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New Sales Feature!

We are excited to announce the release of a long-awaited feature. Animals can now be listed on sale!

Animals that are on sale will have a sale price listed in red. You can now filter to see all available animals on sale. To do so, select your category of choice. Click the "on-sale" box in the filter section below "price." You can also select the "Deals" tab at the top of the category page.

How Sales Work:

  • An animal can be put on sale only once per ad listing cycle.

  • Sales will be active for 72 hours per listing but can be manually disabled before then.

  • Sales can be activated once per an ad’s listing cycle. Once you renew your ad after a few weeks, you can run it on sale again.

  • Sellers can activate a sale on one, several, or all of your listings at once, depending on what kind of sale you’d like to have.

  • The price must be lower than the original animal price.

  • The price must accurately reflect what you are willing to sell the animal for and not a “fake price” tactic to garner inquiries.

  • Bulk Actions to activate sales are now available!

We limit how often you can run an animal on sale because otherwise, some folks might run all their animals “on sale” all the time, and the feature would lose value. We may create more options for how sales can be run in the future.

To learn more about this feature and how to activate sales, click here!

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New Add/Edit Animal Page

We are excited to announce the new Add/Edit Animal page!

What's new?

  • Enables a new Animal Sale feature, which we will announce soon
  • Can assign Sire & Dam
  • New Shipping Options, including Free Shipping or Local Pickup
  • Other New Fields to use as you wish: Tags, Assigned Value, Private Notes
  • Allows Renewals directly on this page
  • Better organization of information

This new version will become the default soon. You can opt-in now and experience it by clicking "Try New Design" or with this link.

If you encounter any problems, please report them to [email protected].

To learn more about how to use this page, click here!

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NARBC- Schaumburg, IL- July 2023

NARBC is back on July 29th and 30th in Schaumburg, IL!
Use our Vendor List and Map to navigate the experience. Click on your location number in the list for a map that drops a pin on your location. Be sure to share it with your followers!

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To maintain authenticity and ensure the quality of animals on MorphMarket, the use of representative photos will no longer be permitted for the following categories effective August 1, 2023:

Ball Pythons
Burmese Pythons
Carpet Pythons
Green Tree Pythons
Reticulated Pythons
Short Tailed Pythons
Boa Constrictors
Rainbow Boas
Sand Boas
Tree Boas
Corn Snakes
Hognose Snakes
Milk Snakes
African Fat-Tailed Geckos
Chahoua Geckos
Crested Geckos
Gargoyle Geckos
Leachianus Geckos
Leopard Geckos
Bearded Dragons
Chameleons (subadult or older)

A representative photo is any picture that does not show the actual animal or animals being sold. This includes stock photos, photos of a similar animal from the seller's collection, or a sibling of the animal. A seller CAN use a group photo as long as the exact animal or animals are pictured.

Multiple Quantity Ads May Use Representative Photos if:
- They do not fall into the categories mentioned above and comply with the current guidelines detailed in our rules.
- They fall into the mentioned categories but are sent as a complete group to a single buyer.

Multiple Quantity Ads May NOT Use Representative Photos if:
- They fall into the mentioned categories and are being sent as individual animals of the group.

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