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We've just rolled out an automatic process for managing unresponsive seller accounts. This is only applicable to the bottom 2% of our 2,000 sellers, who are not responding to a majority of their inquiries. (This is also in addition to the reminder emails which go out for inquiries several days after no response.)

  • After becoming unresponsive, the seller will get a private warning notice on their inventory page. This should be highly visible to them and is useful in case they are not seeing our emails for some reason.
  • After one week, they will be sent an email notice.
  • After two weeks, the ads will be automatically expired.

Read the full article and respond on the MRC.

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Shipping Animals Home From Tinley Park

If you're flying in to the NARBC show at Tinley Park and you're wondering how you can shop for animals, ShipYourReptiles has your solution. Shop for animals at the show, then bring them to the SYR table and they'll ship them home for you.

Whether you're looking for multiple animals to fill out your collection and breeding plans, or just looking for that one perfect dream animal, they'll have everything you need to ship them safely home, including shipping supplies, discounted shipping labels, and staff that will expertly pack your animals and make sure they are delivered safely into the hands of FedEx on Monday morning. All packages will ship out on Monday for Tuesday delivery.

If you're new to shipping, SYR will set up an account for you, and you can use the coupon code MORPH45 to get 45% off the FedEx retail rate for that shipment.

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