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Bulk import is a capability which allows you to create and manage hundreds of animal entries with very little effort. This is a great way to upload your entire not-for-sale collection to the Animal Manager. You do not need to use import to be an effective MorphMarket user, but for those who want more hands-on control this is a useful feature.

We announced the beta version of Bulk Import 2.0 last May, but since then we have made a number of fixes and added a complimentary Export 2.0. Version 2 is a powerful upgrade from the original that supports:

  • More than two dozen fields including description, multiple photos, and status
  • Managing animals in different categories at the same time
  • Overriding animal traits automatically extracted from the ad title
  • Importing large datasets which are processed in the background

Export has also been upgraded to include all of the same fields which Import supports, along with a few extras such as engagement metrics. In fact, for the first time you can now export your Collection, modify some values, and Import it again.

You can still utilize the older Import 1.0 format for a limited time, but you will need to follow the link on the import page to this legacy page. This video and our documentation provide useful information in those transitioning from version 1 to 2.

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