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Custom Animal Tags

Custom Tags is a new feature for MorphMarket's Animal Manager. These are also known as Labels by some other tools like Gmail.

What are tags for?

  • Create tags according to your own needs.
  • Group & organize animals in your collection.
  • Assign them to one or more animals at once with bulk assignment.
  • Filter/Search your animals by tags.
  • Tags are private so no one else sees them.

To access tags, click on the "Tag" column in your Animal Manager. It's probably near the far right. If that is not displayed, click the button to change your column preferences. From the tag modal, you can click "manage tags" to see all of the ones you've created and rename or delete them.

We love this feature because it's flexible and can be customized to your own needs and tastes.

How would you use this to organize your collection?

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