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MorphMarket market and community sites experienced several hours of downtime this morning due to a major outage at Amazon Web Services. This outage has most likely affected thousands of websites, although some of the larger sites (like Reddit, Twitter, Spotify) may have only been affected in some of their services.

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Customer Testimonials

Today we introduce “Customer Testimonials”, a new feature that highlights a seller’s positive customer feedback.

While all sellers are able to accumulate ratings, the Standard and Premium membership plans now allow a seller to promote several of these ratings directly on their Store Page.

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Seller Responsiveness Metrics

Great businesses don’t just provide a great product; they also provide great service. One metric of customer service is responsiveness to buyers. On MorphMarket we capture this in the Responsiveness Rating and Average Response Time.

We've just added several features related to Seller Responsiveness Metrics.

  • Responsiveness is now shown on the Store Page
  • New tools to help sellers locate and respond to messages needing a reply

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