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Waitlists help find the perfect home for your animals without even listing them.

They provide a way for buyers to request future animals from a breeder. Sellers can accept and manage these requests to quickly match animals to buyers when they are produced.

Waitlists can be found using the menu or sidebar. Requests can be created from several places:

  • Waitlists Sent Tab
  • Store Page
  • Not for Sale Animals pages
  • Projects: Pairing and Offspring Group pages

Breeders can accept waitlist requests on the Waitlists/Received page and communicate with buyers using the Messenger.

Learn all about waitlists in our help article.

Note: Buyers can also monitor animals for sale or in upcoming projects using Saved Searches and Alerts. But the waitlists are different in that they send a message to the seller and get on their list.

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In MMiA Episode 4 we talk with Amad Osman aka “Ozzy” who is the owner of Ozzy Boids. Ozzy is the originator of the Orange Dream gene which has been one of the most significant ball python genes in the hobby. He has perfected the art of producing cutting edge combos and is always working to improve himself and help others.

In this video Ozzy shares business and breeding tips that can help you be as successful as you want. Together we'll import his breeding animals into the system, setup his breeding plan and explore clutch creation. You can find the import template we used here:

MMiA is a new video series where John dives into MorphMarket with a guest user. Together we will explore the platform in a screenshare, discuss features, and learn how to use MorphMarket most effectively. Meet some of our favorite people along the way!

Please enjoy this content and make sure to to Like & Subscribe on YouTube so you won't miss future episodes which will be coming out each week.

Let us know what you thought by leaving a comment. What did you enjoy? What topics and guests would you like to see in future episodes?

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