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NFS Collections

NFS Collections is a new animal management feature on MorphMarket which enables you to showcase your Not For Sale (NFS) animals. This is a great way to show off the breeding stock you are working with.

Previously, a few examples from your collection were shown on the Store page. Now, prospective buyers can browse your ENTIRE collection by clicking on the "View Collection" link in the Collection section of the Store page.

The Collection page provides some basic filtering and sorting options with more to come. You can also restrict which animals show up here by adjusting their visibility to Private or Unlisted. Unlisted animals can be seen but only by a direct link. Private animals can only be accessed by the seller.

NFS Animal visibility also depends on your Membership level. Basic members can showcase adults. Standard members can also showcase subadults. Higher memberships includes babies. These limits help to prevent the use of this feature to sell these animals.

However, this limitation did not sit well with us because we wanted all members to be able to share their entire collection with friends, including holdbacks. To allow this, we created a special link which you can obtain by using the Share button on this page. When you post this link into social media, anyone who clicks it will see all of your public animals.

Now let's see those beautiful breeders! Check out Ken Simpson's collection.

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