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ShipYourReptiles Alliance

We are excited to announce an alliance between MorphMarket and ShipYourReptiles/The Reptile Report. Between us, these services provide the absolute best experience in discovering what’s hot and awesome, buying and selling it, and having it delivered right to your door!

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Multiple Photos

And now to announce the most request feature on MorphMarket of all time -- additional photos! This article is second in a series of posts about the many new features added recently.

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We've been heads down for the past few months adding almost 20 new premium features to MorphMarket. This is the first of a series of blogs to highlight the additions.

Today we will share enhancements to ad information. For each new field we've indicated in square brackets which seller membership levels the feature is applicable to.

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Ad Defaults

Sellers can now configure default preferences for ad fields with Ad Defaults.

Near the bottom of your Store Profile, you can set defaults for many of these new fields (as well as Prey Food) which will be pre-populated into new ads being created or imported.

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