emailing imperial they always responded quickly, shipment was very quick. And the snake looks amazing. Kids love her
Rating by j***7 for Jungle Boa Boa Constrictor ($169.95)
Reptile look alot bigger in the picture than wat was received..very happy with the service and communication..
Rating by a***9 for Black Roughneck Monitor ($300.00)
Kinda mad they sold me a what seems to be half blind leopard gecko but everything else was good
Gecko is not blind, Albino leopard geckos are just sensitive to light. I’m glad it arrived safely and everything else went well.
Rating by a***g for Blizzard Leopard Gecko ($39.00)
I was really nervous about using PayPal friends and Family for payment. I just researched reviews and hoped for the best. It turned out to be a great transaction though! Thanks so much.
I’m happy you’re snake arrived safely and your enjoying your new pied. However we never ask for friends and family. Payments are processed directly on our website and are covered by PayPal buyer/seller protection.
Rating by s***h for Piebald Ball Python ($299.95)
The only problem was FedEx lost my package and I had to go pick it up, and it was around ten hours late and I got no refund on shipping, it wasn't my fault it was FedEx and they did nothing and we're ride af
Rating by b***1 for Mack Snow Leopard Gecko ($39.00)
BE PREPARED! FAST shipping!!! A+++++++++++++ Lovely snake!!!!!
Rating by s***z for Phantom Corn Snake ($99.95)
Tortoise arrived fast and in great condition. Seller was very responsive and helpful. 5/5.
Rating by p***4 for Adult Halmahera Blue Tongue Skink Halmahera Blue-Tongued Skink ($249.95)
Awesome customer service. Great experience. A bit miscommunication with the snakes since there were two Super Mojave snakes for sale. However, this was quickly resolved due to great customer service. I'm extremely happy with my purchase.
Rating by m***a for Super Mojave (BEL) Ball Python ($349.95)
Everything is perfect and I couldn't be happier with my new little guy! My only complaint was that the shipping took over two days when it should have been overnight shipping, but I think that it was an issue on FedEx's end.
Rating by k***s for White Sided Axanthic Ghost Brooks' Kingsnake ($249.95)
Great customer service.
Thanks for the review!
Rating by t***7 for Halmahera Blue Tongue Skinks Halmahera Blue-Tongued Skink ($189.95)
Very responsive. Quality animal.
Thanks again!
Rating by s***m for Candy Ball Python ($299.95)
Excellent customer service and very professional. They answered all my questions to the letter
Glad we were able to help! Thanks again.
Rating by n***0 for Normal Classic Corn Snake ($80.00)
Spent 200 purchasing AWM spent another 200 on vet Bill's cause I was sent a VERY SICK AWM....cant get ahold of owner Alex AT ALL
He bought an Import Asian Water Monitor from us, we explicitly detail we do not offer any guarantee other than live arrival on imported water monitors. Curses at people and will harass you over the phone when he doesn’t get his way.
No I bought a water monitor that was advertised as a FARMBREED hatchling that was already eating a variety of foods...when I got the awm he was sick with internal parasites and would eat ANYTHING.....I tried reaching Alex MANY times but got nothing
Rating by j***s for Water Monitor ($149.95)
I was completely satisfied with the entire transaction
Glad you had a great experience! Thanks again.
Rating by w***1 for Anery Kenyan Sand Boa ($124.95)
Excellent and fast customer service. Received my baby BTS around 4 days ago and so far so good. Very healthy little guy and eating great!
Glad the skink is adapting well. Thanks again!
Rating by b***9 for Irian Jaya Blue Tongue Skinks Irian Jaya Blue-Tongued Skink ($249.95)
Beautiful loving little noodle! She’s super sweet. The breeders communicated with me every step along the way and answered questions about her. Very happy to have another great breeder In Florida! Thanks
Thanks again, happy to help any time.
Rating by l***a for Black Albino (Anery) Stripe Corn Snake ($129.95)
Very nice and professional!!
Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review.
Rating by r***8 for GHI Ball Python ($199.00)
I’m very impressed with imperial reptiles!! My red blood python is beautiful has an amazing temperament and he is doing so good so far! Would definitely recommend them to anyone!
Rating by p***s for Normal Red Blood Python ($149.95)
My little guy or girl is perfect
Rating by d***f for Argentine Black & White Tegu ($229.95)
They were very nice to talk to, even though my baby was a day late he arrived heath. I was very happy to receive him.
Rating by m***8 for Red 66% Ph Hypo Translucent Central Bearded Dragon ($119.95)
Ordered my mosiac cali kingsnake and got a reply back the same day. Got him overnight as promised,packaged very well and received him in perfect condition. Would definitely recommend ordering from Imperial Reptiles & Exotics.
Rating by m***a for High White California Kingsnake ($349.95)
Package came alive & earlier than expected.
Rating by t***z for Tremper Albino Leopard Gecko ($29.00)
Everything was perfect and we love our new baby gecko! Thank you!
Rating by r***4 for Mack Snow Leopard Gecko ($39.95)
Very cute baby dragon, she's really small but adorable. Wish I would have bought two
Rating by k***7 for Hypo Snow Bearded Dragons Central Bearded Dragon ($124.95)