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Dear European and South African members,

In 2017, MorphMarket added European and South African regions. Since that time these regions have been classified as "Developing Markets", where many premium features were available to all sellers.

We are happy to share that these markets have grown significantly since their debut in 2017. Also, during this time, we have continued to grow and evolve our platform with essential changes and improved tools and service quality.

For these reasons, starting January 1, 2024, these regions will be classified as Mature Markets. This means that premium features previously available will now be part of paid plans. Recognizing the smaller market size in these regions, we've decided to offer these membership plans at half the price of the rates in the US region.

We have always been dedicated to providing a platform for all sellers and enthusiasts. As such, we will continue offering a free plan with basic features to ensure everyone can still use MorphMarket.

No immediate action is required on your part. In the coming weeks, we will provide further details on the new membership plans and how to subscribe.

We want to make sure that these changes are driven by our commitment to enhancing your experience on MorphMarket. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.


Your MorphMarket team