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Announcing MorphMarket Projects!

If you're a keeper, do you want to:

  • See what genetics your favorite breeders are working with right now?
  • Discover animals that are about to hit the market so you can be first in line?
  • Get automatically alerted on hatched animals that meet your specific criteria without even having to check the site?

If you're a breeder, do you want to:

  • Market your brand in new ways and to engage and grow your following?
  • Generate more excitement around the genetic projects you are working with?
  • Reach potential buyers earlier so that your established animals sell quicker?

If so, you are going to love MorphMarket Projects.

MorphMarket Projects creates a whole new way to discover animals & share with the community. Browse, search, and get alerts on breeding activity. Users can discover and engage with animals prior to their listing for sale. Right now this includes offspring groups and in the future will even include pairings!

This kind of sharing and engagement already happens on big tech social media sites every day. So why shouldn't MorphMarket, as the biggest reptile platform in the world, provide you with the same capability? Like our marketplace, our technology is customized to be even more powerful and specific to the community's needs.

Using projects will be familiar because it parallels the system we already have in place for listings.

  • Browse: On the trait index page, there's a new tab called Projects. Toggle to this tab to see counts of projects per species and trait.
  • Search: Explore all the offspring by breeders using many of the same powerful filters available to Listing search. Offspring cards display information about pairing, offspring count and birth dates.
  • Alert: Save searches to get alerted by phone or email new offspring are produced which match the criteria.

Breeders can get their offspring into this system by adding it via the Offspring manager. This is accessed through the Offspring item on the menu or by the egg icon in the sidebar. Offspring groups which meet these criteria will show up publicly for users to see:

  • Visibility must be set to Public. Just like with listings, you can choose which items are visible to users and which are for your eyes only.
  • Groups need to have at least one parent assigned.
  • Either one of the parents or the group needs to have a photo.
  • This feature is available to breeders with at least a Basic membership.

This is just the beginning. In the future we will be adding more features for engaging with projects such as:

  • Save/favorite offspring groups
  • Follow updates on individual groups
  • Waitlist or inquire on groups

MorphMarket Projects creates a whole new way for you to explore the community's activity, reach potential buyers, and show off your amazing animals. Let us know what you think!

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