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MRC Integrations

Want your name on MorphMarket's home page? We're now posting trending topics from the MorphMarket Reptile Community (MRC) to our home page and other areas on the site.

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On Empire State Reptiles Radio

Call in with your questions this Saturday, January 28, as MorphMarket will be on Empire State Reptiles Live at 6:30ET.

Empire State Reptiles Live is an online reptile radio show that airs every Saturday night at 6:30 pm EST and runs for about 30 min. Their mission is to connect people that are involved with animals and their fans.

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Gecko Time Interviews John Lehmann

Gecko Time recently had the opportunity to interview John Lehmann, the founder of a new online sales platform that originally featured snakes but has now begun expanding to include geckos.

Full interview here.