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Animal Management for Everyone!

We are excited to announce that MorphMarket's new Animal Management capabilities are now available to all our users for FREE. Before, this was only available to sellers. Now, everyone can manage records for up to 50 animals without the need to create a Store account.

Animal Management enables you to privately track the details your entire collection including photos, traits, date of birth, private notes and more. It also includes Offspring Groups which record the lineage of all your clutches and litters, as well as the Dashboard and Import/Export features. You can also use Tags to organize your animals in custom groups. In the future, you'll be able to transfer purchased animals into your collection.

There will still be plenty of additional benefits for our supporting members who are making this technology possible and helping elevate our industry. But all animal lovers and aspiring breeders can begin using these tools today to track their animals. When logged in, you will find an “Animals” link in the header on the website and in the menu.

Here are some short videos which highlight these capabilities:

  • Animal Manager
  • Lineage & NFS Pages
  • Offspring Groups
  • Dashboard
  • Import & Export

Let us know what you think!

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