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MorphMarket’s Index Page is where you can explore animals by trait, such as by gene or locality.

We've rolled out a new version as part of our platform redesign.

It does everything the old version did PLUS:

  • Search, filter & sort traits
  • Photo thumbnails
  • Clear labeling of the type of trait such as it being a Locality
  • The ability to see ALL traits in the system even if no ads are listed
  • Trait combos list all the traits in the combo
  • And of course a fresh, professional look

The demo below shows these features.

Try it out by visiting any category from the home page. For example Ball Pythons.

To make requests for additions or changes to the listed traits, visit this page.

UPDATE 7/18: New default view mode which is compact like the old one, and all items on a single page. Some more refinements still to come.

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