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Today we issued another round of trait updates to the market data which includes the following changes. In the future, we plan that the continuous stream of updates to will drive the market data instead of these occasional updates.

You can view the discussions that led to these changes in the genetics area of our community forums as well as make your own requests.

Ball Pythons - New incomplete dominant traits: Smoke, Tango, Solar, Carnivore, Java, Striker - Urban Camo definition updated: sandblast, super cinny, pastel, het pied - Genetic Black Back type changed to “other”

Sand Boas - New recessive trait: HRP - Rufescens spelling corrected - Axanthic renamed to Anery as the primary name for this trait

Skinks - Pitch Black add as NBTS polygenic trait

Boa Constrictors - Albino (Caramel-hypo) renamed to Albino (BWC)

Corn Snakes - Palmetto changed to incomplete dominant

We still have a number of subcategory updates planned, but those take a bit more work and we wanted to release these changes without any more delay.

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Morphpedia 1.1

Morphpedia is a new knowledge base of herp traits, genes and localities. In early October, we launched version 1.0. In the past few weeks, we quietly released version 1.1 which includes new features and have also published many more articles.

Morphpedia now contains almost 150 published articles. We've also added support for multiple categories and now have over a dozen Reticulated Python traits.

Other recently added features:

  • Better controls for exploring traits, including:
    • Searching by gene
    • Searching by gene complexes
    • A slider for origin date
    • Links from the trait index in the marketplace back into Morphpedia articles
  • Availability data to show how common a trait is in the marketplace
  • Symmetrical linking of related traits
  • Footnotes, because references are important!
  • Ability to share to Facebook - so you can help spread the word about this resource, and get more folks contributing

Upcoming features:

  • Graph showing availability date over time for each trait
  • Tags generated from complexes and issues
  • Improved related trait data by incorporating gene complexes

Find Morphpedia on our website or at along with videos that explain how it works. Please come and contribute knowledge to the community about your favorite genes.

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