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NFS Collections Update

Back in August, we announced a new animal management feature called Collections. This lets you show off all your Not For Sale (NFS) animals to the world.

To use this, just add animals with "Not For Sale" state and "Public" visibility. Prospective buyers can click a link on your Store Page there to browse your ENTIRE collection OR at least the ones you want to make public. From that page you can also click the Share button to drive more traffic to your Store Page.

Here's the new part: At first we had some additional restrictions to try to limit folks from using this feature to actually sell animals marked as NFS.

We changed our mind! While NFS animals won't show up in user searches on animals for sale, and users shouldn't be using this to actively sell animals, why let a few folks ruin this great feature for thousands of others.

So we have relaxed those limitations. Anyone with any paid membership can show off all the animals in their Collection.

Now let's see those beautiful holdbacks!

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