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If you live in the UK or Europe and want a MorphMarket Tee Shirt now is your chance. The price is £20.00 with shipping included. Please email your order to our distributor Thomas Eagle ([email protected]; whatsapp +447956006358) with the quantities and sizes, as well as your address. He will provide instructions for sending payment directly to him and will be placing a bulk order with us. We have not done this before but estimate a possible delivery time of 1 month or more. This opportunity may not come up again for a while, depending on the demand.

The Shirt (also has link to sizing guide)

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We love this seasonal photo by Daniel and Stephanie Monroe of Monroe’s Morphs.
We love this seasonal photo by Daniel and Stephanie Monroe of Monroe’s Morphs.

We just sent out our end of 2020 newsletter which contains the Store Policy update (that we blogged about a few weeks ago) as well as a summary of other updates.

Read the Newsletter Here.

In 2020, over 6,400 sellers listed ads on MorphMarket. We love what we do. Thank you for supporting us as we support the herp community!

We hope you able to enjoy your time (in some capacity) with your loved ones.

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Message Count Notifications

We've added a new Message Count Notification feature to help alert you to new messages. There are actually two counts, and they will show up in the upper right corner over the message envelope button.

  • Green Number: Unseen message count
  • Yellow Number: Needs reply count

When you visit your messages page (or oftentimes when you open your emails), it will register your messages as having been seen. This will make the green count go down (or disappear entirely).

If you're a seller and you have an inquiry, it will be tagged as "needs reply" until you reply with a message OR use a quick reply action to decline it, mark it as sold, etc. To help you locate those messages you can use the "needs reply" filter on the messages page. None of this is new. Responding to these makes the yellow count go down (or disappear entirely).

In both cases, the new message counts shown on the button may be lower than the actual number of new or needs reply messages in your inbox. That's because these counts will only analyze the last few months.

We hope you like this messages system upgrade. Our goal is to make your interactions fast and frictionless. Stay tuned for many more improvements to our messages system!

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All sellers need to read about the MorphMarket's Default Store Policy that will take effect January 15, 2021. This update does not necessitate any changes to your business policies PROVIDED THAT you have overridden the Default Policy in the terms of your own custom Store Policy.

The Default Store Policy page both explains the purpose and the terms of the Default Policy.

As written there:

"This Default Store Policy defines a minimum set of expectations which will be applicable for Sellers who do not otherwise override them in their own Store Policy and/or communicate them in writing before the sale. These terms are subject to change, and it is therefore recommended that a Seller override them in their own Policy.

Note that while a custom Store Policy can and should override the following, it cannot override MorphMarket's Rules or provide immunity from the rules."

You can find and edit your own policy under the Seller Profile page.

The purpose is to provide a more uniform and predictable experience for both buyers and sellers on the site. Many sellers historically have had gaps in their store policy if it is defined at all, which creates a divergence of expectations between buyer and seller and challenges for MorphMarket in providing moderation.

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Blocking a User

Block User is a feature in our messaging system. This action is similar to Decline Inquiry but stronger. When a seller blocks an inquiring buyer, it will close that inquiry and prevent any future inquiries from the user.

Block User is a quick reply action that is found on your messages page with the other quick reply actions. Blocking will send a decline message and close this inquiry thread along with any others from the user. In addition, it prevents any new inquiries from the user.

To undo, re-open a thread, and click reply and use the unblock button. This will not, however, re-open all the threads.

Currently Block User is only available to a sellers receiving an inquiry. In the future it may be available more broadly, but the main purpose for now is to block repeated inquiries and this is only applicable to sellers. Last week, we added Block Store for buyers, a feature that excludes ads from a seller from search results.

In this feature we also repositioned the quick action buttons to reduce accidental presses.

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Sometimes you may be disinterested in a particular seller. For example, maybe Justin's animals are just so nice and pretty that you can't stop looking at them, but you need to.

Block Store is a brand new feature to help you out. When you block a store, all of their ads will be excluded from your searches.

To block a store, use the Block Store button on the upper right of their store profile, while you're logged in. To see all stores you've blocked, use the menu to navigate to your Followed (and Blocked) Stores page. There you can easily unblock.

Something to keep in mind is that index pages with ad counts reflect the total number of ads on the site. It's not until after you execute a search that you may see a reduced number due to excluded ads. We put an asterisk on the total result count to remind you of this possibility.

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In the marketplace, we have Terms of Service which apply to all users, but also a set of much more specific rules for sellers, which is now posted here: Rules and Guidelines.

We're making the following updates to selling rules today:

  1. These rules have always been located within the Seller Guide. Because of their significance and length we’ve finally moved these rules to their own top level page.
  2. The rules are have been updated with more detail, clarifications, and examples to leave less ambiguity about what we’re enforcing, to the extent that it is possible.
  3. Finally, the rules are numbered. While the numbering isn’t permanent, it is unlikely to change within the timespan of a conversation and should be useful for reference in conversations.

All sellers should become familiar with this latest set of rules as this is the current standard. Clarity around these expectations helps our support team keep buying and selling running smoothly.

Thanks for your support in making this marketplace excellent!

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