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This is a Public Service Announcement and a reminder to not share SMS reset codes with anyone.

This kind of scam could happen anywhere, but someone has been persistently trying to trick breeders by using the contact information publicly listed on our site.

It goes like this:

  • They text you as if they are interested in an animal.
  • They tell you a code is being sent to you which you should give to them so that they know YOU are not a scammer.
  • What actually is happening is they're trying to do a password reset on some account of yours, such as Instagram, which the scammer has also found. This service is sending YOU the code to make sure you are really trying to reset your password.

Some variants of the text message from the service trying to be reset clearly say "Do not share this with anyone", but we just wanted to help spread the word to avoid anyone getting tricked.

Since the communications are happening via text message and not on our site, there's nothing we can do to block them. We mentioned this in this the April 9 blog, but felt it deserved its own announcement.

In order to avoid this issue, you may wish to remove your phone number from your Store Profile on MorphMarket, your website, or other public sites. We also have an option to hide your name and phone number from users who are not logged in, found at the bottom of your Store Profile options. It is unclear though whether this would be enough to prevent this situation.

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