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Dear European and South African members,

In 2017, MorphMarket added European and South African regions. Since that time these regions have been classified as "Developing Markets", where many premium features were available to all sellers.

We are happy to share that these markets have grown significantly since their debut in 2017. Also, during this time, we have continued to grow and evolve our platform with essential changes and improved tools and service quality.

For these reasons, starting January 1, 2024, these regions will be classified as Mature Markets. This means that premium features previously available will now be part of paid plans. Recognizing the smaller market size in these regions, we've decided to offer these membership plans at half the price of the rates in the US region.

We have always been dedicated to providing a platform for all sellers and enthusiasts. As such, we will continue offering a free plan with basic features to ensure everyone can still use MorphMarket.

No immediate action is required on your part. In the coming weeks, we will provide further details on the new membership plans and how to subscribe.

We want to make sure that these changes are driven by our commitment to enhancing your experience on MorphMarket. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.


Your MorphMarket team

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Mexico Region

Mexico has an exploding reptile industry, and we are excited to announce its addition to MorphMarket to help advance their industry.

This is the first entirely new region we have added since 2017. While we did recently add full region support for Canada and the UK, technically these areas were already serviced under other regions.

Being a region provides location support for our features such as the ability to browse and search animals, find breeders, and events.

Mexican breeders can now sign up to list animals. We are requiring proof during approval of PIMVS breeder registration number as is needed in Mexico to sell animals.

As in the US, we provide options for listings several animals for free, but memberships provide many benefits including listing in the breeder directory. Since Mexico is a new region, we are giving a 50% discount for 6 months when the discount code VIVA-MEXICO is shared during your approval process.

Many thanks to Miguel Garcia and Hector De Leo Lopez for helping with this project.

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New Regions: CA, UK, US and EU

Regions allow you to quickly choose the locations for you want to search over. Following last week's update, we have added several new regions bringing the total from three to eight:

  • What was previously the "US" region has been properly been renamed to North America because it already included Canada. US & Canada now have their own regions as well. This means users can choose to search over one or both of these areas at the same time.
  • The UK now has their own region, and will continue to be included in the Europe region as well. A new European Union region includes most of Europe but not the UK. Brexit and all...
  • All Regions allows you to search over the entire world.
  • Europe and South Africa regions remain as they were.

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"All Regions" MorphMap, and Region Filters
"All Regions" MorphMap, and Region Filters

Geographical Regions on MorphMarket just got more flexible and are about to get even more awesome.

MorphMarket has been an international service since 2017. At that time, we expanded beyond the US to introduce additional regions to support Europe and South Africa. Canada has also tagged along in the US Region, which would have been more properly named the North American region.

You will notice that there is no longer a region setting in the upper left corner of the web browser or the bottom left corner of the app. That's because regions are now just a setting/filter on some pages which allow you to narrow or widen your results when you're browsing the trait indices, ads or stores. In this setting you will also notice a new "All Regions" option, which allows you to browse results across the world.

What's coming:

  • Single-country regions for countries within the supported regions (e.g., US, CA, UK, DE)
  • A proper North American region
  • Support for additional countries
  • Fixes for regions on our Events system

Please note that proximity search for ads has already been an option in the advanced search menu and is still supported. This lets you search within a number of miles or kilometers from a given location.

Let us know what region or country you'd like to see support for in the comments below.

MorphMarket Regions are dead, long live Regions!

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Foreign Currency Conversion

As MorphMarket is an international marketplace, we're in the process improving our support for users across the world. The first of these features involves better support for foreign currency. If you don't buy or sell in other countries then these changes will not affect you.

Buyers will now see prices in their preferred currency making them easier to understand. The buyer's preferred currency is set on the User Profile, and we have taken a guess for each buyer based on their region. If you don't want this behavior, you can change this setting to "No Preference", and it will continue to operate like before.

The converted prices are based on foreign exchange rates which are updated nightly. The exact price in the seller's currency is shown on the ad page. Buyers who are sophisticated enough to shop internationally, pay export costs, etc, will not be surprised that sellers require payment in their own currency.

Sellers have already had a currency setting on the seller profile. This value was previously used as a default for new ads. Moving forward, this will be the singular place where a seller specifies the currency for their prices. This simplifies the user interface as we add more and more price-type fields on different pages.

If a seller changes currency in their store-wide settings, it will update all of their current ads to be in that currency. This is an easy way to obtain uniformity across the ads.

In the coming weeks we will be making additional changes, which affect how our site operates across regions, which will make it easier for users to shop internationally.